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review 2017-02-26 23:07
Whisper of Love - Melissa Foster

Honestly, Whisper of Love is my favorite story involving the Braden family so far. The interactions between the characters and the way the settings are described made me love this story.


Tempest has always been a character I adored, even as a secondary character in the previous stories. She is such a sweet, patient, and caring person. I wanted the best for her. The Bradens are such a close-knit family and I enjoy reading about Tempest's siblings and cousins in this story.


Nash Morgan is a great character. I liked how standoffish he could see, yet he was willing to open up and communicate better for Tempest. He sounds like such an adorable single father who loves his son Phillip.


Phillip is probably one of the main reasons why I love this story so much. He is such a sweet boy who tries to follow in Nash's footsteps. It was very entertaining to see him grow throughout the story. His character made me wish the story had no ending and would keep going.


I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.

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text 2017-02-26 12:08
Seria „Orient Express” taniej z okazji premiery e-booka Paula Theroux


Do 4 III książki Wydawnictwa Czarne wydawane w serii „Orient Express” można kupić taniej. Akcja odbywa się przy okazji premiery e-booka Paula Theroux "Szczęśliwe wyspy Oceanii. Wiosłując przez Pacyfik". W tej książce autor "w chybotliwym kajaku-składaku odwiedza wyspy południowego Pacyfiku. Podróż rozpoczyna w Nowej Zelandii, a kończy tysiące kilometrów dalej na rajskich Hawajach". 


E-booki z serii "Orient Express" w ebookpoint.pl taniej do 4 marca (źródło: ebookpoint.pl)


Opis premiery brzmi ciekawie, ale ja nadrabiam zaległości. Skusiłem się na „Wielki bazar kolejowy. Pociągiem przez Azję” Paula Theroux, oczywiście ze względu na epizod indyjski w opisanej tam podróży. No i jest to najniższa cena tego e-booka od momentu jego pojawienia się na rynku. Po papierową wersję (412 stron) jakoś nie miałem siły sięgnąć.

Kilka pozycji zmieściło się w cenie poniżej 15 PLN. Podaję całą promocyjną ofertę, według rosnącej ceny:

Wolfgang Büscher „Hartland. Pieszo przez Amerykę”

11,54 PLN

Colin Thubron „Po Syberii”

14,94 PLN

John Gimlette „Teatr ryb. Podróże po Nowej Fundlandii i Labradorze”

14,95 PLN

Paul Theroux „Stary Ekspres Patagoński. Pociągiem przez Ameryki”

14,95 PLN

Paul Theroux „Safari mrocznej gwiazdy. Lądem z Kairu do Kapsztadu”

14,95 PLN

Hugh Thomson „Biała Skała. W głąb krainy Inków”

14,95 PLN

Tony Anderson „Chleb i proch. Wędrówka przez góry Gruzji”

14,95 PLN

Paul Theroux „Ostatni pociąg do zona verde. Lądem z Kapsztadu do Angoli”

14,95 PLN

John Gimlette „Dzikie wybrzeże. Podróż skrajem Ameryki Południowej”

14,95 PLN

Colin Thubron „Utracone serce Azji”

15,54 PLN

Rory Stewart „Między miejscami. Z psem przez Afganistan”

16,74 PLN

Colin Thubron „Góra w Tybecie. Pielgrzymka na święty szczyt”

16,74 PLN

Paul Theroux „Jechałem Żelaznym Kogutem. Pociągiem przez Chiny”

17,45 PLN

Colin Thubron „Za Murem. Podróż po Chinach”

17,94 PLN

Colin Thubron „Cień Jedwabnego szlaku”

17,94 PLN

Paul Theroux „Wielki bazar kolejowy. Pociągiem przez Azję”

19,00 PLN

Paul Theroux „Szczęśliwe wyspy Oceanii. Wiosłując przez Pacyfik”

32,90 PLN



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review 2017-02-25 09:00
So much more than I expected!
Binti - Nnedi Okorafor

I expected this to be rather near-future SF about a Himba girl, a girl from the Namib Desert, going to a university in space and all the cultural differences and difficulties she would experience there. Instead, this was far-future SF with a culture clash of a different kind. Also, the Himba have developed into mathematical geniuses and can perform a mathematical meditation called ‘treeing’, through which they are able to steer ‘mathematical currents’ in order to make certain devices work and to analyze the world around them. Fascinating!


And that’s where my scientific interest kicks in: If I get presented with such a unique concept, I want to know more about it. Much more. Unfortunately, as the story develops, we only get a few glimpses at this astonishing ability. It is as if we were peeking through a hole in a fence, allowing us to see a certain section of a beautiful garden. But we want to see more of it, want to know which other flowers and trees are there, where the gravel path leads to, and if there is a pond or a greenhouse or a pavilion.


I really hope that the second part of the series, Binti:Home, will allow us to sneak a peek through further holes in that fence, and thus give us a wider view of the garden. That’s why I will start to read it immediately.

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review 2017-02-13 03:01
Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty
Six Wakes - Mur Lafferty

Six Wakes is a murder mystery on a spaceship where the clones of the crew wake up to a scene of bloody carnage and find that someone has killed all of their previous incarnations. In this future world, cloning can be used as a way to extend life beyond the natural span since a technique has been developed to map people’s minds and upload them into the clone bodies. All of the clones waking up on the ship Dormire are missing their most recent memories of who actually killed them all, although they’re sure it’s one of them. Oh, and almost 25 years have passed even though their memories consist of them all boarding yesterday.


The mystery is explored through the crew’s investigation on the ship and through their individual backstories (the parts they remember). There are a couple cases where the reader gains information that the character in question couldn’t possibly know because the events described continue past the point where that person’s last mindmap was created. It’s nice information to have though.


I thought the mystery was interesting and although its resolution didn’t wow me, it seemed logical. Although we visit each of the characters in turn, we spend a lot of time in Maria’s head, so I’d probably consider her the main character. I didn’t really buy interstellar travel using a solar sail even if it wasn’t purely reliant on photons but I was able to ignore most of the physics aspects that bugged me and enjoy the book anyway. There was also some language that jarred me a bit, like referring to “heavy gravity” as opposed to, say, “high gravity”.


I think I may need to reread it at some point to see if I get anything else out of the crew’s stories the second time through. It may or may not make me increase my rating, but right now I’m going with: it was pretty good, but I didn’t enjoy it enough to give it a full four stars.

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text 2017-02-11 14:38
Reading progress: I've read 100%.
Six Wakes - Mur Lafferty

Hmm...this one is going to have to simmer a while before I can figure out what I thought of it and how much I liked it.


The ending was a little out there, but the motivations leading up to the murders seemed reasonable. Maria reads as a little too naïve though.


I do sort of feel like I might have to reread it knowing the ending to figure out how much to criticize its shortfalls and whether its shortfalls were only imagined by me due to sloppy reading. I still feel that there's no reason to declare that CPR won't work in low gravity and there were some awkward phrasings, like "heavy gravity".


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