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text 2018-11-29 11:05
Book Tour & Giveaway with Excerpt! Kal Medi series by Ann Girdharry!








The Beauty Killers
Kal Medi Series Book 3
by Ann Girdharry
Genre: Crime Thriller


Kirsten believed her dreams were coming true.

Until she wound up under lock and key in a dirty cell.

To stay alive, she must obey every twisted command of her captor. And there are two other women with Kirsten - one has been incarcerated so long her hair is falling out in handfuls, the other is going mad.


When an undercover policewoman disappears, a secret from Detective Spinks’ past links him to the killer.

Kal and Marty go undercover to track a predator who captures women. 
A clever killer hiding in plain sight - and it seems he's being protected…



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Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42476864-the-beauty-killers


BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/books/the-beauty-killers-a-serial-killer-crime-thriller-kal-medi-book-3-by-ann-girdharry


Riffel - https://www.rifflebooks.com/books/1029565





Memory loss, nightmares and an urge to kill - Sophie has it all.
But is it really Post traumatic stress disorder?
Or something more sinister? 

Sophie's mother was murdered when she was a child and she can’t 
remember a thing about it. 
Then, fifteen years later, Sophie’s friends are picked off one by one. 
Kal Medi wants to atone for her father’s crimes. 
She befriends Sophie and goes undercover to track a twisted killer
who’s been preying on vulnerable women - and getting away with it - for decades. 

The creepiest killer you’ll meet this year. 



Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36114783-london-noir


BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/books/london-noir-kal-medi-book-2-by-ann-girdharry


Riffle - https://www.rifflebooks.com/books/942150





Both Books AVAILABLE in print or ebook


The Beauty Killer


Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Beauty-Killers-serial-killer-thriller-ebook/dp/B07JPM5TFY



London Noir

Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075V8W5R7





The walls are covered with photographs.


All our guests, past and present, stare back at me from rows of coloured, glossy squares. I like being surrounded by their beauty.


We have four guest rooms. At the moment, two of our rooms are empty, and it’s my job to put that right.


Let me tell you about the last guest who checked out – she was blonde and she had lovely, long, glossy hair. Her performance on our catwalk was one of my favourites. Unfortunately, my Brother didn’t feel the same way and he has more say in things than I do.


I work as the scout.


I’d picked that blonde out after weeks, no maybe months, of searching. Once she’d been selected, we groomed her and nurtured her. Then we kept her in one of our guest rooms. In the end her hair began falling out in handfuls. It was such a shame and she became so ugly the decision was made to get rid of her. What a pity after all those years of enjoyment.


Since her exit, our remaining two guests are behaving impeccably – so that’s a bonus.


Anyway, I’ve been told to vary the game plan. Again we want a blonde and this time we want a specimen with more staying power. I’ve been scouting, and here’s the good news – I’ve spotted a possible. Let’s see what the others have to say about her. I think they’ll be pleased.





$20 Amazon


Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!







Ann Girdharry is an Award winning, British crime thriller author. 

Her debut crime thriller, GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL, is an ERIC HOFFER BOOK AWARD FINALIST 2017 and a READERS'S FAVOURITE Five Star Book.


Ann Girdharry is a trained psychotherapist. She worked for many years in the UK as a manager in the not-for-profit sector. Today, she lives in Montpellier, France with her husband and two children. 

She loves to travel and has lived in the USA, Norway, the UK and France.


Website - http://www.girdharry.com/


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AnnGirdharryAuthor


Twitter - https://twitter.com/GirdharryAnn


BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/authors/ann-girdharry


Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Ann-Girdharry/e/B012O9P2ZW


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14179591.Ann_Girdharry











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text 2018-09-19 11:00
Blog Tour with Excerpt! Azrael (Detective Allira Rose #1) M.T. Ellis!





Author: M.T. Ellis
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 340
Genre: Crime Thriller





Emily thought her ordeal was over after she escaped a brutal kidnapping. She’s wrong. He’s coming for her again.


The body Detective Rose is looking at bears a striking resemblance to Emily, a woman who survived a horrific, sexually motivated abduction five years ago. Her fear is confirmed when Emily goes missing again.


