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review 2018-05-10 19:01
There's a first time for everything...
Owned by the Sea - L.M. Somerton

"Owned by the Sea" is my first time reading this author and overall, I really liked the story that I was given, I loved the setting...a small fishing village on the English coast, I liked both of the MCs...Jonty and Jed worked as a couple for me and then there was Marmite...what an awesome dog.


Ok, I have to do a little bit of a rant about this dog. If you've never seen a Newfoundland dog seriously google is your friend. These dogs are huge...we're talking BIG!!! and beautiful and of course as pups they're adorable because let's face it have you ever seen an ugly puppy? Anyways, I loved Marmite he was just a really cool dog and an awesome addition to this story and yes, I might be a little partial to these gentle giants because like me they are Canadian...hence the dogs breed name of 'Newfoundland'...they're named for where they originated. Ok, that's my little tribute to Marmite and there was another dog that came along later in the story, but you'll have to read the book to find out about this cutie.


After being rescued from the sea the only survivor of the storm that took the lives of his parents and sister, Jonty remains at his families home on the edge of the village hiding from the world...it's been nearly a year since the storm that shattered Jonty's world and after a year living with survivor's guilt in a self imposed exile and painting the sea in a form of penance for having lived Jonty realizes that what he wants is to do something to honor his family and to figure out how to live again.


Jed's been attracted to Jonty since he first laid eyes on him but when you're pulling an unconscious man from the water during a storm that's neither the time to think or act on said attractions. So, Jed's kept his distance not wanting to be a reminder of what was unquestionably the worst day in Jonty's life. But when Jonty comes up with the idea of an art auction as a way to honor his parents and thank the lifeboat team that saved him, Jed's no longer able to keep his distance and agrees to work with Jonty.


So far it's all good right? I mean seriously I was loving this and I was feeling the connection between Jed and Jonty as it began to form. Unfortunately things went from getting to know you to 'getting to know you' way to fast for me and I got a little more lost when Jed first introduced the idea of a BDSM relationship to Jonty and my impression was that while Jonty may have been familiar with this idea it wasn't a life style that he'd ever actually taken part in and even though Jed's put forth as a Dom for me at best these two men were playing at a D/s relationship but not actually having one. I'll be the first to admit I'm not an expert on this lifestyle and I'm simply explaining the impression that I was left with and truthfully, I didn't have a problem with whether or not this was an actual BDSM relationship or two men 'playing at it'. It really doesn't matter to me but what I found really distracting was how quickly things progressed for me it just didn't feel right and yet...now here's where we get to the part that's a real first for me...


I've read stories where even though I can see a couple as a pair, I just don't feel the connection or where I just can't see it at all...it just doesn't work for me but I can honestly say that I can't think of one story that I've read where I get the connection and I can feel it, I like the pairing and they work for me as a couple except...well, except for when the sex comes into it and that's what's happening here. When Jonty and Jed are interacting together I get it I see them and really like them as a couple and the minute the clothes come off...I get a disconnect and I honestly think it's just that I need this to happen a little slower...I can't say for sure but that's what makes sense for me so I'm going with that.


Anyways aside from this little detail I found this story to be very enjoyable and while I'm not opposed to sexy times in my stories this turned out to be one of those times when less for me would have been more...less sex...more stars...who knew this could be a thing.


L.M. Somerton is an author that I've been wanting to read for some time now and I might have a few titles written by this author waiting on my TBR list and one thing that I've learned over the years is that more often than not one book for me does not an author make. I got a story from this book that held my interest and I enjoyed, I got to spend time on the English coast in a small fishing village with characters and a couple of adorable dogs that I really liked.



An ARC of “Owned by the Sea” was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-04-22 22:06
Pleasure and Pain
Binding the Edges (Tales from The Edge Book 8) - L.M. Somerton

Pleasure and pain…. Pleasure through pain. How appropriate that’s exactly what reading this book felt like. The pure pleasure of spending time with Olly & Joe, Aiden & Heath and all their assorted friends has now been tempered by the pain of having to say goodbye. But then again, I’m sure Joe and Heath wouldn’t hesitate before explaining that the pain only heightens and confirms the pleasure.


*Sighs* All good things must come to an end—or so the saying goes, I’m not at all convinced. And as series go, Tales from the Edge is most definitely a wondrous thing and as a result I’m heartbroken that with Binding the Edges we do indeed reach the conclusion of what has been a joyful and utterly delightful reading experience.


I’m so happy that Binding the Edges turned out to be the perfect finale to what has been an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable journey. In this story the edges are indeed bound, every thread is beautifully and satisfactory tied off, and the ending to Olly and Joe’s storyline is as perfect as I could have hoped for.


