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review 2018-01-24 00:00
Coming Home: A Second Chance Christmas Romance (Home for the Holidays Book 1)
Coming Home: A Second Chance Christmas R... Coming Home: A Second Chance Christmas Romance (Home for the Holidays Book 1) - Garett Groves This book was incredibly sweet and fun to read. The two MCs were interesting and though sometimes seemed clueless, it didn't matter cuz their hearts were in the right place. The writing in this book sucked me in completely and had me crying a few times. Especially in the epilogue! I really liked Rylan and Ben as a couple, even with the age difference they just clicked for me completely. This story was just what I needed to read this week. Nice to read about two guys finding their true home... with each other!
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review 2018-01-05 16:12
Home For Christmas, Christine Kingsley
Home for Christmas: Cameron and Nicole (... Home for Christmas: Cameron and Nicole (Christmas in Willow Valley Book 3) - Christine Kingsley

I enjoyed this romance that takes place around Christmas. I voluntarily chose to review this story and gave it a 4.5* rating. It is fun and serious. This story centers around family and home. Makes a nice Christmas or staying in from the cold read.

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review 2017-12-31 22:31
Christmas Quick Read
Home for Christmas (A Short Story) - Lia Fairchild

Home For Christmas by Lia Fairchild is a very quick read, perfect for those with limited reading time.  Ms. Fairchild has delivered a book with lovable characters.  Stephen is instantly smitten when Ali keeps his chair from tipping over (with him in it.)  Ali is busy trying to work and take care of her dying brother.  This is a touching story.  I enjoyed reading Home For Christmas and will be happy to read more from Lia Fairchild in the future.  

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review 2017-12-28 16:15
I'll Be Home for Christmas
I'll Be Home for Christmas - Roisin Meaney

Wow. I did not like this book at all. This is the third book taking place on the Island of Roone. I am a sucker for series books and this one just turned into a mess. Maybe because the story just focuses on two characters (Laura and Tilly). I just had a hard time with how things worked out in this book, and also how we just heard about but never saw characters. I maybe rolled my eyes at how Nell's stepson seemed to just walk into a room and some teen girl falls for him (just like in book #2). Though it was a Christmas book, it barely figured into this story I thought.


Laura has dealt with some tragic things in the two years we have seen this character. She had another baby and is constantly fighting with her husband Gavin. She seems to hate the air he breathes and is angry that he invited his mother to visit before the holidays. Laura is a pill in this almost until the end. You find out what is going on with her and why she's acting the way she is, but I started to run out of sympathy for her at the halfway point.


Tilly was born and raised in Australia. You initially don't get who she is, but Meaney lets you know after a few chapters why Tilly is so focused on getting to Ireland and Roone. Tilly just makes a terrible decision after terrible decision. I also didn't get her parents in this book. They barely felt present to me. Considering everything that Tilly is involved with before she leaves Australia, I had a hard time buying her parents would let her leave the country during Christmas.


We get some sightings of Nell, James, and Jame's son. We hear about characters such as Eve and Nell's father. I felt disappointed in this one, cause Laura and Tilly are not that exciting on their own.


The book dragged for me until the very end when things magically get wrapped up. I thought there was too much going on in this one though. We get storms, a death, fighting every five seconds, etc. I just thought it was too much to read about happening in just a few days.

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review 2017-12-25 02:41
Home for Christmas by Lily Everett
Home for Christmas - Lily Everett

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

Well, this was a disappointment. I have read Lily Everett before and really enjoyed her work so I decided that this would be the book that I would read leading up to Christmas this year. I just knew that this would be a great read. Unfortunately, this book really didn't work for me. I am not sure if my reading tastes have changed since I last read this author or if it is just this book but this wasn't the enjoyable reading experience I had hoped it would be.

Libby Leeds has been living a lie. She is a well known author with a column that is supposed to be non-fiction but her life looks nothing like that column. She gets caught with her deception when her boss invites a well known hero to her home in Sanctuary Island for Christmas dinner. She is then forced to reconnect with family and do her best to be the woman the world knows from her column.

Owen was wounded in action and has been working hard to get back into shape so he can return to duty. He has recently discovered that he has a young child who is now living with his sister in Sanctuary Island. He is headed to there to get to know his child and get therapy. He accepts the invitation to have dinner with Libby since he wants to share the perfect Christmas with his daughter.

I didn't like Libby or Owen. Libby is living an absolute lie. Owen seems to only be able to focus on going back to active duty. Libby is even pretending to be married for a good portion of the book so this romance just never worked for me. I honestly didn't see a lot of chemistry between them. This is a very tame romance and I just didn't feel the spark that I would have hoped to see.

I think that my biggest issue with the book was that so much of the story seemed pointless. Once Libby opens up to Owen, I didn't see the point of continuing with the charade. There is a secondary romance that added nothing to the story and only contained a few short scenes. I found that I was often bored while reading this book and had to read passages more than once because my mind would wander. 

I would say that the best parts of the book included the scenes with Libby's grandfather and Owen's daughter. Those two characters were the highlight of the story and I would have really liked to see a bit more of them. The book does have a very strong Christmas theme with just about everything Christmas making an appearance at least once. 

I will not be recommending this book to others. I think that this was a rather forgettable story that was a bit too sweet for my tastes. I won't hesitate to read more from Lily Everett in the future.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from St. Martin's Press via NetGalley.

Initial Thoughts
This was a bit of a disappointment for me. It was overly sweet and I found myself rather bored at times. I couldn't connect with either of the main characters and much of the plot seemed pointless. Caitlyn and Grandpa were the highlights of the story. There was a whole lot of Christmas worked into the book which is another plus.

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