When another woman, Grace, is abducted, Detective Rose finds herself doubting the instincts that tell her the disappearance is the result of intimate partner violence. She connects the cases and recruits Grace’s partner, Ethan, to help in the search. Together they must find Grace and Emily before it’s too late.


Add Azrael to your shelves at –


Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34838367-azrael


BookBub – https://www.bookbub.com/books/azrael-by-m-t-ellis



Azrael is the 1st book in the Detective Allira Rose series –


Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/series/240939-detective-allira-rose


which includes –


1 Azrael
2 Dollhouse (coming September 30, 2018)



in print or ebook at


Amazon – https://www.amazon.com./Azrael-Detective-Allira-Rose-Book-ebook/dp/B071L4YC6N

B&N – https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/azrael-mt-ellis/1126941889

Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/azrael-10






“I think I must have scared the shit out of her,” Azrael joked to himself as he opened the van door and smelt the stench coming from the dark brown stain on the back of the girl’s jeans. He laughed, even though he couldn’t be sure if she had defecated from fear or because she lost control of her bowels from his accidental overuse of the stun gun. He’d only needed to hit the woman for a second or two to disable her, but his nerves got the better of him, and he kept shocking her for a good thirty seconds, just to be sure. He could smell burning flesh as he picked up the woman and dumped her in the van. This was his first abduction, and so far the plan was working.

Azrael looked at his victim lying face down on the floor of his white Toyota HiAce. Conveniently, the commercial van had no back seats or windows. As long as the police didn’t pull him over, and she didn’t wake up, no one would be able to see the sprawled petite twenty-something brunette. He wondered whether, when he bought this van five years ago, he had subconsciously known he would end up using it for this type of adventure.

He had picked up the girl from the university grounds around the corner from his house. It was luck, really. He’d been driving past and saw the woman walking by herself, and since there was no one around, Azrael went in for the kill, so to speak.

There had been no traffic nearby when he drove past the woman the first time, or when he doubled back. He stopped and asked her for directions. She leaned into the window to answer him, and a short squeak came out of her mouth as she was hit on the side of the neck with the stun gun. The woman silently convulsed and then dropped to the ground, whimpering in the fetal position and twitching occasionally. Azrael whistled as he casually got out, walked around, and opened the side door. “In you go, love,” he said as he picked her up and dumped her onto the floor of the van.

He drove around town, looking for a place to take her. He couldn’t take her to his one-bedroom apartment. If the neighbours didn’t see him carry her in, they’d certainly notice when he took her out again. He’d have to cut her up so she’d fit in the wheelie bin outside, but the bins were only collected on Mondays, and since it was Tuesday she’d have to sit around for a week. At the very least, he was sure the seventy-year-old woman who lived in the apartment next to him would be nosey enough to rummage through garbage to find out where an offensive smell was coming from.

Azrael decided to take his victim out to The Common, thousands of acres of City Council-owned bushland about an hour from his apartment. Burnt-out cars were regularly found dumped there. Kids often stole them to go bush-bashing, setting them on fire when they were done. By the time he got there it was nearly 7:00 p.m. Luckily it was spring, so the weather was warm enough for him to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and dirty old Converse sneakers. Springtime also meant the sun went down at about six, so it was dark by the time he got there. The moon was full, so Azrael had no problems seeing where he was going when he turned his lights off. As he drove through the bushland he was happy to note there were no cars on fire tonight. This meant there would be no unexpected interruptions from the local fire brigade.

He settled on a location a few kilometres into the property, where he figured he’d be most hidden. He shut off the van and listened. All he could hear were cicadas clicking outside his window and some muffled whimpers from the back of the van. Ooh, she’s awake, Azrael thought excitedly. He stepped out of the van and looked back towards the clearing he had just driven through. The van was concealed well enough by the dense scrub. He leaned back into the driver’s door to grab the map from the dash and to turn on the light above the rear-view mirror. We are here, he thought as he pointed at the middle of the map. If we go by foot into the bush a few hundred metres, no one will find her.

