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review 2017-02-09 04:01
Ex-Super Hero and Current Misanthrope
Alias, Vol. 1 - Jeph Loeb,Michael Gaydos,Brian Michael Bendis

Basically, if you like the Jessica Jones show on Netflix, you will like this. It even has the same tone. Not much happens. Except the show has more wow, crazy moments than the graphic novel does. Heavy on prose and ironical humor. Jessica herself is impossible not to like, probably because of her flaws. She's cynical, drinks too much, and is a bit of a misanthrope. This is essentially a graphic novel about an ex-superhero turned private investigator who has turned her back on the superhero world, even though it keeps drawing her back in. So there is not a lot of epic battles and such. It's very grounded in everyday. Readers who are looking for a narrative/prose-driven graphic novel that deals with celebrity and the question of what happens afterwards, will appreciate this book.

Overall rating: 3.5/5.0 stars.

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review 2016-08-25 21:42
Punisher Against the World
Punisher vs. the Marvel Universe (The Punisher) - Garth Ennis,Len Wein,John Ostrander,Greg Rucka,Doug Braithwaite,Ross Andru,Pasqual Ferry,John McCrea

This book is exactly what the name implies. Frank Castle takes on the various Marvel heroes, and it's usually not pretty. The stories span from the earlier (and cheesier) Marvel days to the more recent Greg Rucka run. My favorite is still the Rucka run. The artwork steals my heart. I love it. Castle is scaled down to hard edges and determination and his partner Rachel Cole-Alves has that same edge of determination in her eyes.

The first story is a what if, the question being that the marvel heroes (the Avengers) unwittingly caused the death of Castle's family, and as such, Castle becomes a one-man kill squad who sets out to eliminate every super-powered person on earth. That was not fun reading. While Castle is always an antihero, I don't like when he's the out and out bad guy. Having him systematically kill all the Marvel heroes was damaging to my psyche and my perception of the Punisher.

There's a few stories my feelings are in-between about. I don't mind when Castle comes into opposition with the Marvel heroes when they don't end in lethal confrontation. There is one story arc where he's very, very mean to Wolverine. Understandable that Wolverine more or less can't be killed, but Castle was downright cruel in the way he incapacitated Logan.

In the last story, it's a post-apocalyptic scenario in which Castle is one of the few remaining humans who hasn't been infected by a plague that has made people into carnivorous monsters, if not zombies. The remaining folks have split up into tribes run by ruthless leaders. Castle's mission is to eliminate the monsters and protect the innocent, and the mission is everything.

Punisher is always single-minded. His psychology is very simple. See criminals punished and deal with bad guys with finality. Typically, he doesn't kill innocents or even good guys, but in the first story, he crosses that line. I didn't like seeing him that way. Anyone who reads this book has to realize that Punisher is definitely not the hero, if he ever is.

Definitely worth reading for Punisher fans.

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review 2016-03-15 01:36
Straight to Hell
Wolverine, Vol. 1: Wolverine Goes to Hell - Jason Aaron,Renato Guedes


This was a trippy one. Wolverine wakes up in Hell, but there's no explanation for how he ended up there, at least not at the beginning. You find out dribs and drabs of information as the story goes along, but plenty of disturbing scenes in the process. I can't decide what was more disturbing: Wolverine in Hell or the fact that he was doing his darnedest to send his friends and loved ones there along with him and not getting why. A little bit confusing of a read to me. And just the subject matter was kind of odd. I'm not used to Wolverine being in a metaphysical context (especially with sorcery and demonic possession as a factor.) It was interesting, that's for sure.
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review 2015-07-19 20:50
Sense Memory
Wolverine Max - Volume 1 - Jason Starr,Connor Willumson

This one ain't for the kiddies! The f-bomb shows up and there is nudity and plenty of in your face violence. I don't necessarily need that to enjoy a story, but I feel that the violence is part and parcel of Wolverine aka James Logan Howlett's life. This book is a good one for people who got introduced to Wolverine via the Marvel Movie Universe and want to dive into the graphic novels about this beloved and complex character.

This starts with a boom and ends fairly the same way. The reader is just as confused as Wolverine about his situation, since he is afflicted with memory loss. Of course, Wolverine's personal Satan, Sabertooth is there to engineer chaos and destruction and to try to convert Wolverine to his way of doing things, psychopathic behavior. But Wolverine is no one's plaything. He's a strong-minded person, and while he doesn't always do the right thing, he is guided by an intrinsic sense of honor that keeps him from going over the edge and into the abyss where Sabertooth happily lives.

I gave this four stars because I just plain love this character. The writer gets this character, and he conveys the essence of him to readers, older and newer fans alike. However, I do have a quibble. Some of the artwork was just ugly. Wolverine is a hairy guy, let's face it. But they made him look like a grotesque troll. And there was too many bulgy eyes and gooey entrails. Not very pretty. yes, violence can be conveyed in an aesthetically appealing way if done right. I could have done without that art, but I did like some of the artwork, and I especially like the chiaroscuro cover that the volume I got from the library has. My library has a plethora of Wolverine volumes to enjoy, and I am taking my time exploring them. This was a nice use of my hour while I was waiting for my ride home.

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review 2015-06-26 06:04
A Deal With The Devil
Daredevil: The Devil's Hand - 'Andy Diggle', 'Antony Johnston'

Wow, this is the really real. To think that Daredevil agrees to lead the Hand. Things must be pretty dire for Daredevil to get in bed with the enemy. Well things are. Hell's Kitchen is looking a lot like the real thing, and Murdock realizes that conventional methods of obtaining justice are doomed to fail. He's willing to take extreme measures, but like Frank Sinatra, he's going to do it "My Way." Beware of best laid plans, Matt.

This was a really good graphic novel. It was very intense, and the artwork was fantastic. The artist has managed to use color and shade to convey the grim world of Daredevil. There are some scenes that feel very grand, with Daredevil, and the Hand bowing at his feet. The action sequences are awesome and fluid. I can't say enough about how much I liked the artwork.

The writing is equally strong. I think that anything with ninjas and katana makes me heart sings, and I feel that the writer I think this is very near to being a five star book. The story had me on the edge of my seat, and while Daredevil can more than take care of himself, he's deep in the lion's den and his enemies are many and employ any tactics necessary to destroy him, those he loves, and seek to dominate and conquer by any means necessary. The tension is off the charts, and I hope that my library has the next volume.

I think if I wasn't being so stingy with fives it would be. It's darn near close.

Overall rating: 4.5/5.0 stars.

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