Of course these men have a road to travel before they’re allowed to reach their happily ever after. And what a journey it is—roller coaster ride is probably a better term. Between the hilarious preparations for the anniversary celebrations, the kinky times Joe and Olly indulge in every time they have the opportunity, and danger in the form of deranged Dom Mark Vickery once again raising its ugly head, the reader is thrown from one emotion into the next with barely a moment’s respite to catch her breath; delicious.


I could continue gushing about this book, but I’d rather spend some time and words declaring my love for this series. For me a book or series of books is a success when the characters get under my skin, crawl into my heart, and become so well defined that I know I would recognise them if I ran across them in the street. And that’s exactly what happened with the men in these books. Maybe they’re not all equally clear in my mind’s eye but I can’t deny that especially Olly, Joe, Heath and Aiden have now claimed their place among my favourite characters ever. The close to perfect combination of romance, kinky sexiness, and suspense had me hooked from the very first book. And while none of the individual titles in this series made it on to my ‘extra-special’ list, theTales from The Edge series as a whole has found its place near the top of that particular ranking.

No matter how sad I am that this is the last book in this series I have to admit Binding the Edges is a fabulous conclusion to a wonderful series.

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review 2017-04-22 21:50
& Christmas at the Edge
Driven to The Edge (Tales from The Edge Book 7) - L.M. Somerton

““You make everything better, Sir,” Olly murmured, his voice heavy with fatigue.

“No, we do love. Together (…)””


You have to feel sorry for Olly. Here we have the nicest of men with the softest heart imaginable and somehow trouble and danger seem to stalk him. At first glance this young sub seems so ill equipped to deal with everything life throws his way but then you think and look again and realise that first impressions can be deceptive.


We get to see a different side to Olly in this book. Or rather, we get to see the full scale of the man we’ve only seen glimpses of so far. I had never any doubt that underneath Olly’s flighty silliness lived a strong and smart man; he had to have been just to survive what happened to him in Reaching the Edge. And every now and again this ‘other’ Olly would shine through in the other books too. In Driven to the Edge, however, Olly’s strength and intelligence spring to the forefront as he deals with stress, confronts danger, and solves mysteries that have others bewildered.


And just as we get to see another side to Olly, we also get a glimpse at another aspect of his relationship with Joe. While Joe may be the Dom and very much in charge and it may be Joe’s job to keep Olly balanced and centred, that doesn’t mean Joe doesn’t need Olly’s love and support just as much as Olly needs him. In fact, if this book shows something in all its glorious beauty it is that (BDSM) relationships are successful only when the two partners complement each other, when they can lift each other’s burdens and feel safe being either strong or in need of strength, depending on the situation.


““I’m supposed to look after you. That’s how this dynamic works.”

“It works how we want it to work.” Olly planted a big wet kiss on Joe’s lips. “Just for tonight, I’ll take care of you.””


I challenge anybody to read these books and not fall hard for Olly (and almost as hard for Joe, Aiden, Heath…. Need I go on?). As much as I enjoy reading about (well-written) BDSM dynamics in general, I can’t deny that the diverse relationships in these books have captured a special place in my heart. And slap bang in the middle of that special place are Olly and Joe, shining their love for all to see, enjoy, and maybe envy just a little.


Once again the balance between suspense, love, and mouth-watering kink was just about perfect. Once again I found myself captivated by the story and reading as fast as I possibly could while making sure not to miss a single well chosen word. It is a delightful form of addiction, only overshadowed by the realisation that I’m getting perilously close to the end of this favourite among series.


Christmas at the Edge



The blurb


Christmas at The Edge will be extra special this year.

Joe and all the staff have been secretly plotting to get Olly the one thing he wants more than anything in the world—well, apart from Joe of course. The only problem is, this present comes with four paws and a tail. Combined with Olly, that’s a whole stocking full of mischief.


My thoughts


There’s really not a whole lot I can say about this short story except that it’s all about Olly AND a puppy. Combine the sweetest, brattiest, funniest and most wired-to-the-moon sub with a four-legged bundle of energy and you’ve got yourself a swoon worthy case of cuteness-overload, laced with an enticing side of BDSM-sexiness. Reading doesn’t get much more enjoyable than this.