Azrael walked around the front of the van to the passenger door and pulled out a small backpack that was stuffed underneath the seat. He had been planning this for weeks and had hidden the bag, which contained a hunting knife, zip ties, blue latex gloves, and various other items he might need on his adventure. He took out three zip ties and looped them together to make a chain. He would put an outer ring around each of his victim’s wrists and tighten them to make handcuffs. Azrael put on the latex gloves and zipped up the backpack then shut the driver’s door and pulled the bag onto his back.

As he opened the side door, the woman started to stir. He quickly dragged her towards him by the leg and turned her over onto her stomach. He pulled both of her arms behind her as he attached the makeshift handcuffs.

“Let go of me,” the woman shrieked once she realised what was happening.

“You didn’t have to shit yourself, madam,” he said in his husky voice. “I’m not that scary.”

“W-who, who are you?” she stammered. “What do you want from me?”
“Never mind who I am. You and I are going to have some fun out here tonight,” he said playfully as he dragged the woman by her upper arm out of the van and onto the ground. She landed with a thud. She screamed as he yanked her up onto her feet. “Stand up and start walking. Don’t bother screaming — no one can hear you.”

About ten minutes later, Azrael had pushed her, kicking and screaming, further into the bushes. Once they had reached a suitable location, he kicked the woman’s feet out from underneath her. She crumpled in a heap on the ground and sobbed, “Please don’t hurt me.” He unhooked one arm of his backpack, twisted the bag around in front of him, and took out the hunting knife. The blade was about thirty centimetres long, and when the woman saw the moonlight gleaming on it, she lost it and started shrieking hysterically.

Azrael became impatient with her screaming and yelled, “Shut up,” before kicking her in the face. The woman stopped screaming, and he could see her right eye already starting to swell. She lay with tears silently streaming down her face. He slid the backpack off his arm and dumped it onto the ground beside her, then bent down and pushed the girl onto her back, crushing her hands, which were still bound behind her. He took the knife and held it to the girl’s throat, putting just enough pressure on it to make a small cut. “Are you going to behave yourself?” he asked as he watched blood trickle in a thin red line just below her ear.

When she didn’t answer, Azrael knelt down beside her and slowly used the knife to cut her white singlet. She shivered as he cut each strap just above her shoulder and again as he made a single long slash down the right side of the singlet. He pulled the top out from underneath her, scrunched it up, and put it to his nose. He breathed in the scent of her berry body wash and became aroused. He crawled over her until he was straddling her upper thighs. He was still holding the knife in his right hand but didn’t have any trouble using it to steady himself as he put his hands down on the ground on either side of her shoulders to keep his balance. He leaned in to rub his face on her chest and let his lips rest between her breasts. She recoiled from his touch, and he could feel the friction from his five o’clock shadow scratching at her skin like razors. Suddenly, he turned his head to the right a little and bit down on her breast, just above where her lacy white bra was covering her nipple. He twisted his head and tore away a small chunk of flesh. She let out a blood-curdling scream and started to buck fiercely beneath him.

He sat up and looked down at the bite-sized hole in the woman’s breast. He followed the blood trail down her stomach, onto his groin, and up the front of his shirt. He started to chew on the chunk of tissue, savouring the taste. Just as he moved his knife hand towards his face, so he could wipe away the blood dripping from his mouth with the back of his hand, the girl bucked her hips up and knocked him off sideways. She raised her right leg up to her chest and kicked him in the stomach, which forced him off her. The shock of the woman’s defence made Azrael gasp. It rammed the piece of flesh he had bitten off towards the back of his throat, and he started to choke.

He dropped the knife, lay on his side, and clutched at his neck. The woman used this second of freedom to clamber to her feet and run away through the trees. By the time she had taken her first step, Azrael had coughed hard enough to dislodge the flesh from his throat and spat it onto the ground. He grunted as he got to his feet and gave chase.


