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text 2019-08-26 16:25
Libib has an app update

If anyone has been using Libib to catalog books (not a full or social site like goodreads and booklikes but lots of privacy choices and import/export options), there's an update to the app.  Email said:


Libib Mobile App receives major updates

We know it's been a while, but we've been diligently working on a lot of back-end updates to allow for some upgrades in the near future. But just recently, we have released a rather big update to the mobile app!

New/Improved app features:

  • Cover Image Upload (add your own cover images from the app)
  • Search parity with the website (you can now use search operators on the app)
  • Tap Hold to Rate (tap and hold an item list item to immediately bring up the rate dialog)
  • Multiple logins (you can have up to two separate accounts logged in, and swap between)
  • Better contrast between text and background
  • Item Edit dialog easier to reach (slide over an item and get a full list of editing options)
  • Improved scan lookups
  • Status' and Copies now individually editable
  • Android version now follows Material design best practices (iOS design has been updated as well)
  • [Pro] Image shown on list (option to show cover images so that they appear on the list of items)
  • [Pro] Choose between different updated themes (change your color scheme)
  • [Pro] Renew a checked out item (slide over a lent out item and renew)
  • [Pro] Patrons list now shows the number of items a patron has checked out
  • [Pro] Edit/Add a price from edit dialog
  • [Pro] Metadata editing capabilities for all fields

...and a whole lot of tweaks and adjustments to make everything just a little bit easier!

And as always, Libib Standard is free, we don't advertise, and we never sell or share your data.

Libib Pro is an excellent way for low-income schools, nonprofits and small organizations to have an easy and cost-effective way to lend and track items with their patrons. Check our Libib Pro Webinar to learn more!

Want to support Libib?

We're not going to start advertising, and we're never going to sell or share your data, but if you like what we're doing, and you don't need something as advanced as Libib Pro, consider helping us out by covering the costs of your account for a period of time!

If you don't have extra cash to spare

You can still show your support by following Libib on our social media accounts TwitterInstagram, & YouTube


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text 2016-06-07 19:46

My Librarything has been more less dormant since I joined Booklikes. After the scare we had recently, I decided to start using my other book communities more. I hadn't added any books to LT for ages. So I decided to try to do an import, not feeling very hopeful that it would work. Booklikes doesn't seem to have a way of exporting, does it? When I found out that Leafmarks was going to shut down, I downloaded my books from there, like everyone else. To cut to the chase, I was able to import that file into LT. It even looked as if some of the titles I read as ebooks were added, but surely that can't be right? Anyway, I feel a lot better now that (most of) my book collection is safe. It's on Libib too, so hopefully I won't have any trouble in the future. All three can't just disappear at once, at least I hope not.

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text 2016-05-30 14:00
Themis-Athena Elsewhere

This is a bandwaggon I'd hoped never to have to jump onto, but just in case -- here are links to my profile pages on other websites:


ThemisAthena on Leafmarks

Themis-Athena on Goodreads

Themis-Athena on Libib

ThemisAthena on FictFact

Lioness at Large on Wordpress

ThemisAthena on Pinterest

Ulrike on LinkedIn

Ulrike on Facebook


Essentially my handle is the same on all sites except for LinkedIn, Facebook and Wordpress; just note that sometimes it's hyphenated and sometimes it isn't, depending on the respective site's user name parameters.


ETA1: My Wordpress blog -- Lioness at Large -- is now operational, too.  Currently I'm still mainly copying my reviews there just to have an additional home for them, but I think from here on out I'll be blogging on WP as well.


The only other sites (besides BookLikes) where I've so far actually interacted with others are Leafmarks and Facebook.


ETA2: Well, duh.  Bookstooge just shared Leafmarks's announcement that the site will be shutting down as of July 1.  There goes yet another option then ...


So that leaves Facebook as the only other site where I am truly active.  Time to start experimenting with the others for real, I supose.


FWIW, up to now, this has been my stance vis-à-vis my accounts on the other sites, respectively (and to the extent not expressly struck, the following is still true):


Libib and Fictfact to me are merely (as yet incomplete) backup book catalogues.


Pinterest is my "everything but the kitchen sink" meme repository.


Wordpress is not much more more than an ID and a blog devoid of even the first post at the moment, so as to be able to follow other people's blogs (on WP and elsewhere).  Depending on how things go on here, this may or may not change.
It has changed.


LinkedIn is another "just in case" account.


Goodreads, finally, is also merely a temporary expedient.  I pulled out of there in 2013 and have no intention to go back for good -- just using my vestige ID as a fall back option in the current situation.



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text 2016-05-27 23:22
Just in case...

Considering what's going on here on Booklikes, I just thought I'd mention that I'm on Goodreads and Libib too, even though I haven't used them much. Or at all. If you like, you're welcome to follow/friend me there. I'm also on a number of other sites, but none of them are book-related. If you're still interested, just ask and I'll add you/follow you there.

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text 2016-05-26 21:04

I forgot to mention that I'm on Libib too, if anyone wants to friend me there.

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