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video 2014-06-27 10:08
Magic Dance - David Bowie


I'm falling behind on my video postings. Here is a throwback and fantasy related video; great song and almost three minutes of sexy David Bowie. Who can complain? :D


I've had a busy week; family gathering on Wednesday, recovery all day Thursday. Yes, 1 simple outing has zapped all my energy but... I'll live.  I'll have my review on Angelfall up by Monday. Somehow that book managed a 3 star even though my eyeballs were rolling so much I thought I might have to make an eye doctors appointment. What? Not funny? Yes, I see many of you out there have rated it a 5! Shh... I agree, it wasn't terrible (but there were many, many problems). ;)

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video 2014-05-23 09:51
Magic Man by Heart


Since I started this blog in January I've had this crazy fear that somehow doing this would change my voice/style when it comes to writing fiction. My blog style is so super informal... so super! I bet ya never noticed! To counter this fear I have been writing a short - novella length story at least once a week. I have to do something to make sure these damn ellipses, exclamation marks and poorly structured sentences don't make their way into my writing! It's contagious, at least that's my fear. ANYWAY...


What does this have to do with the video above? Well, this week I used this song as a sort of writing prompt. When using music as a prompt, I'll usually use the first line of a song to get things rolling, or if I'm really fortunate... it will just be one word sung in a specific way that sets me off. Other times I will look at the theme behind a song and sometimes (when a piece is really good or if it's purely instrumental) all elements just come together without even having to think much at all.


This song ended up inspiring a ghost story where the main character doesn't know she is dead until she meets up with her mother at the end and discovers she died as a young girl. The magic man works as her guide to get her from point A (wandering spirit) to point B (acceptance of her death to pass on). It's funny because I know that this song was inspired by the lead singers relationship with her manager... and it's just fun for me to play with words and take them in unintended directions. So, yeah... if you need inspiration to start writing, music and other art forms are a great place to start! :)


It has been a ghost story sort of month for me. I had been planning on May being a month for horror, but somehow I stumbled off the path. It started with reading The Bird Eater and I was like, YES! Horror, it has been such a long time~ but then I was reminded of an author I love and after looking up books that are available for the Kindle Lending Library... I ended up checking out Kill the Dead by Tanith Lee. It isn't horror but it does involve ghosts and adventure, so I am enjoying it and changing this month to just ghosts.


I should finish this book by tomorrow and have a review up shortly after. Next book on my list... one I started a long time ago and just fell out of the mood for... Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill.


Apologies for the rambling and not really sticking to a main point here. I felt compelled to write something since it's been about a week since I've posted anything with substance. Tagging this post with multiple day themes... because I can! :P

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video 2014-04-18 22:56
Unicorn Rainbow Poop Cookies - Nerdy Nummies


I first read about unicorn poop cookies in an article over at io9 a couple years ago that linked to this recipe at instructables.com -- the video above shows a different recipe, cream cheese sugar cookies. I've never made them with cream cheese... so I might give that a try this weekend and see which kind taste the best.


Since Easter is just a couple days away... if you have a sense of humour... you could put one of these lovely poops inside an Easter basket as a special surprise. ^__^

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video 2014-04-04 23:19
Sword and Laser - Author Spotlight: Chuck Wendig


Sword and Laser is a book club/podcast/video show that I highly recommend to anyone that loves Science Fiction and Fantasy. Yesterday's show was spotlighting the author, Chuck Wendig. I have heard things, here and there, about him... but I haven't gotten around to reading any of his books. I have visited his website a few times (after Google searching for writer's advice) and I do remember that I found his blogging style entertaining.


I woke up this afternoon to find that his book, The Blue Blazes, is one of today's Kindle Daily Deals. I just can't resist these $1.99 deals! I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this... dark fantasy, copious amounts of foul language, criminal and supernatural underworlds... perfect! I'm going to try to fit this read in at the end of the month, here's to hoping that I won't be disappointed.

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video 2014-03-29 02:50
Rasputina - New Zero - Live at the Magic Stick


Now that BL has given everyone the option to filter their feeds... I feel a little more emboldened to post videos and such. This is a music video that is not mainstream music so maybe it will be a new experience for someone out there. The lyrics to this song are really imaginative and somewhat fantasy-esque with hidden meanings that are fun to ruminate on. Lyrics and song interpretations here: songmeanings.com


The band, Rasputina, utilises a combination of styles but are usually placed in the genre of dark cabaret. Many of their songs have a history story weaved in which I think makes listening to their music fascinating. That and I just love cellos!


PS - I'm testing the waters for making posts every day based on a theme. For instance, tonights is Fantasy related. We'll see if I stick to this...

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