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text 2021-04-29 13:01
Release Day - KB Worlds



The latest set of books in the Everyday Heroes World are live!

Inspired by K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes standalones, each author wrote their own story to fit in the world. We hope you’ll fall in love with their new stories and characters while revisiting the Malone brothers from mine.


4_29 Releases


All the books releasing today are FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

Dispatched by CJ Allison https://geni.us/Dispatched

Reburn by Kimberly Knight https://geni.us/Reburn

Released by Nicole Rodrigues https://geni.us/Released


Everyday Heroes World

Check out the books that inspired the authors! K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes series are FREE in Kindle Unlimited right now:


Cuffed: https://geni.us/CfdAmz

Combust: https://geni.us/CmbstAmz

Cockpit: https://geni.us/CkptAmz




More KB Worlds books are coming your way every month. Stay up to date on all the releases here:


✶ Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Vy4v9d

✶ Website: http://www.kbworlds.com

✶ Newsletter: https://smarturl.it/KBWNewsletter



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review 2020-12-20 20:23
Ex-Rated Gigolo: A Hero Club Novel (Cocky Hero Club) by: Kimberly Knight
Ex-Rated Gigolo: A Hero Club Novel (Cocky Hero Club) - Kimberly Knight




Ex-Rated Gigolo: A Hero Club Novel by Kimberly Knight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Knight has dreamed up one of the naughtiest, what-if scenarios. Hot enough to set hormones on fire. Deep enough to crack away at the pieces of a heart. Ex-Rated Gigolo has the presence of mind to turn heartache into a taboo experience.

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review 2018-08-07 20:44
Great Read
Angels & Whiskey (Saddles & Racks Book 1) - Kimberly Knight,Jennifer Roberts-Hall

Angels & Whiskey is an entertaining contemporary romance by Kimberly Knight.  Ms. Knight has delivered a well-written book.  I love the characters in this book.  This book is written in first person, alternating point of view, not my favorite, but it was well-done.  Gabe leaves the military and becomes an escort.  Autumn has decided she needs to escape from her abusive husband.  Autumn and Gabe's story is loaded with drama, humor, sizzle and suspense.  I enjoyed reading Angels & Whiskey and look forward to reading more from Kimberly Knight in the future.  Angels & Whiskey is book 1 of the Saddles & Racks Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2016-05-09 00:00
Where I Need to Be
Where I Need to Be - Kimberly Knight

Free on Amazon May 9, 2016

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review 2013-09-30 22:48
Wanted by Kimberly Knight
Wanted - Kimberly Knight

First of all HELLO JOE! Lol isn't this cover stunning? I mean how do you go wrong with these two models? And if the cover gives any indication of how the book is....I AM SO GLAD!!

The story of Brandon **sigh**

and Spencer picks right back off from Where I Need To Be. Man oh Man the hotness between these two certainly has not cooled off what so ever. I love to watch the passion that emulates from within the pages of Wanted there was some of this:

And this:

oh and a scene in a dressing room:

HAWT!!! It wasn't all sex. There were times that I was like this:


What can I say, I am really visual. 


Kimberly brought out the best of all these characters. I was laughing at the banter between the women. 

"Do you spit or swallow?"
"You already know the answer"
"I don't," Becca said
"I Swallow--of course!"
"Ah, you're a keeper, Spencer, every guy wants a swallower," Becca said laughing.

Ah yes, Spencer that is my girl because everyone knows that

I loved the tenderness between Brandon *Sigh* and Spencer.

"My life would fall apart without you--I'm not sure how I survived before you"

These two make me want to go out and find my own Brandon! He is just the epitome of what and how a man should treat his lady.

Even from the first book I have loved Spencer and Brandon's friends. Its so crazy that these two are so perfect for each other and their friends just seemed to all mesh together perfectly. We meet and see more of Brandon's family in this book which for me was a bonus. I love seeing them interact with various people in their lives. The way Brandon's mom treats Spencer, makes me wish I had a mother in law that treated me that well LOL.

We also have drama and you all know I love me some drama in books! There is no way you can have a book without it, and this one has a twist that I was not prepared for! I think I actually said

It seemed that no matter how much these two tried to get away from the drama and just start their lives together, something or someone from either of their pasts would emerge. I loved the fact that through it all they stuck together as a united force. 


All in all I was have to give major props! This sequel is just as good if not better than the first, only thing I wanted to see was the drama drag out more. Yes, because I am an anxiety filled book whore who loves to be put on the edge of my seat. Another reason is becasue I wanted, and needed more Brandon. I swear one day, I am going to find and kidnap me my own Brandon. 


I gave this book 4/5 hearts

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