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review 2017-07-16 01:41
A Ghostly Light (Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, #7)
A Ghostly Light - Juliet Blackwell

Not sure what it was, but something was missing from this one.  I still enjoyed it, still found it a fun read, but, I don't know, it just wasn't as good as so many others in the series.


I'd sort of forgotten about the romantic shakeup that happened in the last book, so I had some catching up to do, but overall, I think the change is for the better; it added a tiny bit of zest to the character development, and it needed it.


This book brings back a couple of characters from Keeper of the Castle (coincidentally the book in the series I found to be the weakest), but this time Mel's working on restoring a lighthouse off the coast of San Francisco, and before she can even get started she finds the client's ex-husband dead at the bottom of the lighthouse stairs, and a ghost whose hobbies include pushing men down stairs.


A big theme in this book is Mel's acquired acrophobia and how she's struggling to deal with it.  This didn't interest me all that much, to be honest, and maybe it was a contributing factor to my slight ennui about the book overall.  There were too many scattered themes that just didn't weave together very tightly.  The book, taken as a whole, felt unfocused.


But the mystery was pretty good; I enjoyed the story about the light keepers and the tie-in to Treasure Island was the highlight of the whole thing.  The murder mystery was...not bad, but given the lack of focus, I'm not sure I can recall any actual investigating that Mel did, so that the big reveal at the end depended on last second deductions and the cooperation of the killer.  It worked, but it failed to have much of an impact.


I'm far from being soured on the series, but this isn't the strongest of the lot.






Total pages:  314

$$:  $9.00  (location multiplier)

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review 2017-07-12 01:04
One Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles, #3)
One Fell Sweep - Ilona Andrews

Leave it to Ilona Andrews to write a science fiction book I can enjoy.  It helps that there is very little actual space travel and most of the action takes place on the grounds of the inn. It also helps that her 'aliens' are mostly of the urban fantasy variety: vampires, werewolves, giant hedgehog chefs... 


Caldenia is still my favourite character and she takes a somewhat more active role in this book, although you'd never know it until the end (and no, that's not a spoiler).  I felt like the Andrews' solution for Arland was a little predictable, but it worked and they get points for avoiding a rivalry.


The ending gets a bit depressing, and there's more than a little allegory being used; it wasn't heavy handed, and it could, in fact, be interpreted to represent a couple of the more shameful facets of our current and historic reality.  The final reveal was a bit heart-breaking and a nice moral reminder, but I'm not entirely sold on the final explanation they give for the Draziri's motivation.  It hangs together, but tweaked a bit further it could have been much more powerful a statement.


The Innkeeper Chronicles is definitely a departure from their Kate Daniels series, and I feel like they've created something unique here.  I'd heard that this book ended the series, but once I read the ending... there was no way.  To steal a sci-fi term, Dina's primary directive from book 1 hasn't even come close to being fulfilled; this book ends, in fact, on something of a... not a cliffhanger, but definitely a curb-hanger.  The first clue she gets to her parents whereabouts is on the last page.  No way is this the final book.  Hitting their blog just now, a post from last month confirms that there will be further adventures ahead.


This makes me happy - I look forward to another book, and at last I can say I have some science fiction on my shelves!  





Page count: 326

$$:  $6.00


(This book not only qualifies as science fiction, with a scene set in space - just one, thankfully - but there's also a race of robots that plays a primary role in the plot.  Trifecta!)

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review 2017-06-23 08:33
Sweep in Peace (Innkeeper Chronicles, #2)
Sweep In Peace - Ilona Andrews

I'm a huge fan of Ilona Andrews' writing (or, at least, her Kate Daniels series) so I was inclined to like this to start with; it's a testament to her writing that I did in spite of the undercurrent of science fiction running through the storyline. 


I'm not sure if I should admit that my favourite character is Caldenia, but she is.  She gets all the best lines and if not for the cannibalistic tendencies, she might be my literary heroine of choice.  But Dina is no slouch either and while there's never any doubt she has the abilities, her overwhelming innkeeper mandate sometimes makes her a bit trod-upon, so that final scene was awesome.  It's nice to see her abilities balance out; that she can be as bad as she can be good.


I never doubted for a minute who Turan Adin really was, it could never have been anyone else, but I couldn't figure out how Andrews was going to explain the timing.  Once she did, I was left wondering what the vampires and hoard thought about the "mysterious creature".  I also thought it interesting that Andrews dropped a huge clue about Dina's brother but then never followed up on it; ditto the clue about what happened to her parents.  I suppose they're saving that for book three.







Page count: 301

$$: $6.00

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review 2017-06-04 02:04
Paws and Effect (Magical Cats, #8)
Paws and Effect - Sofie Kelly

It does't sound good that my favourite character in this series is Fred the Funky Chicken, but it's true.  The other characters are all likeable in the best cozy-mystery way, but my heart goes out to Fred the Funky Chicken every time.**


I'm not going to pretend that this book isn't everything a modern cozy is; the magical cats pretty much give the game away.  But Kelly does't over-play that magical hand and doesn't try to hide the deux ex machina-like effect this has on her ability to plot her mysteries.  She also creates likeable, believable, characters that enjoy a reasonable amount of realistic conflict; some of which is resolved and some of it isn't.  


The murder plot was decent-ish.  I was side-eyeing the murderer for awhile but there weren't any puzzle pieces to play with, just one big whopper of a clue that solved the whole thing for everybody at once.  Or at least, for the reader and the MC; everyone else would need more proof, of course, thus allowing our MC to stumble into mortal peril.  A reader comes to understand this is the nature of cozies though, and at least this peril was believable.  Sort of.  (How did the murder find them??)


So Paws and Effect is everything you'd expect a contemporary cozy to be anymore, but better than most of the rest; a bit more solid and well written.  A fun, fluffy bit of fiction for lazy afternoons.







Page count:  315

$$:  $3.00

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review 2017-06-02 11:55
Reluctantly Charmed
Reluctantly Charmed - Ellie O'Neill

I didn't think I'd make it through this book at first.  Well, that's not completely accurate; I thought the first 10% or so was really intriguing.  I liked the idea of an inheritance hinged upon the publication of 1 letter each week.  But then it stated to get a bit weird with the whole fairy thing and how obsessed people got about it.  


What kept me hooked had nothing to do with the fairies, or her magic (which was never really fleshed out in detail).  I kept reading because I found the story of instant fame and celebrity thrust upon someone who is not the least bit interested in it compelling.  In this respect the story is moving and powerful as Kate completely loses control of her own life and identity.  There's romance here too, but so slow burning it's almost back-burnered most of the time.


An odd story, written well enough, with an exploration of the destructive powers the public can wield.  






Total pages:  433

$$:  $5.00

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