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review 2017-04-21 22:39
Review: Enemy of my Enemy (The Executive Office #2) by Tal Bauer
Enemy of My Enemy - Tal Bauer





* 5 AMAZEBALL stars*




Can't possible say how amazing this series is. It's enthralling and shocking at the same time. Never was I bored. Loved Ethan and Jack, the other couples too. They broke my heart multiple times.

I just coudn't read this in one sitting!! So much happened and it left me breathless everytime.
So I needed to take hold of my breath many times.



I want to continue immediately with the last installement but I may need some sleep first.

Ethan & Jake

I will tear through the whole world to get to your side. Always


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text 2017-04-09 22:57
Don Quixote: Part II: Chapters 5-8
Don Quixote de la Mancha (Oxford World's Classics) - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra,Charles Jarvis,E.C. Riley


Up to page 540


Italics are what I penciled in the margins


The block quotes are quotes from the book.


Everything else are just my thoughts as I’m typing along here








Chapter 5


In which Sancho and his wife plan their future and their children's future.  A total disconnect from reality, or in other words, total B.S.


"I tell you, wife", answered Sancho, "that, did I not expect, ere long, to see myself a governor of an island, I should drop down dead upon the spot"

How naive can one man be?



Chapter 6


In which the Niece and the Maid attempt to reason with Quixote and fail miserably.


---without standing upon trifles, or upon the laws of duelling, ---such as, whether our adversary bears a shorter or longer lance or sword,

He just changes the rules to please himself


'were you not my niece... I would make such an example of you for the blasphemy you have uttered,'

but in Chapter 3 Quixote himself was saying how historians tell nothing but lies


and it will be in vain for you to tire yourselves in persuading me not to attempt what heaven requires, fortune ordains, and reason demands, and above all, what my inclination leads me to.

What he "wants". Everything else is just excuses to bolster his own selfish wants.



Chapter 7


In which the Bachelor upsets all reason and Quixote & Sancho set out upon Adventure #3


"What I would be at", quoth Sancho, "is, that your worship would be pleased to appoint me a certain salary, at so much per month, for the time I shall serve you,"

Sancho is learning


The bachelor... believed all he had read of him [Quixote], and concluded him to be one of the most solemn coxcombs of the age; and said to himself, that two such fools, as master and man, were never before seen in the world.


The curses, which the housekeeper and niece heaped upon the bachelor, were not to be numbered; they tore their hair, and scratched their faces,

I would have attempted violence upon Carasco himself [the Bachelor]



Chapter 8


In which Sancho argues eloquently and the pair head to Toboso to see Dulcinea


"There I have caught you," quoth Sancho.

Where did this brilliance come from?


"What would you have me infer, Sancho, from all you have been saying?" quoth Don Quixote

"I would infer," said Sancho, "that we had better turn saints immediately, and we shall then soon attain to that renown we aim at.

Wise words!!


In these and the like discourses they passed that night, and the following day, without any accident worth relating; whereat Don Quixote was not a little grieved.






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text 2017-04-07 19:43
Reading progress update: I've read 51%.
Enemies of the State - Tal Bauer

This matters to me. I don’t want to hurt you. Or scare you.

I want this to work so badly.


It is working, Ethan. It is so working.


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text 2017-04-07 18:20
Reading progress update: I've read 46%.
Enemies of the State - Tal Bauer

How could he turn away from Jack offering him his heart? He wasn’t strong enough to make that sacrifice, no matter how much of a hero he wanted to be. He was just a man, a man compromised by love.



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review 2017-04-03 19:14
Review: Wedlocked (PresLocke #3) by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine
Wedlocked - Brooke Blaine,Ella Frank


* 5 one-and-only stars*

Still have not recovered from this. It was like Christmas morning. Felt like unwrapping all these gifts



Ace & Dylan
Derek & Jordan
Finley & Brandon and let’s not forget
Logan & Tate

This was such a joy to read. After some hurdles Ace and Dylan had to take, they are finally ready to get their Happily Ever After. It was amazing.



It was that amazing that I can only ramble, quote and post some various pics of this swoon worthy book.

The reunion with Logan f***ing Mitchell was so good!! I just love that guy and dammit if this book doesn’t make me want to read Logan & Tate’s story again, again and again….

“Nice to finally meet you. Have to say, I was wondering when Ace would finally grow some balls and admit that the stick he always seemed to have shoved up his ass was actually just a poor substitute to what he really wanted up - ”

~~ Logan

Then of course Ace and Dylan’s bachelor party. Ooooh would I have loved to have been a fly on the wall. Ace and Dylan’s itinerary for the weekend for their friends was hilarious.

We now know how to climb a palm tree!! Yay Quinn.



The cake sampling

RED VELVED CAKE. For the ones who read this, I don't have to say more!!



But sjeessh, the boys give Logan and Tate a run for their money.
*dirty f***ers

I’ve gotta say something about Dylan’s parents Sunshine & Ziggy.
I really loved them. They were so supportive of the couple. And the way they welcomed Ace to the family was so emotional.
*teary eyes.

“We thought it was time you took your place beside our Daydream, both tomorrow on your big day and here, where our family’s heart is. Where you can always come home to whenever you need to.”

Then… Last but not Least.
The Wedding




It was so freaking sweet. I loved every part of it. Dylan’s possibly “trippin and dyin act” for Ace was adorable. And Derek, Dylan’s best man…. I just love him. I may have to re-read his story with Jordan too!!

Dylan, you’re about to marry Ace fucking Locke. You better have a smile big enough to please the entire world of disappointed fans who thought they stood a chance. Both the men and the women.”

The wedding vows brought me to tears. Gawd they were beautiful;

You, Ace, are the most generous, selfless man I’ve ever met. You give of your time, your money, yourself to everyone around, and I’m so incredibly lucky to be the one you come home to. You love hard and fiercely, and I never feel more safe than I do in your arms.”




The wedding Party;



The throwing of the bow-ties in stead of the bouquet had an astonishing result. No spoilers here cause you just have to read for yourself. But a note to Ella Frank; I would totally dig a follow up story about the man who caught the bow tie,.
*just saying

The Wedding night

What to say about that other than that is was scorching hot of course.

“You want me?”
“How much do you want?”
“I want you to give me everything.Everything, Dylan.”


Then….. That epilogue. That was perfection and again it only makes me greedy for more of their future!!





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