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review 2017-10-24 05:02
Much Different than I was expecting!!!!!
Project Pandora (an Assassin Fall novel) - Aden Polydoros

I finished this a few months back and just forgot to do a review. Since its been awhile, I don't remember everything about the book besides it was different but Interesting first book in a series. It was interesting that the characters other identities, had to do with Greek mythology. My favorite has to be Hades because for some reason he could never take to the reprogramming. Tyler/ Apollo, is the first one to realize something is wrong with him. Then we have Shannon/ Artemis, who is tied in with Tyler. And Elizabeth/ Persephone, and of course, her and Hades has quite a bit of history together. Which they both at first didn't know what those ties were.

I have to say I didn't like how the book ended, of course that is because of the major cliffhanger, which had me confused. And why it got 4/5 instead of 5/5.

I can't wait to say what happens next. I am so glad that I requested and was approved for this book, by the way of Netgalley. I will definitely recommend this book, and will definitely continue this series.

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review 2017-10-13 21:50
WWII with a alternate ending...
Wolf by Wolf: One girl’s mission to win a race and kill Hitler - Ryan Graudin

Book Title:  Wolf by Wolf

Author:  Ryan Graudin

Narration:  Christa Lewis

Series:  Wolf by Wolf #1

Genre:  WWII, Alternate History

Setting:  All through many countries between Germany and Japan

Source:  Audiobook (Library)




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Plot:  5/5

Main Characters:  5/5

Secondary Characters:  5/5

The Feels:  5+/5

Addictiveness:  5/5

Theme or Tone:  5+/5

Flow (Writing Style):  4.5/5

Backdrop (World Building):  5/5

Originality:  5/5

Book Cover:  5/5

Narration:  5/5

Ending:  5/5  Cliffhanger:  Total Cliffhanger…

Steam Factor 0-5:  0

Total:  5/5 STARS - GRADE=A+




I loved every minute of this book, and I'm so glad I listened on Audio because the narrator was phenomenal.  She had the accents down perfectly. Which is just enough of an accent, but not too much, that I couldn't understand her. 


From the alternate history to the skin shifting supernatural abilities, this had me hooked and I couldn't stop listening to it.  I especially embraced the stories behind each of her wolves that she has tattooed on her arm.  This story has such emotion to it, I was captivated.  The motorcycle race gave added depth to an already emotional story, with a feel to it, that actually reminded me of Iron Will.


Will I continue this series⇜  Most definitely!



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review 2017-09-27 04:26
Blood Howl (Sanguis Noctis #1) by Robin Saxon
Blood Howl - Robin Saxon,Alex Kidwell

I can't stress enough how much I do not care for neither characters nor the writing. 
DNF-ing at 65%. 1 star for the part I read


The poor thing is tripping all over itself. I don't mean any of the MC's, I mean the book itself: the writing, the plot., the ...uh, grammar.

RS & AK, Leo Tolstoy you are not and long, complex sentences are not your forte. Tho color purple is pretty strong with you.


I still have only a vague idea as to what characters look like. Oh, wait, I know a tiny bit about one of the MC's "under all that baggy clothes and long hair there is a long elegant neck" to go with "long gorgeous fingers". Guh! Someone lend me a sharp stick!!! 


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review 2017-09-27 03:30
Vespar (Order of the Black Knights #3) by Thianna Durston
Vespar (Order of the Black Knights Book 3) - Thianna Durston

Mayhem and confusion, this one. Plot holes.
No chemistry between the characters at all.

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review 2017-08-28 22:32
The Animal Under the Fur…while not issue free…still a mostly likable romance.
The Animal Under The Fur - E.J. Mellow,Dori Harrell



Book Title:  The Animal Under the Fur

Author:  E.J. Mellow

Genre:  Action Romance

Setting:  Mostly Mexico

Source:  Own Kindle eBook




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Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  3.7/5

Main Characters:  4/5

Secondary Characters: 4/5

The Feels: 4/5

Addictiveness: 3.5/5

Theme or Tone:  3.8/5

Flow (Writing Style):  4/5

Backdrop (World Building):  4/5

Originality: 4/5

Book Cover:  5/5

Ending:  4/5 Cliffhanger: No

Total: 3.7/5 Stars



My Thoughts


This started out feeling cheesy in the beginning, but once I was into the book a little more, it just kind of clicked and felt, Idk, less cheesy, I guess.  I actually started to like Nashville & Carter, they do make a good team.  The romance between them is a slow-burning one and felt real.  I'm actually on the fence about the A+ abilities that the heroine has.  They just came off as kind of unbelievable and unfortunately, the story is primarily focused on these abilities.


Will I read more from this Author?⇜  Maybe…


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