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review 2016-12-15 01:49
So many
Take a Chance Anthology: A Collection of Gay Romance for New Adults - Jamie Deacon,Sherri Jordan Asble

The exciting thing about reading an Anthology is the fact that there are so many books to read and enjoy!  This collection is from a dozen authors and offers a range of reads.  From sincere first loves - to hot shapeshifters to swoon over.


I found many stories within that I enjoyed.  Even one, that I wish had been longer, since the book was so compelling!  This collection has something for everyone.  Available right now for preorder, this is a book full of stories that give you pause, as well as the feels.  I give this anthology a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2016-11-02 22:27
The Two Gentlemen of Altona by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock - My Thoughts
The Two Gentlemen of Altona - Lisa Henry,J.A. Rock

This first book of the Playing the Fool series/trilogy was a fun read.  Somewhat light-hearted, this tale of the meeting of the FBI Agent and the con-man read more like White Collar than Blindspot.  


I liked both main characters.  They each had their set of quirks and flaws that made them more human and it was easy to see what was piquing the interest of one in the other.  They had good chemistry, I thought.  


The suspenseful aspect of the book wasn't intricate or deep or anything.  And that was okay, this was ore of a get-to-know-ya type of story for the characters.  I will admit that the part of the FBI plot that had to do with the insider kept me guessing until the end.  


The one problem I had was the cliff-hangery ending.  I had already bought the other two books of the series when I was halfway through this one, but had no idea that the ending would be so abrupt.  I find myself resentful when the endings are so, open-ended for want of a better word.  I get that Mac and Henry's tale is far from over, but jeez!!!


Anyway, I have the next two ready to go whenever I'm ready to get to them.  :)  Frequent readers of My Thoughts know I hate to binge read a series.  :)


So, yeah, good book.  :)

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review 2015-09-12 17:53
Obey Me. I R Dom.
The Subs Club - J.A. Rock

This Tumblr right here collects stories of all of the terrible Dominants out there that give Dom/mes everywhere a bad name.


On the surface it’s a hilarious collection of convos gone wrong with faux Doms, but beneath the surface it’s a pretty miserable affair. People are such assholes.






So this kind of stuff is exactly why the MC in The Subs Club, David, sets up a website where subs can rate the Doms they played with, and call out those who  didn’t play safe. Ever since one of David’s close friends died during a breath play scene in a club, he and his other friends are trying to find a balance between making BDSM into a safety school special and playing as wild and vicariously as they'd like. Complicating factor is that David’s ability to trust Doms died along with his friend. His favorite club deciding to give the Dom that he holds accountable for that death a second chance, doesn’t help either. So yeah, He’s pretty much through with all of it. Except he can’t help but notice...



Read more
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review 2015-05-27 08:50
Brandon Mills Versus the V-Card (Prescott College, #2)
Brandon Mills versus the V-Card - Lisa Henry,J.A. Rock

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Contemporary


I did not read book one, Mark Cooper versus America, prior to this book. Although it wasn't necessary, I can tell that I would have enjoyed that just as much as I did this one. Funny and sweet and adorkable and a little sad, but surprisingly low on angst given Brandon's past.


I don't even have that much to say, but I just had a blast reading it. Good relationship progression. I liked both guys a lot. I liked that we didn't get a rushed 'I love you' (although I totally would have believed it), and the 'I like you' was about the cutest thing, ever. Great secondary characters, Blake in particular.


Brandon's past was handled very well. Information was revealed slowly, although we were able to get the gist fairly early on. Watching Brandon grow and heal was beautiful to watch. It was not a quick fix. Love and/or great sex did not heal his wounds, time and friendship and effort and feelz did.


I honestly found myself laughing out loud, often with a silly grin on my face, at their sweet and dorky jokes/antics. Just good fun. Highly recommended.



Source: heartsonfirereviews.com/review-lisa-henry-j-a-rock-brandon-mills-versus-the-v-card-prescott-college-2
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review 2015-03-07 23:07
Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock and E.F. Mulder – XXXMas
Rated: XXXmas - E.F. Mulder,Lisa Henry,J.A. Rock

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: M/M Holidays



Two bundled Christmas stories in this book. Both embrace polyamory and all its complications. There is a generosity and openness inherent in accepting a poly relationship and both of these got the feeling of it. They both left me with a good feeling which is one of the most important things for me in a holiday story, and thus is reflected in the rating.


Fall on Your Knees by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock

3.5 hearts


A little lost lamb is taken home for the holidays. When fantasy and reality collides, not to mention the complexity of a new relationship merging into an existing one, there's bound to be problems. Polyamorous relationships are complicated and require communication. Except that's exactly what Javier, Drew, and Asa seem to be having the most difficulty doing.


While I know this is a novella, this seemed to go from zero to a hundred thirty in a blink. Not sex wise, but relationship wise. Seemed like happy house was a surprise to all, but they were ready to jump in pronto. It felt discombobulating in the rush to establish a triad when playtime was just fine. Because playtime was sexy and kinky as hell. Hot damn.


Shepherd, Wise Man, and the Little Drummer Boy by E.F. Mulder

2.5 hearts


Shep, runs a stables in Westchester, NY and is living with his boyfriend when Zeke, just out of the service comes to visit. Then there's CJ who is just passing through in a parade, or so he thinks.


Let's just say that each person's situation is unstable when they all try to get together so it's a rocky start for them, but they move well once they get going. Things get steamy, nearly out of hand and then it all breaks loose. Next thing they're spinning around like tops. There's ups and downs and all arounds with this one. The pacing is fast almost too fast at times and the prose is clunky in multiple places. But, even with all the flaws I enjoyed the story. As depressing or heavy as some off the plot lines are, it is irrepressibly optimistic, which is something I look for in a holiday story.

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