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review 2018-12-31 00:02
Good, but it's just swimsuit shots
Aspen SPLASH 2018 - Various,Various,Siya Oum,Jordan Gunderson,Alex Konat,Talent Caldwell,Marco Renna

Aspen, like other books, tends to throw in a couple guy shots.   (There's one here.)   And the art is gorgeous, but it's frustrating since I'm not familiar with all the characters - most but not all. 

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url 2018-06-19 13:00
Humble Manga bundle - 1 day and 6 hours left!

Nostalgia tempts me to get the full thing - Battle Angle Alita was one of the first manga series I ever read. However, my manga reading tastes have changed significantly since then, and I'm not actually sure I'd enjoy the series now. That leaves the lower tiers. I remember reading The Ghost in the Shell a while back and disliking the amount of text Masamune wanted readers to wade through. The first volume of Inuyashiki was unpleasant and, judging by reviews, it only gets worse from there. The first volume of The Seven Deadly Sins was generic fantasy and an enormous amount of boob grabbing.


That leaves the first tier, with Ajin: Demi-Human. I've seen a good chunk of the anime, and as long as it follows the manga fairly closely, I'd say Ajin would probably work reasonably well for me.

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review 2018-06-19 01:39
Cybertron comes back to Earth
Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2011-2016) Vol. 7 - John Barber,Sarah Stone,Livio Ramondelli,Andrew Griffith,Casey Coller

At least, Optimus Prime and a small group of Autobots do.  I wasn't a big fan at first read, but I'm coming to appreciate just how brilliant a move this was: the focus stays on the Cybertronians, not the humans, and even then?   Thundercracker adopting a dog and becoming the worst screenwriter ever is just hilarious. 


Somehow, even when he's mangling screenplays and writing in general, Thundercracker just wins me over.   Like completely over.   


Loved this, and read it early on in the month, right before the Hugo packet hit.   

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review 2018-05-25 22:00
Absolutely fantastic!
Transformers: IDW Collection Phase Two Volume 3 - Jimbo Salgado,Nick Roche,Alex Milne,John Barber,James Lamar Roberts

This is just splendid: a lot of storylines are coming together, and it's beautiful to watch it all in one go.  


I think I'm gonna reread all this next year, too, to be honest.

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review 2018-05-25 17:22
Loving phase two
Transformers: IDW Collection Phase Two Volume 2 - Livio Ramondelli,Chris Metzen,Flint Dille,John Barber,James Lamar Roberts

The spotlights were mixed, but I'm truly enjoying both More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise.   This is a fascinating and illuminating reread and I get more and more every time I read these comics again.   MTMtE is particularly nuanced, and I am continuing to enjoy that the most.

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