He’s coming. Emily found it impossible to avoid branches whipping her in the face as she ran with her hands still cable-tied behind her. She had only been running for a few seconds before she could hear her attacker’s breaths behind her. Run! He can’t catch you, she thought urgently. Fear gripped her, and she moved faster than she had ever run before. There was a sharp sting in her wrists as he grabbed the centre of the zip-tie chain that was holding her arms together and yanked her backwards. She was pulled into the air, and just as she thought her shoulders would pop out of their sockets, the middle zip tie snapped. Her arms flew out to her sides just in time for her to land with a thump on her back. Her attacker tripped, fell forward on top of her, and knocked the wind out of her. They both lay for a second, his head near her feet, gasping for breath.

“Gotcha, you little bitch,” he said breathlessly.

His weight crushed the air out of her lungs. Pain seared through her limbs, one by one, as he pressed down on them while he turned his body around until he straddled her again. Then his strong hands were on her throat. She could feel his wild eyes burn into her soul as he started to squeeze the life out of her. She coughed and choked as she struggled underneath him. Emily scratched desperately at his hands. He wouldn’t let go. She reached out in search of anything that could help her and found a rock the size of her hand. She stretched out her arm and tried to grab it with her fingertips but couldn’t get it into her grasp. She had just started to feel light-headed from the lack of oxygen from the short, quick breaths she took when her attacker readjusted his grip. Come on, you can’t die out here. Not like this, she thought as she tried once more to pick up the rock.

Emily stretched her whole body as far as it could go and rolled the rock towards herself with her fingertips. She eventually got it close enough to pick up. She grabbed the rock in her right hand and beat him repeatedly in the temple. She felt her attacker’s warm blood trickle down her arm as he lost consciousness. His full weight fell on top of her as she strained to get out from underneath him. Emily grunted as she pushed him off her and slowly got to her feet. She stood there for a few seconds, bent over with her hands resting on her knees, and tried to catch her breath. In between gasps, she saw her attacker start to stir. Emily stood up immediately and started to run through the dark bushes.


Azrael woke to a pounding inside his head. The left side of his face felt hot and swollen. When he touched his temple, he could feel the warm blood oozing through his gloved fingers. Shit, he thought as he started to get up. Where’d the little bitch get to? He was dizzy as he got to his feet and had to stand still for nearly a minute to get his bearings. Once the nausea subsided, he looked around in the moonlight to find the girl’s trail. He noticed some flattened and broken branches on a bush in front of him and figured she must have damaged them as she took off. He started to follow the trail.


Emily wandered hysterically. She ran into bushes and tripped over roots for what seemed like hours. She eventually collapsed, exhausted; she couldn’t stop sobbing. Once on the ground, she thought, Slow, deep breaths. Calm down, he can’t find you. You are going to be okay. She looked around for a bush or a fallen tree to hide behind until daylight, when she hoped she’d be able to find her way out of the maze of trees and scrub. She crawled on her hands and knees for another ten minutes and then unexpectedly heard something in the distance. Her heart fluttered as she tried to keep down the rising panic. She kept low to the ground as she crept slowly towards the noises and hid behind a cluster of bushes.
While keeping concealed, she poked her head out from behind a bush and listened intently. She heard laughter and the sound of empty beer cans clinking as they were thrown to the ground. Her stomach lurched as she saw a group of teenagers in the shadows. She crept over to some bushes nearer to them to get a better look. There must be six of them, four boys and two girls, standing around an old red V8 Commodore. Judging by the smashed rear quarter glass, it was stolen. She peeked through the scrub and saw two more later model Commodores sitting back a few hundred metres. Suddenly a fireball erupted around the stolen car, and they all started running towards the getaway cars. Shit, they’re leaving! I have to get their attention, she thought as she ran out of the bushes, directly towards the group. “Help me!” she shrieked. “Help me, I’ve been abducted, let me come with you!”

She was a horrid sight: blood poured from cuts to her face, neck, and chest. Bruises had formed on her eye, cheek, and wrists. She was wearing only her stained jeans and bra, with no shoes, and was covered in dirt and clotting blood. Her wrists still had zip ties around them, and her hair was full of leaves and clumps of dirt. The teenagers didn’t hear her, and by the time she had reached the burning car, they were in their getaway cars with the engines running. She ran towards the closest Commodore. The driver had just turned on its headlights, and it started to turn away from the flaming wreck.

