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photo 2017-05-06 20:53
CatStronauts: Mission Moon - Drew Brockington

Yay, my package came in! I'm going to let the CatStronauts interfere with my Booklikes-opoly reading a bit.

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photo 2017-04-16 05:07
The City of Ember: The Graphic Novel - Dallas Middaugh,Niklas Asker,Jeanne DuPrau



I'm going to read City of Ember - Graphic Novel for this space. :)

Begins with the letter "C" (I hope it's ok that I'm not including the word "The")

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photo 2014-07-09 22:34
Hope Barrett of North Door 37 Publishing receives her pre-order of Charm School Graphique Vol 1!
Reader Sam Stabbin Adams' awesome pre-order!
The Fairer Than illustration plate, in the inking stage.

Many things Charm School! (maybe not that many, but . . . )


A book review of Charm School Graphique Vol 1! My thanks to Vanessa Clark, aka V.C., author of LGBTI, glitterotica, and wicked romance. V.C. sez:


"The style and theme of Charm School is Archie meets manga, meets Betty and Veronica, meets Monster High, and so many other doses of teenaged comic goodness . . . "


Check out the review, here: http://vcerotica.blogspot.com/2014/07/book-review-charm-school-graphique-vol-1.html?zx=86311cd0776d25d2


Also, people's pre-orders are arriving in their mail boxes, pictured above! I'm very happy that everyone is enjoying the books and their bonus extras. Hope Barrett of North Door 37 Publishing sez over at Facebook:


"Last night's reading: Elizabeth Watasin's Charm School, featuring vampires, witches, and the very hot Fairer Than (see pic attached). Originally published by Slave Labor Graphics, this edition has been re-inked and touched up by Elizabeth. I have no idea what the first edition was like, but the current 2014 publication has a beautiful cover ~ to look at and touch; the storyline is quirky and just a touch loopy.

The best line: "I've encountered this gorgeous faerie and now I can't eat, sleep, or understand what people are saying! Whatever could be wrong with me, Doctor??"

A delightful addition to the LGBT comic collector's library, especially wonderful to see Elizabeth's artwork in print again."


Loopy?? I'll have you know, madame, that I was entirely sober whilst composing Charm School! ;D


The 'hot Fairer Than' pic Hope refers to is, I believe, the 'inking in progress' pic I posted at Facebook.


Charm School Graphique Vol 1 is available only in print currently, mostly because I have to figure out if I have to process the whole book again just to make it digital. And because there's an animated flip corner for 'real space', not 'digital space'. Bah. But anyway, it's at Barnes & Noble and you can see it at any Amazon in the 'verse via this geolink:  getBook.at/charmschoolgraphique1 


Huzzah! And now on to more things~~~


all the best,


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photo 2014-02-22 21:01
Charm School advert to insert in CS books.

The *new* advert page for Charm School, to be included in the Charm School Graphique books. The first one I'd made (back in Oct) was errm, quite boring. So this is the snazzy one, full of digitally realized prettiness!


More! To be! Made! And then I actually have to draw, just for the front matter of the book.

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photo 2013-11-15 00:33
Long Beach Comic-Con 2013

( Next year . . . I'm only doing three events. ;) It's been fun but I really want to make more books! )


Long Beach Comic-Con 2013:


It is with great pleasure that I announce that children's illustrator and old animation buddy, Kimberly Dwinell, will be sharing Table AA1007 with me, Nov 23 and 24! Come by, come buy! :)

"Celebrated children's illustrator and storyteller Kim Dwinell has worked for animation studios such as Rich, Turner, and Disney and teaches at California State University Long Beach and California State University Fullerton inspiring brilliant, young people to bring their own stories to life. Her highly anticipated graphic novel, Surfside Girls: The Secret of Danger Point, will soon debut. When not teaching, painting, and writing stories, she can be found running or surfing to combat the effects of a chair-bound profession."

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