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text 2014-02-21 20:52
BBA Whisperer: Oh, BTW: Good Ereader

Two jerks in love aka M.T. Dismuke is nobody´s bitch.






Source: bbawhisperer.blogspot.com/2014/02/oh-btw-good-ereader.html
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text 2014-02-21 18:24
M.T. Dismuke vs. Goodreads Staff Members



Please note that we have sent this screenshot to Goodreads Customer Service to alert them about the situation which might endanger the professional and private lives of their employees.

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text 2014-02-16 13:54
Thunderpussies Are Made of Awesomesauce










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text 2014-02-14 14:15
BBA Whisperer - Oh, BTW: Jac´s Marketing Plan

Who doesn´t love reckless engineers? 

Jac Wright wrote a book, or was it really Jenni Wright? 



Gone are the days when s/he blocked hundreds of people for ... well, nothing. Just because Athelissa Parker-Douthshit called us "bullies" even we didn´t have any interest at all in even joining her Mystery-Crime Thriller group. We didn´t hardly know who this dipshit was. And then one day, Jenni was a goner. And she came back. With seven identical GR accounts. That smart. 

Then there was Ashton/T.R. Mason/Spec/Bhagavad Gita/Tammy Mason... damn, that chick has more names than Princess Pity Potty Party. She was everywhere. STGRB, Rickydick´s blog, Asshole92X´s blog, you name it. The chick has no shame!

Just for Athelissa it must have been a real PITA to white wash her hate site from all those many nonsensical comments, huhu. You know, after Lauren PMS wasn´t their poster girl anymore, Jac refused to play nice too. Another ally that became an STGRB enemy. Big shock! Noone likes Athelissa!

Tammy Mason? Who the fuck is Tammy Mason, you ask? A sweetie pie, really. She takes offense with a new 2** star review of, and now hold your breath, The Reckless Engineer, on Amazon.Funny, that Tammy is straight on the review the very same day it was posted. Who doesn´t love those coincidences?



So what was this all about? Let´s find out at the BBA Whisperer blog: 





Source: bbawhisperer.blogspot.com/2014/02/oh-btw-jacs-marketing-plan.html
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text 2014-02-13 12:36
BBA Whisperer - Oh, BTW: Let´s Get Rick!

Ah, who doesn´t remember the BBA war between Rickydick Carufel and Athelissa Parker-Doutshit? Once upon a time.. nope, this isn´t a fairy tale. They were allies once until they became the deadliest of enemies. Two butthurts who are threatening each other to sue etc etc, BUT Rickydick underestimated that Athelissa has some chicks on her side. The old bastard has only John Bankie Boy Reeves. An unfair match. 

What happened? Rick got spanked by the ladies!




But first some behind the scenes screenshots: 





And what happened? Rick excused himself from his own group. Never heard a lovelier euphemism, Mike. 




Source: bbawhisperer.blogspot.com/2014/02/oh-btw-lets-get-rick.html
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