Suddenly, the Commodore’s headlights swept back in her direction. The car stopped as if it was trying to figure out whether what it was seeing was real. It slowly started moving towards her. The car stopped about ten metres away, and a blonde guy with a southern cross tattoo down one leg got out of the passenger side and came over to her. “Are you okay? Who are you?” the boy asked. He could not have been more than seventeen.

“Please take me with you, he’s coming!” Emily screamed as she limped towards him. “Please.”

The boy looked frightened as he stared wildly around. He focused back on her and said, “Quick, get in the car!”


“Fuck!” Azrael yelled. Exhausted from running, he stopped and gathered his wits. I’m never going to find her, he thought after searching for what seemed like an eternity. He looked down at the torn and bloodied latex gloves on his hands and thought, Fuck this shit, I’m out of here. He turned around and headed back towards the van.

As Azrael got to the van, he saw an orange glow from the top of some trees a few kilometres away. Great, the Firies will be here soon. Just what I need. About twenty minutes later, as he pulled onto the main road after leaving the gates, Azrael saw three fire trucks with sirens and lights blaring turn off into The Common.





M.T. Ellis is a Brisbane/ Lockyer Valley-based author. Her debut crime thriller, Azrael, won Bronze in the 2018 Independent Publisher Book Awards, Suspense/Thriller Catagory. Her short story, The Ballerina in the Box, was short-listed in the Australian Writers’ Centre Furious Fiction Competition. Two of M.T. Ellis’s stories made it onto a billboard during the Queensland Writers Centre’s 8 Word Story competition.

Her dogs, Opal, Zeus and Matilda, occupy a lot of her time. She would write books about their adventures if she thought people were even half as interested in them as she is.


M.T. Ellis is an Australian Writers’ Centre graduate, freelance writer and journalist. The second novel in her Detective Allira Rose Series will be out on October 1, 2018.


Her latest book is the crime thriller, Azrael.



Website - http://www.mtellis.com.au/


Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/mtellisAuthor


Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/mtellisAuthor



Post by M.T. Ellis, author of Azrael.

I grew up reading the likes of James Patterson and Patricia Cornwall so writing a crime thriller about a despicable sexual predator kidnapping women was probably always going to happen.

The idea for my debut novel, Azrael, came after I had a nightmare about being held captive in an old house. I’ve always been interested in what makes people tick, and especially what makes them murder, so I tried to show the readers what turned Azrael into the monster he is.

Azrael is set in Brisbane, Australia. The killer takes his victims out to an area West of Brisbane where his property is covered with thick bushland. It’s kind of creepy because I ended up moving to the area not long after I released the book.

I decided to make Azrael’s nemesis a woman because I like writing stories with strong, but imperfect, female characters. I love how Detective Allira Rose has the determination to chase down offenders no matter how hard it is and she owns her mistakes. She just gets on with it.

I was pretty excited when I found out that Azrael had won Bronze in the 2018 Independent Publisher Book Awards, Suspense/Thriller category. The award ceremony was held in Times Square, New York, and it was great to mingle with so many other authors.

The second book in the Detective Allira Rose series is Dollhouse. Readers can look forward to reading more of Detective Rose’s story and what makes her tick. In the book, Brisbane's elite are being abducted and murdered. Detective Rose suspects a hoarder named Lillian is the culprit. Lillian is a meticulous killer but her personal life is a mess. Her home is filled to the brim with junk so not only does she have to try and hide her crimes, she has to hide behind the fake tanned and immaculately dressed persona that she has created for herself.

The second book in the Detective Allira Rose series, Dollhouse, comes out on October first, 2018.




