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review 2017-11-20 00:00
FCBD 2015: Avengers #1: (Spanish Edition)
FCBD 2015: Avengers #1: (Spanish Edition) - Mark Waid,Charles Soule,Jonathan Hickman,Mahmud Asrar,Brandon Peterson,Paul Renaud,Jerome Opena,Nick Bradshaw I liked this more than I expected to. I'm not a big fan of the super hero comic books, but it was a way to work on my Spanish, and it was free. So...

The last story in it, Secret Wars #0, actually hooked me to the point I'm considering looking it up to see if I can read more of the story somewhere.

This is really just a teaser, giving readers a few pages as sort of 'prequels' to story lines that happen.

For what it is - I enjoyed it. One of the better FCBDs I've read.
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review 2017-06-22 06:32
Hickman getting his groove back
The Manhattan Projects Volume 6: Sun Beyond the Stars (Manhattan Projects Tp) - Jonathan Hickman

I first learned of Jonathan Hickman's Manhattan Projects about five years ago. The premise of the effort to build the first atomic bomb being a cover for a group of the world's leading scientists to engage in some truly gonzo activities had me hooked from the start. I purchased the first three volumes quickly, and then the next two as they were published. Yet for all of the fun of the basic idea, the series seemed to be losing steam, and when I learned that the delayed sixth volume was going to focus exclusively on my least favorite main character -- the dog-obsessed Yuri Gagarin -- I pretty much gave up on it.


Yeah, that was a mistake.


The sixth volume begins where the fifth volume leaves off, with the cosmonaut and Projects member docking at an intergalactic trading outpost. Still searching for his dog Laika, he quickly ends up in court for a parking violation, which proves to be the first of a series of misadventures involving a corrupt judge, a robot incapable of telling the truth, and a freed slave who wants to use macro spores to destroy the his enslavers' civilization. It's all edgy and wacky in a way that the series hasn't been for some time, and I finished it with my excitement for the series restored. Keep 'em coming, Hickman!

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review 2017-04-21 08:23
Rapid development of Babylon and the usual machinations of the various nations' leaders
East of West: The Apocalypse Year Two - Jonathan Hickman



Still difficult to follow the story completely but getting the general gist. This is quite involved but interesting nonetheless. The character of Babylon is developed as he learns the skills to survive. The various powers form alliances but betrayal is also in the air. The Chosen gather together to hear the Message with dire consequences.


I find this series interesting and engaging even if I don't follow everything that's going on. It's well-written and the artwork is easy on the eye, clear and well-executed. At 400+ pages, this takes time to read. There is probably more volumes to come.


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review 2017-04-04 00:00
The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 2: They Rule
The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 2: They Rule - Jonathan Hickman My "What the....what? SERIOUSLY? Albert Einstein dressed like Conan? Who thinks this crap up?" continues in The Manhattan Projects, Vol 2.

My head. The oddness.
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review 2017-04-02 00:00
The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 1: Science, Bad
The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 1: Science, Bad - Jonathan Hickman,Nick Pitarra I don't know what I think about this. I know I don't like the art, that's for sure.

But the story itself? what the....

Seriously, what did I just read?


Review up later when I can organize my thoughts.
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