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review 2017-06-22 01:21
Sublime indeed!
The Electric Sublime #1 (of 4) - W. Prince,Martin Morazzo

I always find naming something you create, or your band, or whatever 'Sublime' - or some aspect of that - a little bit gutsy.  Is it sublime?   Really?   Oh, well, I'll decide that, thank you very much.   Sublime, the band, makes music I like; I'm not sure I'd call it sublime, but I do like to rock out to Sublime. 


Still, I was, ah, a bit skeptical when it came to The Electric Sublime.   Would this hold up?   As a Humble Bundle title, I didn't know what to expect.  I like IDW in general, and liked enough of the titles to make this a steal even if I didn't like The Electric Sublime.   I quite frankly really wanted some of the D4VE issues, and The October Faction, and... well, let's just say I didn't really take a look at The Electric Sublime.   It was actually a cool title, and I thought it might have to do with something cyberpunk - especially with William Gibson's Archangel in the bunch, too - but even if not, well, I wanted the other things. 


It turns out I should have given The Electric Sublime a little more attention.   It's divinely surrealistic, a tale about dreampainters: those who paint and turn their paintings into reality.   When abnormal deaths occur, and the Mona Lisa starts winking, a pattern emerges.   Which means that Abigail Breslin, the director of the Beaurae of Artistic Integrity, gets involved.  She in turn gets Arthur Brut involved, although this type of dreampainting has destroyed his sanity already. 


There's more action than I expected, gorgeous art with a style that fits the bizarre, and intense, storyline, and I ended up loving these characters a lot more than I expected I would.   I have the third issue downloaded but the second issue is not downloading, and I want it, I want it right now. 


Okay, fine, I'll be patient and wait for it to download.   Can it be now, please?

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review 2013-09-10 23:14
Great Pacific Vol.1: Trashed! by Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo
Great Pacific Volume 1: Trashed! TP - Joe Harris

I had access to Great Pacific Volume 1: Trashed through NetGalley. The concept of a guy trying to turn a heap of trash into a nation really raised my expectations ever since I heard of it, probably too much for a beginning that, though far from bad, didn't really make my day.

Joe Harris has a lot of ideas for this work and maybe he just tried to use too many right from the start, resulting in a protagonist that is exposed to too many odd situations before I even know who he really is and that seem to have no palpable impact on him. I also had some trouble with the strange mixture between ecological utopian science fiction items and a series of events and elements that reminded me of post-modern narrative, something that could have been awesome but ended up uninteresting, perhaps due to some failure in storytelling, lack of flow or of a consistent and convincing beginning.

Martin Morazzo's illustration  is competent, specially in terms of background and some specific elements, but is mediocre when considering some character's characterization, ending up with some very good panels and moments where it fails to help the storytelling.


This is an average comic, that would neither convince me to keep reading it nor really advise people to avoid it. In spite of this, I have heard that the next issues are much better than the one collected in Trashed, so I am actually considering giving it another go, if for nothing else, because I really want this concept to work out.


Last but not least, I must remind anyone reading this that the Great Pacific garbage patch is quite real and should probably, by itself, be making us change how we do a lot of stuff, shouldn't it?

Source: omnilogikos.blogspot.com/2013/09/great-pacific-vol1-trashed-by-joe.html
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