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text 2017-10-20 16:39
#Dewey Readathon, Fall 2017: The Prep
Saga, Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan,Fiona Staples
Saga, Volume 3 - Brian K. Vaughan,Fiona Staples
Saga Volume 4 - Fiona Staples,Brian K. Vaughan
March: Book Three - Andrew Aydin,Nate Powell,John Lewis Gaddis
Hamilton's Battalion: A Trio of Romances - Courtney Milan,Alyssa Cole,Rose Lerner
Frostbite: The Graphic Novel - Richelle Mead,Leigh Dragoon,Emma Vieceli
Shadow Kiss: A Graphic Novel (Vampire Academy) - Richelle Mead
Final Crisis - Grant Morrison,J.G. Jones,Carlos Pacheco,Jesús Merino,Marco Rudy,Doug Mahnke,Christian Alamy
DC Comics: Bombshells Vol. 1 - Marguerite Bennett
DC Comics: Bombshells Vol. 2: Allies - Marguerite Bennett,Marguerite Sauvage

So Dewey's 24-hour Read-a-thon is tomorrow! My start time is 1pm, so I have time to run errands and do some household chores prior to reading.



1. Participate in the social aspect here and on my IG account.

2. Read for 12-15 hours (tracked via the stop watch app on my phone).



1. Sleight of Paw (A Magical Cats Mystery #2) (Amateur Sleuth square)

2. Saga Volumes 2-4

3. March, Volume 3

4. Hamilton's Battalion

5. Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Graphic Novel (Chilling children square)

6. Shadow Kiss: A Vampire Academy Graphic Novel (Vampires square)

7. Final Crisis (Supernatural square)

8. DC Bombshells, Volume 1 and 2


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review 2017-10-06 22:49
Loving this
Avengers (2016-) #672 - Jesus Saiz,Alex Ross,Mark Waid

There's a new artist, and I like him a lot more - particularly how he draws Vision.   It's also fun to see the Champions and Avengers team up, especially since with Mrs. Marvel leading the Champions and her working with her old team?   There's a lot of tension and conflict when Falcon starts handing down orders to them all. 


Love the conflict with Vision and Viv and how that's treated, not with delicacy but there's no time for that right now.   I have no doubt it will be dealt with in the next Champions - the one that's going to continue this storyline - or in the follow ups.   I'm looking forward to that. 


And yeah, seeing Vision and Viv fight together is especially fun for me.

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text 2017-06-07 20:13
The Case For Christ
The Case for Christ - Lee Strobel

It took me a long time to read this book since my heath issues often make it hard for me to focus.  This book was especially difficult to stay focused on for the first half or so.  I wasn't able to really look up all of the references or see what else I could find.  I am going to hold onto the book for a while and hopefully be able to do that.  


This book was interesting and there were some things I found surprising but I read this book thinking specifically about the people that I know that are set in their belief that God is not real and Jesus was just a man. I already believe in God so I was hoping for something that would be very convincing for someone who doesn't believe, at all. I felt that the fact that many of the experts got their education from faith-based schools would cause those people that don't believe to feel those experts were biased. Also, since this was approached as a "case" being investigated and presented to a jury I was waiting for the cross witness or the other attorney (disbeliever) to ask their questions of the expert witnesses. The author does ask the experts what they think about some things critics have said or written in their books etc., but these things seemed pretty mellow most of the time or completely out there. I know there are some scholars on both sides that have had some intense debates that would be more interesting to witness for me. A lot of the time the experts were giving their opinions and the author seemed to accept them too easily when I know other people would still have doubts and questions. Of course, this book is about the author's personal experience and how he went about this process for himself and each person is encouraged to do their own investigation.

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review 2017-05-16 11:50
Book Review - Jesus and Magdalene by João Cerqueira
Jesus and Magdalene - Joao Cerqueira

Our Beck Valley Book Review - Jesus and Magdalene by João Cerqueira
"Another masterpiece from a very humorous and satirical writer who will be very popular and in my opinion is the new version of our British writer Tom Sharpe.

The authors reincarnation of Jesus in modern day life and the trials and tribulations he would face and how he would deal with them is first rate. The novel starts off with Mary and the 12 disciples (apostles) fighting against gm crops and trying to influence the local church and people not to use them. Head of the group is Judas who wants full on direct action and then along comes Jesus with his pacifism.

Using study and teachings from the bible the novelist brings them to life in our modern day lives and gives us a timely reminder of how change no matter what it is can have a devastating effect not just now but for future generations as well.

As a politician recently stated a lot can be learnt from humour and puts the mind in a more relaxed state to comprehend the full consequences of any actions that are implemented. This is what I believe the author is trying to achieve.

A strong message that also comes across is which is the right path to follow to achieve your goal or influence people to believe in your idea/concept, do you use aggression (Judas character ) or pacifism (Jesus character ). Very nature of the rudimental teachings of the holy book.

This novel and storyline along with the characters portraits would not be possible without the author’s immense knowledge and research into the bible. Being a Christian at no point in this storyline was I offended, I really believe through the humour the writer has given us a timely reminder of what virtues are important today."

Read more on the #book and author here...

Book Description
Jesus returns to earth and meets activist Magdalene who is fighting for a better world. He find an extremist ecological group, which is plotting to destroy a maize plantation it believes to be genetically modified. Then, he observes the rise up against a tourist development that is to be built in a forest reserve. Finally, he witnesses an armed conflict between blacks and gypsies. However, although he limits himself to accompanying Magdalene attempting only to pacify those on bad terms, even then Jesus is unable to escape the fury of mankind. And only a conman will recognize him. Using humor, Jesus and Magdalene broaches recent phenomena of social and political conflict.

Silver medal in the 2017 Feathered Quill Book Awards
Siliver medal in the 2017 Independent Press Awards
Silver Medal in the 2017 New Aple Book Awards
Silver medal in the 2016 Hungry Monster Review
Silver medal in the 2015 Latino Book Award
Finalist in the 2017 Independent Book Awards
Finalist in the 2017 Chanticleer Book Awards
Book of the year 2016 for Latina Book Club

Source: beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/book-review-jesus-and-magdalene-by-joao.html
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review 2017-05-05 20:55
Review: The Gospel in Brief: The Life of Jesus
The Gospel in Brief: The Life of Jesus - Leo Tolstoy,Dustin Condren

Most people who know more than the most cursory information about Leo Tolstoy know that he was a bit obsessed with religion. While Tolstoy is most famous for his epic novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina, it was shorter explorations of religion that took up most of his time. Though Tolstoy had great affection for the teachings of Jesus, he had considerable disdain for the organized church itself and much of what Christianity had become.

In an attempt to reconcile his belief with his conscious, Tolstoy set out to rewrite the gospels, focusing entirely on the teachings of Jesus without all the miraculous distractions. These includes the virgin birth, the resurrection, and the very divinity of Jesus. Theologically, The Gospel in Brief is a success. Much of Tolstoy's gospel is probably more indicative of the historical fact. Certainly, it allows the reader to see the compassionate, wise teacher that has been hidden under superstition and dogma. But strip Jesus of his miracles, force awkward phrases into this mouth that explain how being “the Son of God” merely means that he is enlightened, and his life becomes one boring and tedious story. One should not have to struggle with sleep while reading the gospels.

Those interested in anarcho-pacifist Jesus or religious studies in general will likely find this book noteworthy. It's a wonderful study, but definitely not a story. The Gospel in Brief was Tolstoy's mission to give the left side of his brain a much needed rest.

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