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text 2016-11-12 20:56
Demelza: I've read 0% & Rant
Demelza: A Novel of Cornwall, 1788-1790 - Winston Graham

Read 2 pages and I can't deal with family drama right now. So this is going on the back burner for a bit.



and on a rant side of things, WHY did Booklikes mess about with things earlier this week? Everything was smooth sailing, at least for me, then BAM, an almost 24hr outage and now everything is slow and sticky as molasses. Sigh. Not much of a rant, I know, but that is about all I've got for now.




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text 2016-09-24 00:11

I don't understand why my mother hates books and reading so much. She's been angry for years about the number of books I own and how much space it takes up (even though all of my books have been in my room for the past 21 years and only recently did I move two of my smaller shelves into another room of the house). I half-jokingly suggested I could just buy a Kindle instead (even though I dislike e-books, hence joke) and then she got angry because apparently she doesn't want me reading at all because she thinks I'm going to go blind. My eyesight is bad, I admit, but she acts like I should never look at a screen ever again but then I take naps to rest my eyes and she gets mad at me for doing nothing. What the hell does she want me to do? She gets mad when I use my laptop or my phone, she gets mad when I read books, she gets mad when I take naps, she won't let me go anywhere without her, what the hell. Does she just want me to do nothing but clean the house? But when I do clean, she criticizes my dish-washing skills and doesn't believe me when I vacuumed even though she can hear the vacuum cleaner. 


I 100% honestly feel like I won't be able to be an adult and live my life until she dies. 


And of course my brother gets to do whatever he wants. 

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url 2016-08-21 23:39

My weekly column, My Reading Life, is live now. This week's rant is "Authors, Publishers, Reviews, and Amazon" at the link below.


I got steamed about this today because I'm very tired of being regarded as a creator's audience and asked, more or less peremptorily, to promote the creator's work in the exact and precise way that creator wants it to be done. I review books and movies and suchlike because I want to; because I love them, love the medium, love that sharing my enthusiasm or lack thereof can help a reader find or avoid something that they wouldn't have found or avoided on their own.


This rant is my response. Yes, it requires that you click on a link to read it; if that's too much trouble, by all means don't. Just don't say anything to me about it, since the idea that a mouseclick is an imposition on you doesn't say good things about you to me.


/rant *grrrrrr*

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photo 2016-08-10 07:10
Rhapsody: Child of Blood - Elizabeth Haydon
Prophecy: Child of Earth - Elizabeth Haydon
Destiny: Child of the Sky - Elizabeth Haydon
Rhapsody by Kristy M (Book Frivolity)

The Meaningless Moniker 'Mary Sue'


Firstly, I want to say how much I loved the first trilogy in The Symphony of Ages. Five big ole stars. As much as I am enjoying the new wave of fantasy, The Symphony of Ages’ grand sweeping world building, mystery/romance story line, and amazing travelogue, is exactly where my heart feels at home. The installments are long, meticulously detailed, with an amazing push/pull plot that makes you frown in frustration, then cheer out loud, then weep in sorrow, and then cry for the beauty of it. I will absolutely be acquiring the rest of the series as soon as I can afford to!


Now, I want to rant. Not about the books; the books have given me more pleasure than I rightly deserve probably. I’ve been bottling these frustrations up for a while, this annoyance has got my bloody goat way too often recently. This series has given me a prime opportunity to let it out, as it's a prime example of where this annoyance crops up. So here’s the deal, I don’t want to rant to people who are just going to moan that I am ranting about feminist issues. So I’m going to stick it in spoilers, and if you don’t want to deal, don’t open it. I have things I really want to say, but I really don’t want the damned backlash. If it’s not for you, please, don’t read it. If it is.. Read on… :)


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text 2016-08-05 01:18
Goodreads Schmoodreads

So I had the new Goodreads homepage forced on me. 


Anyway, everything on the screen is now GIGANTIC and IN YOUR FACE and 90% of the stuff on it is stuff I don't want on my homepage. And of course there's no customization.  So, Goodreads, a little message: if you're not going to at least let people make their page the way they want it, then STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!



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