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review 2020-10-07 00:02
Political assassination thriller detailed and convincing.



When is having multiple personalities, or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), an asset? When one personality is a professional assassin and the others can cover for her. 


When former CIA assassination trainer Troy Greenbrier discovers Shinayne, a disoriented, young woman on the streets of Las Vegas, he selflessly decides to help her out. He gives her lodging; food and the following day buys her some new clothes.  He even takes her to a gun range where he is conducting training for his new government employer. 


Shinayne is a natural marksman as well as having some other personality traits Troy sees as making her a perfect candidate for a specialized career. Sensing her prospects, he makes some enquiries with his former employer, then puts her on military transit destined for a facility where she’ll begin psychological testing and training as a government assassin. 


A few years later Troy is working for the Federal Protective Service guarding Federal employees like judges and Congressmen, but he differs from others in the Service in that he does it proactively and not defensively.  He solves the problem before it shows up.  


So, when Misha Roberts, an American citizen, a known sympathizer to Iran, and a possible operative for other terrorist organizations enters the United States via Canada, Troy gets the call of duty to discover what she’s up to? But right from the start, they are bureaucratic irregularities that make him suspicious. Could someone high up in his own government be actually aiding and abetting this likely terrorist? 


So begins a game of high stakes intrigue with Troy trying to discover who or what Misha Roberts’ target is and prevent her from carrying out her deadly mission. But not only is his investigation being foiled by his own government, he’s up against a highly sophisticated opponent, and though he doesn’t know it, she’s the one he recommended for the job when he first recognized her potential. 


Author Clark Wilkins writes an impeccably researched account of how to plan, prepare, and execute the assassination of a High Value Target in America - all the while eluding the various agencies tasked with preventing it.  And he does by introducing a unique character, a young woman whose psychiatric disorder is an asset, allowing her to convincingly become different people, one of them a sociopathic murderer. 


With High Value Target, Wilkins’ provides the reader with a thrilling story, insight into Dissociative Identity Disorder, as well as a disturbing look at politics in America today. 

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review 2013-12-16 19:31
Multiple Wounds ~ the audiobook
Multiple Wounds - Alan Russell


 Author: Alan Russell


 Performed by MacLeod Andrews


 Released: December 2012 by Brilliance Audio


 Category: Crime/Thriller/Suspense


An intriguing concept for a murder story.  Helen Troy has a multiple personality disorder and her ‘other selves’ originate in classical greek mythology. 
The story begins with the murder of Bonnie Gill, the owner of the gallery where Helen exhibits her sculptures.  Orson Cheever, the homicide detective leading the investigation who, against his better judgement, finds himself wanting to help the disturbed and vulnerable young woman after he witnesses her crying tears of blood.  
The intricacies of multiple personality disorder are handled with thoughtful consideration and, along with the references to greek mythology, have been well researched.
Helen is a probable suspect in Bonnie’s murder and the case evolves into Something Cheever has never witnessed, or had to deal with, before. Cheever and Rachel, Helen’s psychologist become close and unite in trying to help Helen.  As Helen’s past is revealed slowly bit by bit Cheever can’t help but be moved and angered by the sad and shocking truth.
The descriptions of Helen’s psychotic episodes are very well written. Suspenseful, complex and captivating it’s also a story of love, loss and suffering told with flashes of humour and a lot of emotional turmoil.
MacLeod Andrews alternates brilliantly between the gravely voiced Cheever, Holly and the varied voices of her personalities, not to mention an array of other characters.
This is a gripping psychological murder/thriller, full of suspense which doesn’t let up.
I couldn't help but feel for Holly.  It's a very deep and involved story and also unique, at least I haven't read or listened to anything quite like it.
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