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review 2017-10-16 21:45
Great idea, less than great execution
A Plague of Giants - Deutschland Random House Audio,Kevin Hearne,Xe Sands,Luke Daniels
Let me start by saying the Kevin Hearne is a talented writer with some absolutely brilliant stories. I loved his Iron Druid Chronicles and was so excited to see this start to a new series.
A Plague of Giants comes in at 600+ pages and is quite the undertaking, especially with so many characters and situations. The premise is an exciting one and quite often, there are some amazing scenes to hold a reader's interest. The problem lies in the execution of the story. It is told by Dervan, a historian and that, in itself, wouldn't be bothersome except that Dervan is retelling the stories that the bard,  Fintan, is telling to the people gathered to listen. So, basically, this is a story of a story, or more accurately, several stories of stories. The way the bard goes about it is imaginative with the optical illusions and colorful language, but each chapter is a different story. By the time I was able to get into each individual tale, it was coming to a close and time for the next, creating a rather disjointed story. 
As this is a series, the story will continue in the next book, but by the time I got to end of this one, I found that I'm not sufficiently invested in any of the characters to see where it goes from here. 
Hearne is a favorite for this reader and I'll be looking forward to seeing what comes after this series. Unfortunately, this one missed the mark and was just okay for me. 
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text 2017-10-12 21:21
Erster Satz | Kevin Hearne: Gehämmert
Gehämmert: Die Chronik des Eisernen Druiden 3 - Kevin Hearne,Alexander Wagner,Friedrich Mader

Einer weit verbreiteten Meinung nach sind Eichhörnchen putzige kleine Wesen.


Wenn sie an diesem oder jenem Ast oder Baumstamm entlangwuseln, zeigen die Leute auf sie und rufen: "Ohhh, wie niiiiedlich!". Dabei nimmt ihre Stimme einen ganz süßlichen Tonfall an und schraubt sich in ein aufgeregtes Falsett empor. Doch ich kann Ihnen versichern, diese Tierchen sind nur niedlich, solange sie so klein sind, dass man drauftreten könnte. Wenn Sie jedoch einem verdammten Rieseneichhörnchen vom Format eines Betonmischfahrzeugs gegenüberstehen, dann verliert es einen beträchtlichen Teil seines Charmes. 

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text 2017-10-12 10:09
Erster Satz | Kevin Hearne: Verhext
Verhext - Kevin Hearne,Alexander Wagner

Du brauchst nur einen Gott zu erschlagen, und schon wollen plötzlich alle möglichen Leute mit dir reden.


Paranormale Versicherungsvertreter mit speziellen "Gottesschlächter"- Lebensversicherungen. Scharlatane mit Rüstungen, die hundertprozentigen Schutz gegen Götter bieten sollen, und mit Mietangeboten für außerweltliche Geheimverstecke. Vor allem aber andere Götter, die dir erstens zu deiner Tat gratulieren, dich zweitens davor warnen, je solche Scherze mit Ihnen zu versuchen, und dir zu guter Letzt nahelegen, doch einen ihrer Rivalen zu erschlagen - nur so zum Spaß, versteht sich. 

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text 2017-10-12 09:51
Erster Satz | K. Hearne: Gehetzt
Gehetzt: Die Chronik des Eisernen Druiden 1 - Kevin Hearne

Es hat viele Vorzüge, einundzwanzig Jahrhunderte alt zu werden, aber das mit Abstand Beste daran ist, dass man Zeuge der seltenen Geburt echter Genialität wird.


Das spielt sich ausnahmslos so ab: Jemand wirft den Ballast überkommener kultureller Traditionen ab, ignoriert die unheilschwangeren Blicke der Autoritäten und tut etwas, das seine Landsleute für komplett verrückt halten. Unter diesem Genies war Galileo mein persönlicher Favorit. Van Gogh folgte dicht dahinter auf Rang zwei, wobei dieser tatsächlich komplett verrückt war. 

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review 2017-09-27 09:48
Trapped (Iron Druid Chronicles, #5)
Trapped - Kevin Hearne

I've listened to the first 4 of these books on audio, and reading this one, I'm reminded why.  I avoid high fantasy because the made up names and places drive me up the wall - because I can't pronounce them, I can never keep from mixing them up.  


The Iron Druid Chronicles are not high fantasy, but they are urban fantasy featuring just about every major mythological pantheon, with a heavy emphasis on Irish and Norse; both chock full of names and places I have absolutely zero chance of even coming close to pronouncing correctly.  Luckily, Hearne includes a pronunciation guide at the beginning of the book that covers most of the Celtic/Norse words he uses, but I kept having to flip back and recheck every time I came across a word like Scáthmhaide (SKAH wad jeh if you're curious) and it was distracting.


Otherwise it's a rip-roaring good time as Atticus has the oldest vampire in the world, Bacchus, dark elves, and Freya on his back and most of them want him dead.  But before that happens, he needs to complete the steps that will make his apprentice, Granuaile, a full fledged Druid.  This is the story line that was most interesting to me, as we get a lot of interaction between Atticus and the elementals and (finally) some resolution of the relationship between Atticus and Granuaile.  


The rest was good, but mostly just a lot of intermittent bouts of fighting to keep the Druidic tattooing from becoming too dull.  It's fun, but it's a bit chaotic as the consequences of all Atticus' choices in the previous 4 books come home to roost at once.


There are 8 books so far, with the ninth being the final book in the series.  There's no way I can not find out how it all ends, but I think for the final three, I'll go back to audio, so I can enjoy the story without stressing myself out trying to remember how to pronounce words like Goibhniu and Ylgr.


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