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url 2020-01-15 13:36
Non-book post: Humble Sweet Farm bundle

These are games, not books, but I'm posting anyway. Out of all the stuff in this bundle, I've played Equilinox and Stardew Valley.


Equilinox has a bit of a learning curve but is kind of soothing once you get the hang of it and your ecosystems start taking care of themselves. My most traumatic mistake involved putting my first chickens in an environment they weren't suited for. They all started to die and I just kept adding more plants, hoping it would save them. It did not. But when everything is in balance,  you can just sit there and watch your pixel animals bounce around, eating stuff and having little pixel babies. Kind of nice.


Stardew Valley is one of my top favorite games ever. I think the bundle price is only a little bit of a deal, but the game is absolutely worth it even at full price. Your character moves from the city to an overgrown little cabin and begins farming, getting to know the townsfolk, etc. It's tough, at first, but better once you level up your skills. I'm currently at 330+ hours of total gameplay time and still love it. It's my comfort game. 

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review 2019-08-25 23:13
Why We Drive
Why We Drive: The Past, Present, and Fut... Why We Drive: The Past, Present, and Future of Automobiles in America (Comix Journalism) - Andy Singer

I received this book as part of the current Humble Bundle that is going on as of this typing.


I agree with the author with some points about why we should drive less like the pollution concerns and the downgrade in community participation. I live in a suburban area where I have to drive out a lot to go shopping and eating out to name a few things. Unfortunately, I don't live nearby where my favorite locally-owned places are at, so I can only visit them infrequently. Most of the stores and food places that are close to where I live are chain places like Mcdonalds or Walmart. Sadly because of where I live, most of my money doesn't go to my local stores, which means the number of unique places to visit will eventually decrease.


The book is a quick read and does a well-done job on explaining the basics to the reader like the history of highways and the formation of the Department of Transportation. When it came to the arguments for depending less on cars, I thought they're too simplistic and presented an extremely black and white view on cars versus bicycles. I wish to stop being dependent on cars, but unfortunately, circumstances prevent me from ceasing. I also appreciate the guide for promoting car-free life and public transportation. However, many people would find it next to impossible to do. As much as I would like to do those activities, it won't work where I live. I live in an extremely conservative suburban area where many of my neighbors refuse supporting things like funding public transportation. I wish the guide shows how to respectfully talk about these issues to someone who is opposed to the ideas mentioned in the book. If I quote the text the way it is from the book, many people in my area will not appreciate the author calling or associating them all sorts of negative terms. 


The electronic version I have of the book has a weird layout like some sentences being more massive than the other lines. Also, I had difficulty reading some sentences due to the color of the words being lighter than the other words. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has this problem, but I found this to be a minor nitpick. While it was annoying at times, it was at least readable unlike the times I tried reading manga on my Sony Reader.


As a beginner guide for automobile and public transportation issues, this is perfect. But veteran activists would not find anything new or ground-breaking in this small booklet.  





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url 2019-06-06 03:35
Humble Bundle: Science Fiction by Start

Ooh, this Humble Bundle is a very nice deal if you're a Martha Wells fan and don't already own any of the Raksura books. I've only read The Cloud Roads, but I remember it being excellent.


I can't really comment on the rest of the bundle - lots of anthologies, which I don't normally read.

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review 2019-06-02 03:12
Fun, but not quite as good as the original run
Chi's Sweet Adventures Vol. 1 - Konami Kanata,Kinoko Natsume

I think I wasn't crazy about the animated style.  I know this was based on the series, but I found the TV show more charming than this, partly because of how cute Chi sounded.   It didn't translate into this as well.   It was part of a Humble Bundle, so I probably won't be continuing.

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review 2019-06-02 03:07
The Darkness: Shadows & Flame (The Darkness: Shadows and Flames) - Rob Levin,Jorge Lucas,Jorge Lucas,Jorge Lucas,Felix Serrano

This actually had a plot twist - that was probably pretty obvious because I guessed it and I suck at guessing plot twists - and I found myself invested in the characters.   Not a favorite, but I dug this a lot more than the previous Darkness story.

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