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review 2014-09-03 12:01
Morbus Dei
Morbus Dei: Die Ankunft: Roman - Bastian Zach,Matthias Bauer

Ein einsames Bergdorf vor 300 Jahren: Von einem Schneesturm überrascht, verschlägt es den Deserteur Johann List in diese abgeschiedene, von Furcht und Aberglaube beherrschte Gegend. Schnell ist ihm klar, dass mit dem Dorf etwas nicht stimmt, dass ein düsterer Schatten über den Bewohnern liegt – Tiere werden getötet, Menschen verschwinden, vermummte Gestalten lauern in den finsteren Wäldern. Als Johann sich in die Tochter eines Bauern verliebt, beschließt er, mit ihr das Dorf zu verlassen. Doch noch bevor sie verschwinden können, eskaliert die Situation und ein Kampf auf Leben und Tod beginnt ... (Haymon Verlag)


Johann List ist auf der Flucht. In einem Dorf gerät er mit einem Bauern aneinander, der ihn schwer verletzt. In seiner Wunde steckt zudem noch ein Holzsplitter und die Wunde entzündet sich. Johann kämpft sich weiter durch die Wälder und hofft irgendwann auf ein Dorf zu treffen und tatsächlich schafft er es, kurz bevor er all seine Kräfte verliert. Elisabeth und ihr Großvater kümmern sich um ihn, aber erst nachdem sie sich vergewissert haben, dass er nicht einer von ihnen ist. Als Johann wieder gesund ist, fängt er an bei Elisabeths Vater zu arbeiten um seine Schuld zu begleichen. Und vor dem Frühling kommt er aus dem Tal nicht weg. Bald merkt er, dass in dem Dorf irgendwas nicht stimmt, dass ihm die Bewohner etwas verschweigen. Aber auch er hat Geheimnisse.

Johann und Elisabeth verlieben sich, können jedoch nicht tun, da ihr Vater Johann sonst umbringen würde. Er ist ein schlechter Mensch, der seine Tochter schlägt und seine eigene Mutter hat sterben lassen. Langsam wird Johann aufgenommen, man verrät ihm sogar das Geheimnis. Eines Tages kommen Bayern in das kleine tiroler Dorf und verlangen Unterkunft (zu dieser Zeit sind die Bayern in Tirol eingefallen). Einer der Soldaten zeigt Symptome der geheimnisvollen Krankheit, die Strafe Gottes, und die Dorfbewohner bekommen es mit der Angst zu tun und wollen die Soldaten aus dem Dorf verscheuchen. Nur der Pfarrer hat ganz eigene Pläne...

Johann ist ziemlich neugierig, hat aber selbst ein großes Geheimnis. Er gibt nicht auf und will unbedingt herausfinden, was die Dorfbewohner zu verbergen haben. Gleichzeitig darf er aber nicht auffallen, sonst könnte seine Vergangenheit ans Licht kommen. Die Dorfbewohner sind nicht dumm und wissen, dass er nicht nur ein Schmied ist. Irgendwann erzählt er Elisabeth seine Geschichte, aber auch nicht alles und ich denke, dass ihn seine Vergangenheit in den nächsten Bänden noch einholen wird.

Am Anfang war es ein bisschen komisch zu lesen, da die Charaktere natürlich einen tiroler Akzent haben. Nach ein paar Kapiteln gewöhnt man sich aber daran. Mehr Schwierigkeiten hatte ich mit Elisabths Glaube. Ihr Vater behandelt sie wie Dreck und sie traut sich nicht einmal etwas Schlechtes über ihn zu denken, weil das gegen die 10 Gebote verstossen würde. Auf der anderen Seite hat sie kein Problem damit mit Johann ins Bett zu gehen, obwohl sie nichteinmal verlobt sind.

Das war aber auch schon meine einzige Kritik. Das Buch war wirklich spannend und man hat erst nach und nach alles erfahren, bzw. man weiß immer noch nicht alles. Johann war mir sehr sympathisch. Er hat offensichtlich eine sehr schwere Zeit hinter sich, hat Alpträume und viele Narben auf dem Oberkörper. Er will einfach nur einen Neuanfang und seine Vergangenheit vergessen. Ob er es schafft wird sich noch zeigen.

Ab und zu gucke ich in den E-Book-Shops, was es alles so an kostenlosen E-Books gibt und werde fast immer fündig. An dem Cover von "Morbus Dei" bin ich direkt hängengeblieben und es passt perfekt zur Handlung und zur eisigen und mysteriösen Stimmung im Buch.


