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review 2016-11-02 10:22
Ouija- Never Break the Rules!...
Ouija - Katharine Turner

This was quite the little page turner and definitely worth the bargain basement price of $1.97 that I paid for it at Books-A-Million. Don't go into it thinking you'll be scared out of your mind though because it is a teen/YA book and seems to be watered down accordingly. There is some creepiness to it though and it'll make you think twice about playing with a Ouija board. 


The book was too short though. When I got to the end I was wanting more, more, more! An 'adult' version with a little more depth and horror would be perfect. I definitely could go for that! I'm dying to see the movies now- the original that is based on this book & the prequel that's in theaters. The original movie, I'm planning to watch tonight so I'm looking forward to that. I imagine it will be quite a bit scarier then the book. This is just one of those stories that needs some on screen theatrics. 


If you like a little bit of paranormal horror but not too much then this is the perfect book! You can get your 'scare me' fix and still sleep at night!

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text 2016-11-01 10:30
Reading progress update: I've read 155 out of 224 pages.
Ouija - Katharine Turner

This book is pretty good! I'm dying to see both movies now- the original and the new prequel that just released. I'm pretty chicken though when it comes to really scary movies so I hope these aren't too over the top or I'll be seeing things around every corner & have nightmares for days. : ) Lol

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review 2014-04-10 21:26
Autobots Versus Decepticons (Sentinel Prime)
Transformers Dark of the Moon: Autobots Versus Decepticons - Katharine Turner,Katharine Turner

The illustrations are poor, but there aren't massive holes like misnaming characters -_-


Then again, it's overly simplistic and glosses over the fact that Sentinel, dick that he is, kills Ironhide. 


One half star for the book, one half star for the super awesome Shockwave cutout at the end, which is why I bought this book anyway.   (So worth it!)

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review 2012-07-02 00:00
Batman Classic: Reptile Rampage
Batman Classic: Reptile Rampage - Katharine Turner, Eric A. Gordon, Steven E. Gordon My nephew and I both liked Reptile Rampage. Crocodiles are one of the scariest things to my nephew, and Batman is one of his favorite heroes, so this story was a real nail-biter for him. I liked the story because it didn't rely on violence to move the plot forward. In this story Croc was a person whose life was altered by forces beyond his control, and he was desperate to reclaim the life that was stolen from him. He was an individual who had gone astray in an attempt to save himself, and while he had to answer for his actions, he was also in need of help. Croc was not portrayed as a master villian in need of a butt-kicking from a superhero.

Ok, so now that I made the story seem all touchy-feely, it wasn't. There was action and danger enough to sustain readers who love intensity in their superhero stories, and Batman and Robin were portrayed as superheroes who can physically stand toe-to-toe with the most dangerous and desperate of foes. They were also shown to be superheroes who know when to use a fist and when to use rationality, brains, and compassion. This was a good one!
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