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url 2017-08-01 15:50
August Kindle Firsts -- unusual number of translations (Prime members can select one free ahead of scheduled publication)
The Judgment of Richard Richter - Ellen Elias-Bursać,Igor Štiks
The Heart Echoes - Tiina Nunnally,Helena von Zweigbergk
Song of Edmon (The Fracture Worlds Book 1) - Adam Burch
When They Come for You (Harper McDaniel) - James W. Hall
P.S. from Paris - Marc Levy
All the Little Children - Jo Furniss

As has become usual, none of these are traditionally or self published and instead are all from Amazon imprints.

Source: www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/kindlefirst
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review 2017-07-28 07:32
Body in the Bayou (Cajun Country Mystery, #2)
Body on the Bayou - Ellen Byron

The writing could be a little bit tighter, but as it is, this was a good cozy mystery that kept me reading pretty much non-stop.


The start was a little slow, and the writer forced the reader to endure a romantic conflict a la tortured silence that I could have done without and she drove me crazy with all the silly euphemisms for swearing, but the ending had me reaching for the kleenex.  That last page bumped my rating up to the full 4 stars both because it was touching and unexpected without being at all overplayed.  


The mystery plotting was well done; I was inclined at first to criticise the author for taking the route of fingering the least involved character, but thinking about it, the clues were there and I just didn't put them together.  My bad, not hers.


A fun cozy with a heart warming sweet side, a little zaniness, and a pretty good murder mystery.



Total pages:  310

$$: $6.00   

(Lots of crying on the pages; a little teariness off the pages.)

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review 2017-07-22 15:39
"The Life She Was Given", by Ellen Marie Wiseman
The Life She Was Given - Ellen Marie Wiseman

Set in the 20th century, this very emotional tale weaves together the stories of two women. Alternately we follow Lilly Blackwood, a young albino girl who has been kept in a secret attic room most of her life till one day her mom sold her to a traveling circus freak show. Once there we are in the circus world, with all the good and bad. We jump two decades later, with Julia Blackwood returning to the family farm where she will soon discover the attic’s dark secrets ….

The story is very touching as we slowly discover the disturbing and frightening things done to Lilly and the kind of life she had hidden away in an attic for years and how she must have felt to be sold by someone she loved to an unscrupulous man running a circus. Undeniably Ms. Wiseman did extensive research to recreate the circus life, its slang, performers and their superstitions, animals training and shows, their behaviours including noises and most of all, how the freak shows was run and how important and lucrative this sideshow was, not forgetting the presence of fraudulent medium star performer who was the highlight in many ways. In graphic scenes, the story also explores how the circus animals were treated or mistreated. 

The story overlaps with Julia taking over her family’s horse business and slowly the secret that binds the two lies at the heart of the tragedy…..Moving between Lilly’s and Julia stories the authors has portrayed two extraordinary and very different women with exceptional life filled with family secrets, tragedy, hope and joy. Their stories displayed a mix of emotions that can possibly drain some readers. Both characters are compelling as well as the myriad of vivid secondary players even the evil ones. All roles were played perfectly.

This engrossing tale is written in short chapters using contemporary language and keeps a steady pace throughout. “The Life She Was Given” is a page tuner almost impossible to put down.

I received this review copy from the publisher via Netgalleys .

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review 2017-07-12 16:23
The Fifth Reflection (The Dot Meyerhoff ... The Fifth Reflection (The Dot Meyerhoff Series, Book 3) - Ellen Kirschman

Dot is a police psychologist. Dot is also having Thanksgiving dinner with her fiance Frank’s family and this had been the first time she had met them. Then Frank gets a call from his photography teacher Joanne/JJ that JJ’s two year old daughter Chrissy had been abducted from her bed. Frank immediately leaves to go to JJ. JJ is a photographer and her specialty is nude children. Jj had been “ criticized” is some art he had her daughter Chrissy in just a few days before her abduction.Bucky is Chrissy’s father just wanted to find the kidnapper/ killer of his daughter and dole out his brand of justice before the police found the person/ people responsible for this horrible thing. Frank wants to marry Dot but wants to be JJ’s comfort and hero. Officer Manny Ochoa is on Chrissy’s case and is determined to find the kidnapper/killer who did this to such a young child and bring them to justice no matter the cost to him and his family. I didn’t particularly like this story. First off I think Dot should have been a stronger and more confident woman. What was she doing with a butt like Frank I would rather be alone. I did appreciate how the author showed what happens and how hard it is for officers who work on cases involving children. Especially where such a young child is murdered. It also had a good twist. Frank seems infatuated with JJ like a teenager not a middle age man. I don't like that especially as he was engaged to Dot and talking marriage. I did like many and his determination. So some things were ok in this story but for me it barely made a three. Some things even confused me in this story.

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review 2017-07-10 17:31
A Road Trip to Yuma Baby by Ellen Behrens #EllenBehrens
Yuma Baby - Ellen Behrens

Yuma Baby by Ellen Behrens is my second road trip with Walt and Betty and I can hardly wait to get started.


Like a little mystery and danger with your travel adventures, look no further.


Yuma Baby (Rollin RV Mystery #2)

Amazon  /  Goodreads




I am so happy to be back on the road with Walt and Betty in Yuma Baby by Ellen Behrens.


I love her feisty, cynical personality. I find it very easy to relate to her. We have a lot in common. Often, I feel like I am walking in her footsteps.


Her husband, Walt, is the steadfast, logical one. He has a ton of patience and that’s a good thing, because her impulsive actions get her in one jam after another. He’s the cook, she does the cleanup, just like Mr Wonderful and I.


I feel the same as she does about felons. They just need to shut up and quit their whining. I mean, they have room and board, insurance…Sometimes it seems like they have more rights than their victim and there is something seriously wrong with that.


On the way into Yuma, their fear for a child’s safety leads them on a wild chase. What about the girl? Who is she? Where is she?


I love her inquisitive nature, but it takes her further than I would go. She gets involved. She feels the need to fix things and it all too often lands her in hot water. Anyone in need who gets involved with her is a lucky person.


Her investigation is murky, keeping the mystery going and the perpetrator hiding in the shadows.


Perfect season for this fun loving couples adventures as they go Rollin, Rollin, Rollin down the…road.



Written in a realistic and easy reading style, with a light tone full of smiles and chills aplenty.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Yuma Baby by Ellen Behrens.


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars


Read more here.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/a-road-trip-to-yuma-baby-by-ellen-behrens-ellenbehrens
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