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review 2017-04-22 21:43
All the Suspense
Scorched Edges (Tales from The Edge Book 6) - L.M. Somerton

The earlier books in this series were erotic romances with added suspense. While there certainly were heartstopping moments in the stories, the main focus was on romance, BDSM, and scorching (pun intended) scenes. Not so Scorched Edges. This book is an ‘edge-of-your-seat’ reading experience from the very beginning. This story starts from the villain’s perspective. Right from the start the reader is left in no doubt that the fire-starter is dangerous, deranged, and determined to get Beau and that knowledge made the book all the more enticing. Not that this meant we lost out on romance or BDSM scenes, far from it, but for me this book had more of a thriller feel than its predecessors had.


Beau and Marty were wonderful characters and very well matched (as all other couples have been). Beau doesn’t waste his time introducing Marty to the delights of BDSM and submission but he doesn’t rush the process either, allowing Marty to find his feet in a new to him world. It goes without saying that the scenes between these two men were ‘scorching’ (sorry, couldn’t help myself) and yes, there may have been some ‘edging’ involved as well. J


I loved Marty’s journey in this book. For a complete and totally innocent newbie to the scene he quickly recognises, accepts and fully embraces his submission to Beau. But, just in case there is still anyone around who thinks that submissive equals weak, Marty is here to disabuse you of any such ideas—when push comes to shove and his Dom is in danger, Marty proves once and for all that there’s nothing weak or indecisive about him. Of course, this contrast only makes the scenes during which he eagerly surrenders to Beau all the more beautiful and powerful.


I was a bit disappointed that the couples from the earlier books mostly made no or only a fleeting appearance in this story. I hadn’t quite realised how addicted I’d become to Olly’s wisecracks or Aiden’s temperament. But, I can’t deny that adding them to or increasing their role in this story probably would have felt forced, so I’m not actually complaining.


It won’t surprise anyone when say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The constant danger lurking in the background made sure I kept on turning the pages while Beau and Marty made sure I was totally engrossed during every other scene too. The only regret I have after finishing this book is that I’m yet another title closer to the end of this series. As much as I look forward to reading the remaining two and a bit books I have to admit I’m going to miss this world and these characters.

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review 2017-04-22 21:35
Two for the Price of One
Rough Around the Edges (Tales from The Edge Book 5) - L.M. Somerton

I’m running out of (new) ways to say how much I’m loving this series of books. I’ve had a soft spot for BDSM stories ever since I first discovered them (much longer ago than I care to admit), but some books/series are more memorable than others and Tales from the Edge most definitely falls on the very memorable side of those scales.


Kai and Harry’s story in Rough Around the Edges is more cute than anything else. Experienced and tough looking Dom Harry falls hard and fast for Kai as soon as he sets eyes on the young man. Harry may not be inclined to admit to himself or anyone else that he’s fallen victim to love at first sight, his thoughts and actions make it perfectly clear that’s exactly what has happened.


Kai is cuteness personified. He may be completely inexperienced when it comes to sex, intimacy and relationships as well as clueless as far as BDSM is concerned, there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that he was born to submit and that Harry is the Dominant for him.


These two men coming together and discovering how well they complement each other was a pure pleasure to read. Their scenes were a perfectly balanced mixture of steaming hot and heart-warmingly sweet.


Of course it’s never plain sailing for these couples. Kai may have been rescued from the conversion clinic, that doesn’t mean that the uncle who put him there is done with him. As it slowly becomes clear exactly what is going on with Kai’s life, the danger becomes more pressing and violent, leading to one or two heart-stopping moments.


As always, it was a pure joy to spend more time with Olly, Aiden, Christian and Alastair and their Masters. I always get a special kick out of running into the earlier couples for a quick catch-up. Olly always manages to make me laugh out loud at least once while Aiden and his relationship with Heath continue to intrigue me.


I’ve passed the half-way mark in this series now and I’m torn between rushing forward and reading the remaining titles or pacing myself and stretching the pleasure out. With the final title in this series, Binding the Edges, being released in five days time I guess I’ll keep on reading so that I can be part of the celebrations on February 10th.



The blurb


When Carey Hoffman hands over the budget for planning the annual Hallowe'en party at The Underground to his sub, Alistair immediately recruits his friends to help. They have several problems to solve—how to plan costumes that mean their Doms wear as little as possible, how to fix a dildo to the dancefloor for a game of kinky quoits and how to ensure that Olly doesn't eat too many cake-pop eyeballs. Throw in a headless monk, zombie special effects and a midnight spanking in to the mix and the party is sure to go with a bang.


My thoughts


This was so much fun. The story’s told from Alistair’s perspective as he’s put in charge of organising a Halloween party. Of course he gets Olly, Aiden, Christian and Kai to help him, and between them the subs come up trumps and the party is all fun and (sexy) games…. Or is it? It is Halloween after all.

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