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review 2017-06-27 08:40
Before I Say Good-Bye
Before I Say Good-Bye - Mary Higgins Clark

Okay, so this book was really confusing for me at first because there are about a billion different characters popping up all over the place (sorry, slight exaggeration there).  I had a really hard time keeping them straight.  It would start talking about someone (DAN? Dan who???) and I'd have to look back to remind myself who that was. Eventually, I got them all figured out and it got even easier once they started to connect with each other. 


I did like the story and it was better than I expected.  I'm glad I finally read this book.  It was in a box in my garage for a long, long time (in a galaxy far, far away.... and very dusty.)


I think the moral of this story is to always listen to your dad but that doesn't work for me. Okay, maybe a better one would be to make sure you REALLY know someone before you hook up with them. 


I can't really figure out what else to write about this book except that I liked it.  I thought it would be another "eh" book but it was a lot better than I expected.  I suspected some things but wasn't really sure until the end.  I'm glad I read this one. My brain is mush from the long road trip I just got back from.  I was reading two different books and listening to an audio book part of the time in between singing along to "We're not gonna take it!" ....so my gray noodle has the story lines and some lyrics all mixed up with some Alaskan scenery.  Dan may have been in a different book altogether or in Denali National Park!  Good grief Charlie Brown!



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review 2017-01-23 21:34
Searching for Hope
Searching For Hope - Michael Joseph

Sam Carlisle, a private detective living and working in a fictitious town in East Anglia called Newgate, finds a homeless man dying in an alley beside a bar. The man's last words are "Help ... me ... find ...". The man had obviously been murdered but the police seem less than enthusiatic, so Sam, having no other work on hand at the moment, sets out to investigate the murder, and the meaning of the dying man's last words, on his own.


He soon finds himself in deep and dangerous waters.


It is not a bad read. I finished it quite happily. But despite the predictable tragedy in his past and the equally predicatable whisky addiction in his present, Sam is less than convincing. As is the East Anglian setting. I know East Anglia well, yet would never have realised the book was set there had the author not repeatedly informed me.


Let's be honest. Sam is a cardboard character and this East Anglia is a cardboard setting.


Why am I reviewing it, then? I almost never write even mildly negative reviews. (For the simple reason that if I'm not enjoying a book I don't waste any more of my precious reading time on it. I move on to one of the many other books I have sitting in piles around my flat or desperately trying to work their way up to the front page of my Kindle Reader.)


So what was it I liked about the book? The minor characters: many of them were original and there were some I could identify with. I always need that, and I couldn't identify with Sam at all.

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review 2017-01-13 17:12
True's Love by Pepper Pace Review
True's Love - Pepper Pace

When Trulane stepped off the bus landing smack dab in the middle of a small mountain town with no prospects or no money, she does what anyone would—finds a job and a place to sleep that won’t cost her any money. The only thing is that there is no such thing as being secretive in Estill County Kentucky—not when you’re about the only black person in the entire town.

With no knowledge that she is about to cross the only person in town that doesn’t gossip about her, True hopes that Clay, the big grumpy and very sexy mountain man won’t turn out like so many others that treat her as if she is beneath them.
True’s Love is a short romance from award winning author Pepper Pace and brings the readers back to the little town That Lt. Christopher Jameson aka Beast is from. If you like the stories about Estill County and its lively inhabitants than be sure to read A Wrong Turn Toward’s love and Beast.




This is just the sweet romance about two working class people. Well, except for the klans men running around, the homelessness...


The heroine and the hero really fall in like and then love with each other. Very tender.

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review 2016-09-30 17:57
Homeless Bird - Gloria Whelan

Homeless Bird

By: Gloria Whelan



   The book I read was "Homeless Bird" by Gloria Whelan. The book was about a thirteen year old girl named Koly who is forced to marry a stranger. Her parents think she is old enough to get married in her country. In this book Koly has to go through many things. Koly gets abandoned, she doesn't have any shelter, she doesn't have food and cant find a job. Koly is far away from her country and has no idea where she is.



   This book connects to many other people because there are many countries where young girls have to get marry at young ages. They get sent away, they cant get an education because they have to take care of their "husbands". Many girls are forced to marry strangers, they have never met them and they don't know anything about them.


   I would recommend this book to whoever is interested in reading about problems around the world. I would also like to recommend this book to whoever would like to know how young females feel like when they are forced to do something. To see how many things they have to go through.  

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review 2016-06-09 02:23
Compassion - Xavier Neal,Kim Collins

This has to be the worst cover of a romance novel.....


But this was a really good book.


I love it when a book pleasantly surprises me. I haven't read the author before and more often than now I am giving new-to-me authors extra scrutiny before I pick up a book. Too many frogs out there not enough Princes (...*sob* everytime I say Prince these days I can't help but tear up a little).

But this was very good and enough now that I have a new author to look for.

The story is told in alternating chapter POVs in first person from Jaye, the heroine and Archer, the hero.

Jaye is a single lady librarian who lives in an upscale neighborhood. She has a job she loves and a family who loves her. Her only real issue is that her life has been somewhat on hold in the personal front since her fiance died three years ago. And in many ways she's subconsciously behaving as if her fiance is just out on an extended break. She hasn't packed up his things, the house is more his personality than hers, etc.

Archer is a war vet who has returned with a limp courtesy of shrapnel from his last tragic mission which saw the death of his two best friends. He is also suffering from PTSD thanks to that last missions as well. Through a series of circumstances each more unfortunate than the last he has found himself homeless.

Their paths cross when she sees him rifling through her garbage. In a moment of compassion she offers him some food and a relationship is born.

I am one of those persons who run far away from those slick billionaire books. This is the total opposite. And I LOVED it! Archer has no money and no job. But he is totally wonderful. And even though it seems like he has nothing material to contribute to his relationship with Jaye, he is invaluable when it comes to making her face some of her own demons and building up her own self confidence.

This is a very low conflict romance, but there is tension. It would be remiss of me not to say that Archer's lack of a job isn't a real issue, because it is. Even as a reader I was needing for him to find something because a job, even something very simple, is very powerful psychologically. Most people need to be able to do something, earn their way and contribute in order to feel some self worth. And this would be especially true for a personality like Archer. A man who went into the military to serve. And frankly, while I don't need my hero in a romance to be a millionaire, I do need him to have a J-O-B!

I loved the progression of the story and the romance. It was sweet and hot. Jaye's personality was optimistic and bubbly. Archer's was more reserved. But they worked together very well. The sex scenes were explicit but didn't overwhelm the story.

The book also employed the convention of the two narrators breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to the reader. I like the deployment of that in this book. Sometimes that convention comes off as a little too precious. But it worked really nicely here.

Good book. Recommended.

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