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review 2018-10-10 17:31
Review: Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl,Kami Garcia

I saw the movie years ago and when I learned it was based on a book, I immediately ordered the series... And then it sat on my shelf for years.  [I really need to stop buying books and read the ones I own.


Anyway, I pulled this out for Halloween Bingo as my "Southern Gothic" square.  And man you don't get any more southern than the town of Gatlin.  They are hardcore confederates who hate anything that deals with superstition (even though they all frequent the local card reader) they hate outsiders, or anyone who isn't exactly like them.


Poor Lena never stood a chance when she came to live with her uncle Macon, the patriarch of the Ravenwood family and a recluse.  If not for the Ravenwood family, the town wouldn't even exist, but that doesn't stop the townsfolk for hating them for being different.  And they are different.  They are a family of casters who were cursed when one of their ancestors made a bargain with a book of magic.  In other caster families each child can chose the light or the dark when they come of age.  But because of the curse, the children of this family have no choice, the book chooses.  Lena is close to coming of age, she's a powerful caster, and there is a worry that she will go dark.


This was an interesting story as told from the point of view of Ethan, who falls in love with Lena and gets caught up in her complicated world.  He is a son of Gatlin, but he's not really like them.  And he goes against the grain to be with Lena.  


The story was well written and kept my attention.  I'm interested in seeing where the rest of the series goes.

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text 2018-10-04 20:03
Reading progress update: I've read 78 out of 563 pages.
Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl,Kami Garcia

Both cool and creepy, I share a birthday with one of the protagonists, Lena.

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review 2018-02-06 20:23
Broken Beautiful Hearts - Kami Garcia Broken Beautiful Hearts - Kami Garcia

I have been a fan of Kami Garcia ever since I read her Beautiful Creatures series and I've been meaning to pick up one of her contemporary books for a while now. I am very, very happy that I ended up loving this book. A lot.

Broken Beautiful Hearts is the story of Peyton and her journey of healing and finding strength, courage, and the true meaning of friendship. Peyton is a girl that went through a lot of things. Her father died in an explosion when he was deployed, her boyfriend turns out to not be the perfect guy but instead pushes her down the stairs, causing her to have a torn knee ligament that puts her future in danger, her friends abandon her, and she has a stalker. She has moments when she's scared that history will repeat itself with another boy, she has moments when she feels like she needs to hide what happened to hear for fear of being judged or be seen as that girl, the victim, but I also think she hides what happened because she's ashamed; like she should have seen it coming and prevent it in some way. I was very happy when her new friends show her that Reed was the one who should be ashamed, not Peyton. I also loved how Peyton learns to be strong, whether that means finding out what truly happened with her dad, or learning to accept and move on from what Reed did. She goes through a transformation. All of that is secondary to one important lesson: asking for help. I feel like that is the main theme of this book, learning how to ask for help when you need it, how not to be ashamed of something someone did to you, and it's an important lesson to learn.

Owen is a great guy, that has some secrets of his own. I liked Owen, mostly because he represented the courage that Peyton learns to have. He also has a reckless side, probably due to his childhood and his family situation, of which you learn more about as the story moves on. I liked how he doesn't push Peyton beyond what she's comfortable with, in their relationship, but he does challenge her to learn how to trust again.

This was a great story, just as great as I expected from Kami Garcia. I only wish Peyton had found that courage to trust again in herself and in others by herself. The pacing was great and there were a few surprises along the way that I didn't see coming. I just wish there was a book for Peyton's twin cousins, because I loved them.

All in all, I loved this book, and it showed me exactly why I love Garcia's books.

Source: rubys-books.blogspot.com
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review 2017-03-09 00:00
The Lovely Reckless
The Lovely Reckless - Kami Garcia I loved this, and I don't generally read YA contemporary OR give out 5 star reviews easily... I've read all Garcia's other books, but didn't connect with any of them as much as I did with this story. It has an almost vintage feel to it, for me at least, despite being her (only) contemporary YA fic - sort of Outsiders and 80s racing-cool and classic manga or something... She tied together trauma and diverse storylines beautifully, in a way that I bought into, but without being so dark and gritty that it was just depressing. Honestly, I can't really put my finger on why, but I really enjoyed this trip. Add it to your tbr, and try not to let it sit for as long as I did!
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review 2017-02-09 08:57
Habe leider mehr erwartet, der Film gefiel mir besser
Sixteen Moons - Eine unsterbliche Liebe - Petra Koob-Pawis,Margaret Stohl,Kami Garcia

Ich habe den Film schon mehrmals gesehen und fand ihn immer wieder toll. Während ich das Buch gelesen habe, sah ich ihn nochmal und war zum Teil verwirrt.

Es kommt wirklich selten vor, dass mir eine Verfilmung besser gefällt, vor allem, da diese im Gegensatz zu dem Buch ja sehr gekürzt zu sein scheint. In der Geschichte lesen wir teilweise unheimlich viele Szenen, die meiner Meinung nach weggelassen hätten können. Teilweise waren sie uninteressant und auch langatmig. Außerdem hat es mich gestört, dass einfach vieles anders war und wenn es nur die Beschreibungen waren. Zudem hatte ich das Gefühl, dass hier vieles verdreht war. Als wären die Szenen verwechselt sein. Dass sich Ethan und Lena in Gedanken unterhielten war mir auch neu, aber auch das verwirrte, denn manchmal musste ich deswegen Stellen 3x lesen und wusste immer noch nicht, wer das was gesagt hat.
Aber gut. Das Buch wird aus Ethans Sicht erzählt. Für mich ist das ziemlich ungewöhnlich, dass es aus einer männlichen Perspektive kommt.
Was mich aber am meisten stört. Eigentlich habe ich mich auf einen Fantasy Roman mit Liebesgeschichte gefreut. Aber das hier scheint dann eher Liebesgeschichte mit Fantasy Einheiten zu sein. Als Leser habe ich mich überhaupt nicht angesprochen gefühlt. Es wird alles irgendwie so hingenommen und sich weiterhin um Lena gesorgt.  Sprich: Als wäre es ganz normal, dass im Dorf Hexen rumlaufen.
Ich kann nicht genau sagen warum, aber ich wurde mit keine der Figuren richtig warm. Das fand ich sehr schade, vor allem habe ich mich auf das Buch gefreut.
Das Cover hingegen gefällt mir sehr. Ich liebe solche Cover und hätte es zigmal anfassen können. Außerdem ist es sehr schön gestaltet und passt zur Geschichte.
Der Schreibstil ist gut und flüssig, aber halt auch sehr einfach.
Ich werde die nächsten Teile wohl nicht lesen.
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