Fazit: Ein historischer Fantasy-Thriller mit grandiosem Ende. Ich bin mir sicher, dass das erst der Anfang war und es in Band zwei und drei noch schlimmer wird. Die Spannung wird von Kapitel zu Kapitel aufgebaut und man merkt teilweise, dass es ursprünglich ein Drehbuch war. Ich bin dafür, dass der Film doch noch realisiert wird :)

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review 2014-08-20 14:57
Die Janus-Protokolle
Die Janus-Protokolle: Thriller - Turhan Boydak

Jason Bradley und Matthew Scott sind Journalisten bei der New York Times und haben die größte Story ihrer Laufbahn geschrieben. Während sie ihren Erfolg feiern, werden sie von ihrem Chef ins Büro gerufen, da die Story geplatzt ist. Die Quellen haben einen Rückzieher gemacht und behaupten, Bradley und Scott hätten ihnen Geld gegeben. Die beiden Freunde geben sich gegenseitig die Schuld und gehen ab dann getrennte Wege.

Zehn Jahre später arbeitet Bradley bei einer kleinen Lokalzeitung, ist geschieden und kurz davor Alkoholiker zu werden. Dann sieht er den Nachruf seines ehemaligen besten Freundes. In dessen Wohnung findet er eine geheime Nachricht. Bradley solle Veritas suchen und Projekt Janus. Später findet er heraus, dass dies ein berüchtigter Hacker ist, mit dem Scott Kontakt hatte. Denn Scott hat immer noch an ihrer Story gearbeitet: Die weltweit größte Internet-Suchmaschine, findaa.com, gehört in Wirklichkeit der Regierung und wird von dieser benutzt, um die Bevölkerung zu überwachen.

Neben Bradley gibt es noch einen zweiten Protagonisten. Michael, der Adoptivsohn des CEO von findaa.com. Er stößt nach dem Tod seines Bruders auf eine Liste, die dieser ihm aus versehen geschickt hat. Auf dieser Liste steht auch Bradleys Name, weshalb Michael sich an Bradley wendet. Zusammen mit Veritas versuchen sie die Wahrheit herauszufinden.


Ich bin eigentlich ein Fan von Verschwörungstheorien und ich bin auch ziemlich offen, was diese Theorien angeht. Vorraussetzung: Gute Recherche, eine gute Ausgangslage und keine Übertreibung. Die Ausgangslage ist bei "Die Janus-Protokolle" gegeben, die meisten Menschen geben alles Mögliche im Internet preis und machen sich keine großen Gedanken über die Konsequenzen. Auch die Recherche kann sich sehen lassen. Aber irgendwann kam die Handlung an den Punkt der Übertreibung. Man stelle sich vor: Eine geheime Regierungbehörde, die so geheim ist, dass sie nicht mal einen Namen hat (eine passende Bruderschaft gibt es auch), erfindet das Internet, Handys, GPS, Kreditkarten usw. und hat Leute bei Google, Amazon, Facebook, Windows und anderen großen Firmen, um an alle Informationen zu kommen, die es nur gibt. Dass findaa.com der Regierung gehört, hat noch Sinn gemacht. Aber irgendwann war es einfach zu viel.

Leider hat dem Buch auch sonst die Spannung gefehlt. Man wusste von Anfang an, wer der Böse ist und was er vorhat. Die großen Enthüllungen/Überraschungen waren ziemlich vorhersehbar und den Charakteren hat es teilweise an Intelligenz gefehlt. Bradley vermutet, dass Scott umgebracht worden ist, weil er noch immer an der Story über findaa.com gearbeitet hat. Er weiß, dass findaa.com der Regierung gehört. Er weiß auch, dass Scott schon seit einem Jahr weder Handys noch Computer benutzt hat, geschweige denn das Internet. Dennoch sucht Bradley bei genau dieser Suchmaschine nach Hinweisen auf Veritas und Projekt Janus und einer Verbindung zwischen allem.

