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review 2017-12-06 14:11
Essex County
The Collected Essex County - Jeff Lemire
I read the first book in this series as a standalone so I am just going to comment on the two remaining books in this huge graphic novel. I have to say that Ghost Stories was my favorite out of the two. This story is about Lou’s life. He is living alone out on his farm which he has for years when a visiting nurse realizes that he can no longer stay by himself. I love Lou’s feisty attitude with this new woman in his life. This nurse finds him a room at a nursing home and it is emotional watching Lou fade. Just watching the illustrations as Lou is taken from his farm and seeing the farm gets smaller and smaller in each picture frame as Lou is driven away, is emotional. With nothing to do all day at his new residence, Lou reminisces about his younger days. I could see the life draining out of Lou as he sat alone at the nursing home yet I also understood the position the visiting nurse took when she thought of his safety and well-being out on the farm. This was a great story and the illustrations were fantastic.
In the County Nurse, this story was a bit confusing to me. There was the story of the sister who ran the orphanage. Sister treats the caretaker of the orphanage badly and wants to inquire about getting a new caretaker soon. When a fire breaks out, their building is destroyed and everyone must make the two-day journey on foot to Essex County for shelter. The journey is rough and emotions are shed on their way. This mini story ties in with another short story about a county nurse who tries her best to encourage family ties. It wasn’t as emotional or dramatic as I thought it could be but I thought the illustrations were top-notch. With just the tweak of a line, the illustrator captures the essence of the story and draws you in. I’m glad I finished out this series.


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review 2017-11-13 21:46
Tales From the Farm, Essex County Vol 1
Essex County Vol. 1: Tales from the Farm - Jeff Lemire
What a sweet graphic novel. While browsing at the library, I saw this cover and I had to pick it up. It had a bold nostalgic look about it and now it looks like I will be reading the next book in this series. All the illustrations are done is black and white but that is all you really need as the illustrations were fantastic. Illustrating an area, a mood, or a flashback, the illustrator darkens or lightens the area to achieve the perfect affect. The words, though few, were direct and purposeful. Lester was just trying to fit in.
Lester’s never knew his father and with his mother just recently deceased, Lester was now living with his Uncle Kenny on the farm. His uncle had never had kids so having 10-year old Lester around was something new and he wasn’t quite how to handle it. Lester is into comic books and he likes to pretend he is a superhero fighting aliens. His uncle gives him chores but Lester likes to play out by the Creek, only after his chores are done (per his uncle).
Lester is not fitting in his new environment and it is only down by the Creek that you can see Lester enjoying himself. He comes upon Jimmy down by the Creek and I was hesitate as I wondered what would occur next. Jimmy is the local gas station owner that he has talked to a few times but doesn’t really know that well. It was Jimmy that Lester needed in his life. Jimmy and Lester talked and then they shared of themselves. They had great times together down by the Creek and I felt for Uncle Kenny as he was missing out on knowing Lester. Uncle Kenny just didn’t know how to unwind, how to relax and take a few minutes to enjoy life. As Uncle Kenny’s strong attitude comes pouring out again at Lester, Lester takes a stand. The novel ended not like I wanted it to. I have no idea where the next book in this series will take me.


I am using this novel for my Halloween Bingo,  the Magical Realism square.  There were instances where Lester was fighting aliens while he was a superhero.  I am using this novel with another novel as I thought the magical realism was not central in  either novel but it existed. 

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review 2017-10-10 16:04
Why did Marvel do this?
Old Man Logan (2016-) #19 - Jeff Lemire,Filipe Andrade,Andrea Sorrentino

Usually they're good about filling in the holes if you haven't read the series, which seems like a good marketing strategy since they give these away for free with the digital uploads of your regular comic purchases.   This time, I had no idea what happened: Wolverine specifically mentions an incident with Jean Grey going into his head that kicks all this off, and I have no fragging idea what happened. 

Overall, it didn't impact the heavily emotional and emotive story about Wolverine wanting to go back to the future he came from, to save the baby he didn't mean to abandon, but did when he left.   The whole 'we won't help you to preserve the timeline' by all the magicians is both understandable and heartbreaking, especially since many of these are friends, many of whom he's worked with before.   


Not sure I'll continue with this storyline, but it was a fun, free read.   The problem is Marvel does enough stuff that I like that I have to weed out some excellent stories for the ones that strike me more, that fill an emotional or mental need I have. 

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review 2017-09-19 16:49
Things are coming to a head – and not before time
Descender Volume 4: Orbital Mechanics - Jeff Lemire

This fourth volume deals with different characters as Tim-21, Tim-22, Effie, Driller all end up in situations which seem to be finally bringing this storyline to a close. The conflict between machines and lifeforms is reaching a climax as both sides flex their muscles, hopefully concluded in the next volume.

The characters are developed well and makes the whole experience enjoyable. The artwork can be frustrating some times but is generally work a look. Worth a look, especially if you've read the three previous volumes.

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review 2017-08-31 13:29
The X-Men and the Inhumans start a war
Death Of X (2016) #2 (of 4) - Jeff Lemire,Charles Soule,Aaron Kuder

They don't actually fight here: even when Crystal has Dusaike take down the X-Men, it's more that he can't save everyone from a riot, and violence, without doing so.   Crystal assures him that she'll take responsibility and Storm will understand, since the Inhumans had just tried to help save mutants from the Terrigent Mist cloud.   (That is grammatically correct: Terrigen Mist is what it's called, and it's also a free ranging cloud at the moment.   Before it was contained.)


Cyclops, who believes that the Inhumans lied about the Mist being safe, warns the world, a world that had been accepting of the Inhumans, making them mistrust Crystal, Medusa and the rest.   


Medusa doesn't want to start a war, but knowing what she does?   She knows one is likely to come, and perhaps inevitable.   If it comes to the mutants or her people, she's choosing her people and wants to plan to win a war that she doesn't want to take part in at all. 


The tension, the misunderstandings, the paranoia?   I understand it.   Each side has been used, manipulated, chased out of their homes.   Someone has tried to kill both Inhumans and mutants at many points, and so I understand, and sympathize with both sides.   Still, it's making me want to make things better because I feel so much for both sides - and I want to clear up the misunderstandings, try to help them both. 


I know how this is going to end, though, and it's going to get a lot uglier before anything good can happen.

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