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text 2015-08-26 15:20
Reading progress update: I've read 182 out of 648 pages.
Royal Assassin - Robin Hobb

I am baffled by how quickly this series went from "It's pretty good..." to "SHHHHH. CAN'T YOU SEE I'M READING?!"


Definitely a convert. Thoughts so far:



The whole Molly thing almost gave me a heart attack. Heart. Attack.


Prince Verity has really come into his own. Didn't know what to make of him when this all started. Now I am a fan. When he pimp slapped Regal - hahahahahaha.  I'd been wanting to do that since the last book.


Well look at Queen in waiting Kettriken (not a fan of the name but - eh). What a nicely layered character.  After Fitz basically told her to change to fit Verity's needs, she adjusted, but clearly retained her sense of self and held her own with the Forged ones. Loved this.


(spoiler show)


I am loving all the booklikes posts lately about Robin Hobb, too. 


How much am I liking this? Already ordered the next book.

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text 2015-08-24 14:20
Reading progress update: I've read 44 out of 648 pages.
Royal Assassin - Robin Hobb



I finally finished The Winter Crown, but silly me - I should have read it before starting this series because the whole time in the back of my mind I was all,


"I wonder what happens to Fitz next..."


"I really want to start the second book..."


Rather than dampen my enjoyment of another book with my distraction, I'm going to continue on with this one.


Thoughts so far:



These Red-Ship raids be freaking me out ya'll.  Be. Freaking. Me. Out.


Molly!! No!!!!


Stop whining Fitz.


(spoiler show)


Loving the pace of the story in this one.


Also I'm spoiled.  I upgraded with audio so I can listen on my walks as well as read the hard copy. I did this for Assassin's Apprentice and loved it.


Happy reading!

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review 2015-06-24 23:27
#Assassin'sQuest: Loved the story, loved the characters...
Assassin's Quest (Farseer Trilogy, #3) - Robin Hobb


...But sometimes I didn't really love what the story did to the characters.


Still, we're talking about an epic quest that includes magic, swords, and (eventually) dragons. The writing is flawless. The good guys are noble and you want them to win. The Bad guys are evil and you want them to get theirs. All of that works out.


If I were writing, I probably would have given the heroes a more satisfying resolution than what they got. But I'm not the author. I'm just the reader. So I must be content.


But not just yet. Maybe I'll be content tomorrow.


Regardless, this is good, good stuff. I'm sticking with Robin Hobb for a while. Off to Liveship!

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review 2015-06-19 17:42
#RoyalAssassin: The Bad Guys Strike Back...
Royal Assassin - Robin Hobb

As great as I'd hoped. Don't want to write a review though, I need to find out what happens next. No one needs a detailed review of the second book in a trilogy anyway, just a good or bad.


Good. Very good.


But the bad guys are bad. Like, really bad, and they've come out ahead. I hope they get theirs in book three.


Speaking of book three...


I'm out.


The Value of a Star: Ratings Explained

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review 2014-09-22 00:26
Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb
Assassin's Apprentice - Robin Hobb

As you can probably guess by my rating... I adore this book. There's something very comforting about the writing that just grips me each time I read it.


I love all the characters even though all their names are silly. The main character, FitzChivalry, and all his friends, mentors, and enemies... the emotions behind all those relationships are so beautifully written that you can really feel the connections Fitz has with them.


This book is not perfect. Still, each vital ingredient that is necessary for crafting a wonderful book is present. I just always want more. I'll try to explain...



It is really short for an epic fantasy and some of the world building suffers because of this. The setting is what you'd expect from this genre and the magic system isn't ground breaking. Yet, I still love the choices Hobb made with her magic system and tying it in with the worlds own mythology and history. The magic is shrouded in mystery which, I suppose, makes it all the more interesting. There isn't much exploration of the Six Duchies, but the places that were part of the adventure were great. This is mostly because the writing is so good that you don't even have to try to imagine... it just happens.


The beginning also starts off weak. You have to really try to suspend disbelief while Fitz recounts his earliest memories.

This is an obvious hint at Fitz being an unreliable narrator that many might not pick up on the first read.

(spoiler show)

Another issue early on is time. There isn't a clear picture on how time is passing until you are told that he is finally thirteen. Seven years go by without many markers (besides seasons) and so it's a little unsettling. This section doesn't last long and these minor concerns don't continue as the narrative launches into the meat of the story.


With assassin as part of the title, some might expect lots of actual assassinations to take place. They don't. This book deals with the internal struggles of becoming an assassin as well as external conflict surrounding the kingdom (raiders and a zombie-like weapon) and the politics (power moves) of said kingdom. It's a coming of age story and so we see Fitz change as he acquires new knowledge/skills and we see him stick to his principles regardless of the struggle he faces to remain loyal to his kingdom. These internal and external conflicts are so well balanced, very fulfilling.


The ending is surprising in how different it is played out. I won't spoil anything here except to say that I love it when things don't go exactly how you would hope or expect. Things are tied up nicely even though there are a few topics that are left in mystery or that hit an unexpected roadblock.

Such as the resolution with his relationship with Molly.

(spoiler show)

Effective in leaving you wanting more. There's not a single moment of boredom in this book even when there isn't massive action... the writing is that good. Compelling to the very last page that I even stayed up past my bedtime to finish the last 10% this time around.


Even with these faults, I'm sticking to my rating. This is a book that every fantasy lover should read at least once. The other books in these trilogies aren't as special but are still worth reading because they are good (3-4 stars, IMHO). I won't be re-reading the entire series just yet... but I do plan to over the next year or two to get up reviews and refresh my memory before diving in to the new Fitz and the Fool trilogy.


Recommended for those who love character development... and animals! :)

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