Veritas erklärt, dass die Regierung alles, was man im Internet macht, benutzt, um ein Profil des Benutzers zu erstellen. Veritas betont mehrmals, dass die Regierung so auch politische und religiöse Ansichten des Benutzers erfährt. Bradley versteht trotzdem nicht, was daran so schlimm ist. So muss Veritas über fast zehn Seiten erklären, dass man mit einer christenfeindlichen-antiamerikanischen Bemerkung auf den Radar der Regierung landet. Wirklich geschockt hat mich aber, dass Michael, ein Harvard-Absolvent, nicht mal weiß, dass die Sowjetunion vor den Amerikanern eine Rakete ins All geschickt haben. Er hat noch nie etwas von Sputnik gehört.

Zwischendrin gab es immer wieder kleine Kapitel mit Rückblicken, in denen bekannte oder einflussreiche Menschen umgebracht oder zum Rücktritt gezwungen worden sind (Siehe erster Abschnitt des Klappentextes. Dabei handelt es sich nicht um Bradleys Freund, wie man zuerst vermuten könnte, sondern um einen Politiker.). Am Anfang war das ziemlich verwirrend, da immer hin und her gesprungen wurde, sowohl beim Ort als auch bei der Zeit, und passiert ist trotzdem nichts. Die vielen abgehackten Sätze haben dazu noch beigetragen und den Lesefluss gestört.


Fazit: Der gläserne Mensch ist ein aktuelles und wichtiges Thema in der heutigen Zeit. Viel zu viele Menschen veröffentlichen persönliche Dinge im Internet, die nie wieder rückgängig gemacht werden können. Ein ebenso großes Thema ist die Terrorbekämpfung. "Die Janus-Protokolle" bringt beides zusammen. Leider fehlte der Handlung die Spannung und Überraschungsmomente. Dennoch ein interessantes Buch, das einem zum Nachdenken bringt.

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review 2014-07-26 12:40
Götterdämmerung - Tanja Kinkel

"Sprachen wir nicht einmal über Eden? Über eine neue Welt? Sie und ich, wir haben sie geschaffen!"

Zuerst scheint es Routine zu sein: Der Journalist Neil LaHaye recherchiert für ein Buchprojekt. Dabei stößt er immer wieder auf einen Pharmakonzern - und in ein Wespennest von Verstrickungen, die direkt ins Pentagon führen. Doch was steckt dahinter? Die Suche nach der Wahrheit führt Neil zu Beatrice Sanchez, die in einem Sicherheitslabor weitab der staatlichen Kontrollen mit dem Unvorstellbaren experimentiert... (Buchrücken)

Wer wacht über die Wächter? Der Schriftsteller Neil LaHaye versucht das schon seit Jahren, zuletzt mit einem Buch über die Gefangenen von Guantanamo, und hat sich dadurch bei der Mehrzahl seiner Landsleute gründlich unbeliebt gemacht. Sein neues Thema glaubt Neil in den Ursprüngen von AIDS gefunden zu haben. Er setzt sich auf die Spur des genialen Wissenschaftlers Victor Sanchez, der nach Kontakten zu frühen AIDS-Fällen plötzlich verschwand. Durch die Bekanntschaft mit Sanchez’ Tochter Beatrice gelingt es Neil, den Forscher aufzuspüren; inzwischen arbeitet Sanchez für den gewaltigen Pharmakonzern Livion. Doch die Situation ist sehr viel komplexer, als Neil annimmt; die Fragen, die er stellt, greifen noch zu kurz. Die wahren Drahtzieher im Hintergrund sitzen nicht nur in der Pharmaindustrie, sondern auch im Pentagon, und haben allen Grund, niemanden in ihre Geheimnisse Einblick nehmen zu lassen. Aus der Beziehung zu Beatrice, die selbst auf der Suche nach Antworten ist, wird Liebe. Der Einsatz beim Kampf um die Wahrheit ist sehr viel höher, als die beiden es wahr haben wollen, und ihre Gegenspieler halten alle Karten in der Hand. Kann Neil diesen ungleichen Kampf überhaupt gewinnen? (Tanja Kinkel Homepage)

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