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review 2016-04-14 01:49
The Internment Chronicles Book 3 & Finale...
Broken Crowns - Lauren DeStefano

So I've finally reached the end...What can I say- Some of the ends I thought tied up nicely but then there were a lot of others that were left open that I would've liked to learn more about. Also I was really hoping for a different ending for two of my favorite characters, Basil and Morgan.  Really the author just needs to write another follow-up book featuring Internment & Havalais- 5 years later - then maybe I'll be satisfied. : )

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review 2016-04-14 01:00
An Internment Chronicles Novella- Book 2.5....
The Heir Apparent - Lauren DeStefano

I posted recently about how I was very dissapointed with the first novella in this series, No Intention of Dying. It was very, very short, listed at 14 pages but less then 8 on my device and it didn't contain any additional information about the character, Daphne, that wasn't already told in the series. Basically it wasn't worth the $1.99.


Which brings me to The Heir Apparent. It is the second novella in this series which I had purchased at the same time I bought the first one. It's also very, very short- listed at 16 pages but only about 10 on my device with all the extraneous pages removed and it features the character, Prince Azure. However, where the first novella came up short on content, this novella actually contained a few things about the Prince and the Attraction Camps that wasn't in the original series. Was it worth $1.99? No, not really but I didn't feel like I got completely shammed like I did with the first novella. You definitely won't be missing out on anything important though if you decide to forgo either one of these novellas. 

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review 2016-04-12 04:14
From Internment to Havalais...
Burning Kingdoms - Lauren DeStefano

Burning Kingdoms is the second book in The Internment Chronicles series. It starts off where Perfect Ruin ended with some of the characters from Internment attempting to fly below the wind barrier to reach the ground, which they've been never been allowed to see. To say anymore then that would give to much of the plot away so I'll just say if you like the first book in the series, you should really enjoy this one. There isn't any second book syndrome going on with this one. If anything, I think this second book was actually better then the first. Where Perfect Ruin has a slow building plot with some dead spots and a few grammatical errors, Burning Kingdoms plot is action packed and the writing is a lot more polished. The world building though is what really hooked me to the series in the first place. The floating city and the world DeStefano has a built around it, is pretty cool and very unique. Also, I'm normally not real big into the romance portion of stories but I actually really enjoyed the romance/relationship that's played out between Morgan and Basil. They just also happen to be my two favorite characters so I'm looking forward to seeing what the last book, Broken Crowns, has in store for them.

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review 2016-03-24 03:49
Daphne's story...
No Intention of Dying (The Internment Chronicles Novella 1.5) - Lauren DeStefano

This short novella was suppose to be about Daphne's story and her beliefs about the edge. Unfortunately though, there was absolutely nothing in the novella about Daphne that wasn't already said in the first book, Perfect Ruin, and that wasn't very much at all. I was so disappointed! I was really hoping to get some insight into her situation and learn her back story. It's listed as 14 pages but if you take out all the extraneous content, the story was barely EIGHT pages on my device. If you're thinking about buying it- save your money! It was not even worth $1.99! 

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review 2016-03-24 03:26
Floating City in the Sky...
Perfect Ruin - Lauren DeStefano

First off, the covers for this series are just gorgeous! But what I fell in love with the most, was the concept -a floating city in the sky where you can be anything you want to be as long as you follow one rule. Don't go close to the edge!


The world building was really unique and well thought out. I enjoyed learning about the city of Internment and the society that they live in. The main characters were also really likable and I even enjoyed the romance between Morgan & Basil. The story though was a little slow moving and I felt like it was just missing that extra spark to make it a 5 star read for me. I also found several grammatical errors which I was very surprised by since this series is contracted under a well known publisher. I've been going back and forth on whether or not to rate this 3.5 or 4 stars. The ending though was very good and really what finally pushed me over to 4 stars. Either way, I am definitely going to continue the series. I am thoroughly invested in the characters and want to see how the story plays out for them.


*I want to again thank my blind valentine, Rachel the Book Harlot, for this wonderful gift which allowed me to escape to an amazing floating city in the sky for a few hours! 

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