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quote 2017-04-23 20:00
And it sounds so easy in the stories, even when it’s not. Even when there are millions of obstacles, heroes know exactly what to do. There is always a way out. But the problem with real life is, there is not. And storytellers, you know what their problem is? There are millions of worlds in their heads. They know magic, and love, and hatred, and they have a metaphor for every feeling you can imagine. As tellers, they are fantastic. But when they become characters, it changes completely.

The Storyteller by Andrea Tomić

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photo 2017-04-06 17:10

Looking back on my first Goodreads Reading Challenge in 2016, I can't help but feel proud of myself.  While a lot of the books were favorites that I re-read, the 30 books I managed to read while balancing school and part-time work proves how much I desperately need the consolation good stories provide.  The three years I have been in college have been consistently rough.  I haven't much enjoyed my experience and have found that escaping reality has been the only way to maintain sanity.  I've often felt alone on my campus, secure only with a book in hand.  I suspect I will feel this way for the rest of my life, but it doesn't sadden me like it used to.  Reading brings me great joy, and I can only hope to impress myself again with the 2017 Reading Challenge.  So far I am five books ahead of my goal, so it's looking good! 

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text 2017-04-04 23:12
When did goodreads disable links in profiles?

Goodreads currently says links in the "about me" sections of your profile are temporally disabled.  Guess I'll edit things like "you can now find me on booklikes here " to say "you can now find me on booklikes at (without the spaces) h tt p :// donealrice. booklikes.com"


Sucks.  I count on departing or getting less active goodreads friends to point me to them on their new sites and blogs by listing those links on goodreads profiles.


ETA:  Screenshot.  "temporarily disabled" message is in red when editing your profile settings: 


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text 2017-04-04 15:55
Goodreads just subscribed me to emails ...

I started getting emails I NEVER SUBSCRIBED to when marking a currently reading book "finished." A longish one with links to follow author, quoting community reviews, asking if I want to be notified of future releases...


It's not an option under my email preferences or account settings.


There was an unsubscribe link that took me to a never before seen page that was titled something about my email preferences for finished books -- never saw before.  Cannot find a menu option for.


Not sure if just something I never noticed or saw announced or if that link will work for anyone lose but it was https://www.goodreads.com/user/unsubscribe_email?email_name=Finished%20Book


Damn I wish booklikes would add an export/backup feature.  Now I cannot even mark books read on goodreads and export that information because apparently that opts me into more unwanted emails.

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review 2017-04-01 15:00
Disappointing Follow Up to Conversations With a Fat Girl
The F Word - Liza Palmer

Please note that I received this book via Goodreads Giveaway. Also note that this will have spoilers from Conversations With The Fat Girl.


Well. That happened. I have been so excited about the follow up to "Conversations With The Fat Girl" that I kept checking my mail everyday. I finished this yesterday and needed some time to put my thoughts together. "The F Word" focuses on Olivia Marten that readers were introduced to in the prior book. It's been ten years since Olivia's wedding and she's content with her marriage to her husband Adam. When she runs into a high school crush (Ben Dunne) Olivia is thrown since the old her she kept hidden is starting to bubble up again. Throw in some PR crisis with a A list actress Olivia feels everything​ she has ever wanted is slipping away.


Honestly this book just fell down with regards to Olivia. We got to see how she acted with Maggie in the prior book and she was nasty and a liar. When Maggie at the reception the day before the wedding blew up Olivia's world you would think there would be repercussions for that. Instead nothing besides her wedding was great is mentioned. There's no mention of Olivia's friends from her time in DC. And there's a throwaway line about a former best friend she used to know. If the book had ended with some acknowledgement of how Olivia hid her life from her husband and herself I would have given it five stars. Instead, Palmer turns this book into everything is Adam's fault with no introspection about how Olivia refused to allow the real her out as an issue and a ridiculous shallow love interest. And the book seems to slam everyone on how they view women (smart, gorgeous, think, fat, etc) which to me isn't a get out of jail free card for your actions.


I think I laughed one time while reading when Olivia realizes that she and Adam are terrible people. Yeah. You both are. 


Other characters are not developed very well.


Palmer rewrites how Olivia and Adam met. And in the ten years since their wedding he turned from a robot who wouldn't even share the same bed with her to a man that is affectionately dismissive and who due to Olivia's hangups about her body is having affairs. I really wish Palmer had them have an honest conversation. Go to couple's therapy. Something. Shoot have her get in touch with Maggie.


The writing was okay. I didn't get blown away by anything. The book started to feel like a chore after reading for a while. I was just not engaged at all. 


The book ending was not realistic to me especially since it reads as if Olivia is just trading one man in for another. 

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