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review 2020-04-08 14:56
 Dagger (Vegas MMA) - S.L. Sterling



Got to love me some Dagger! I loved the story as it was heart felt and one that tugged on one's heart strings.The story had really great characters Dagger aka Derrick was a MMA fight that was rough and tough on the outside but, we found him to be a big softie at heart on the inside.We loved no matter how bruised and battered and in pain he was he always retained his sense of humor and that sexy smile of his was panty melting and he left a many broken hearts in his wake.

Katy was one of those character you first meet and she seems a bit standoffish and unapproachable but, once you get to know the real her below the protective armor she is a sweet and kind and a loving soul who has been battered and bruised and abused by her ex and she is just trying to survive day by day.

We loved the chemistry this couple had and the easy friendship that turned into so much more.The story had a bit of intrigue and suspense and personal struggles for both characters who were both surviving in the only way they new how.

Overall this was a real good story with love-able characters that found love in the mist of the chaos that their lives were currently at at this particular moment in time and we loved how Katy woes although, were not the same as Daggers he could in some way relate to the things she was currently going through as he had a crazy ex himself and we loved how they easily bonded over crazy ex's and after everything Katy has be through Daggers size and job alone should make her run for the hills but, it did the exact opposite it made her feel safe,cherished and protected. I think this new series got off to a real great with Katy and Daggers story and we are looking forward to the next book in the series to come.

PS - Everyone should have a Dagger in their corner....

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review 2020-03-28 05:29
Healing the Rancher by: Leslie North (author) Mary Sue Jackson (author)
Healing the Rancher - Leslie North,Mary Sue Jackson



Out of the darkness, a phoenix rises. Healing the Rancher makes room for heartache and finds hope. Carter and Willow are a pair of wounded souls working to resurrect their spirits. A dangerous situation that almost turns deadly brings the chance to maybe get love right. Jackson stirs up trouble with intrigue, heartbreak and temptation. Beauty awaits after a turbulent journey.

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text 2020-03-17 08:48
Hoffman Process Australia

Looking for wellness retreats in Australia? Visit hoffmanprocess.com.au. The Hoffman Process is healing retreat and wellness retreats destination and program to ease your soul and motivate you to live a healthier life. Call (03) 9826 2133.





Source: www.hoffmanprocess.com.au
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review 2020-03-11 12:47
The Sacred Art of Brujeria - Katrina Rasbold

by Katrina Rasbold


Brujeria is a form of folk magic that is specific to Mexico. Most of the practices sound like many other Shamanic methods, but the modern version the book explains is based firmly in Catholicism and works through patron saints. Presumably Mexico had an earlier version before the invasion of Christianity.


It is a healing magic and I found the ideas behind using the breath as a magical conduit especially interesting. Some of the chapters sounded very familiar, working with auras, and chakras etc., but then something new would come up. The four stage procedure for a healing was of interest, starting with just getting the client to talk about their problem.


A little bit psychology and a little bit woo, things like a sage bath or pendulum use to locate areas of the body that represent psychological blockages but are healed through channelling a divine power separate this tradition from some similar Shamanic practices. Using modern and imported terms is, I suppose, is expected in this age of globalism.


Though the practice has too much of religion about it to be something I would practice personally, I found reading about it informative and interesting. Some of it could be dismissed as superstition, like transferring maladies to an egg or sweeping away bad energies like in Wicca, but I keep an open mind and would certainly allow a practitioner to work on me without being too dismissive.


Most importantly, the book details what's involved so it's done it's job well.

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text 2020-02-13 10:32
Role of stones and crystals in healing

Valuable stones and crystals play very important role in healing of various diseases. It is a system of alternative system of therapy. It is based on the belief that these stones and crystals re-energise our body through their vibration. It is a positive way in which re-tuning of the energy system improves overall health of the person using them. Actually these stones and crystals have an abundance of the minerals because these are extracted from below the surface of the earth. These are worn on the body, as prescribed, in various forms of jewellery. These are described as follows:


Gemstone pendants-Gemstones are carriers of positive energy. Gemstones carry many healing qualities and have some spiritual properties which help the patient recover from indisposition. Pendants embedded with these gemstones bring positive energy. In this age of internet when things can be easily procured at the click of a mouse, one can easily order this Wholesale Agate Supplies Online.


Rune Sets- Rune sets are used to seek advice on the important matters of life. They give hint of the answers. They do analysis of the path of one’s life. Pagan-Wiccan Set for sale is available with many jewellers.


Orgone Reiki set-Orgone Reiki set is used by Reiki practioners for healing the people. There are many bulk suppliers who conduct Wholesaler of the Choko Reiki Healing




Dyed tumble Stones- Some tumble stones are dyed to change their colour. This is done to enhance their appeal. At times it is done with some special purpose. Colorful Dyed Tumble Stones especially agate dyed tumble stones are in great demand because of their fascinating look.


Crystals and stones- It is an old belief that the crystals and stones help to remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy. These possess wonderful powers of healing. If you are facing ill health; paucity of wealth; troubled love life; prosperity eludes you or your economic stability gets disturbed time and again, there is a particular healing stone to get rid of your troubles. Many stones have multifarious qualities and are helpful in many areas. One can certainly try using Orgonite healing stones for getting benefits for most of the above-mentioned problems. Fengshui is very important art of Chinese metaphysics which is also very much helpful to get rid of many problems. Its basic principle lies in harmonizing people and the environment surrounding them. However, the art and science of Fengshui also prescribes use of enhancers and cures such as Fengshui crystals, Wholesale new age crystals and Metaphysical healing crystals.


Thus, this art and science of gemmology needs to be studied and usage of the gems, stones and crystals in various forms be made as a form of treatment. Their efficacy has been used time and again.


About Natural Agate:


Natural Agate is supplier, manufacturer & exporter of wholesale gemstone products with 100% high quality satisfied. Quality products and customer service are the primary factors that have helped us to form a huge client base till date. For more information about Natural Agate visit:   https://www.naturalagate.com/  or call at 91-9924796684

Source: www.naturalagate.com
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