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review 2018-11-19 16:49
Brief Thoughts: Midnight Exposure
Midnight Exposure - Melinda Leigh

Midnight Exposure

by Melinda Leigh
Book 1 of Midnight



Point, click, die.

When two hikers disappear, their hometown in Maine blames the blinding storms.  But the truth is far more sinister.  Unaware of the danger, tabloid photographer Jayne Sullivan follows an anonymous tip to find the most reclusive sculptor in the art world.  Instead, she finds sexy handyman Reed Kimball—and a small town full of fatal secrets.

Five years ago, Reed buried his homicide detective career along with his wife.  But when a hiker is found dead, the local police chief asks Reed for help.  Why was a Celtic coin found under the body?  And where is the second hiker?  Avoiding the media, Reed doesn’t need a murder, a missing person, or a nosy photographer.  Then Jayne is attacked, and her courage is his undoing.

Reed must risk everything to protect her - and find a cunning killer.

This book would have been more interesting without all the romantic angst, which, when the conclusion rolls around, seemed awfully moot, as none of the misunderstandings really affected anyone's feelings.  There was instalust, which quickly became instalove, and a couple who are unwilling to talk to each other, even though they are willing to sleep with each other, and think that they're in love.

At the very least our heroine wasn't TSTL, but that's little consolation for the fact that a whole bunch of other stuff in the book bugs the crap out of me.  Not least of all was the way too predictable murder mystery / crime thriller.  I most definitely saw the killer's identity from the beginning.

As I have a predisposition to give second chances to an author who didn't thoroughly annoy me--because this book was less frustrating than it was just formulaic and predictable--I will probably move onto the next book and see how that one works out.

Otherwise, pending my decision to continue or drop this series, I'll have to move onto my backup series for the Can You Read a Series in a Month? Challenge for this month.

Meanwhile, this book was also read for the 24 Festive Tasks, Door 18: Winter Solstice / Yuletide:
'Read any book that takes place in December; OR with ice or snow on the cover; OR that revolves around the (summer or winter) equinox; OR a collection of poetry by Hafez'.

This book takes place in December.

I'll come back and add the Door's graphic when it is officially revealed!



Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2018/11/brief-thoughts-midnight-exposure.html
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review 2012-09-27 00:00
Midnight Exposure
Midnight Exposure - Melinda Leigh I really enjoyed this romantic suspense title. It had great pacing and was filled with suspense. The tension just kept ramping up and it kept me guessing until almost the very end. Jayne Sullivan travels to Huntsville, Maine, on the trail of recluse sculptor R. S. Morgan. She is working for a tabloid despite her moral reservations because she needs to make money to help her brother who was injured while serving in Iraq. Jayne is also the survivor of an attack by a man who attacked, raped and killed two other women. She ended up scarred and with her confidence battered but she is a survivor. She has learned to shoot a gun and do martial arts but she hasn't learned to trust her heart.Jayne didn't expect to meet Reed Kimball who is both sexy and reclusive. He has some major secrets. He has come to Maine to find a quiet life for himself and his seventeen-year-old son. His was a police detective in Georgia when his wife was murdered. He was briefly suspected of her death and became the focus of a media frenzy. He certainly doesn't trust the media now. He is completely determined to keep his second career as a sculptor hidden.While she is looking around the town and taking pictures, she accidentally shoots a picture that brings her to the attention of a local crazy who is planning a Druid ritual that involves human sacrifice. This crazy has already killed a young man who was hiking in the area. His body was found during a warm spell but there was so much damage that the police can't confirm murder. Jayne is kidnapped by this guy but manages to escape and stumble into the path of Reed who was out searching for her. Since they are in the midst of a blizzard, Reed takes her home where their attraction grows. The sexual tension is increasing but both characters' issues keep them apart.Jayne is determined to leave town to get back to the relative safety of her big city life and the care of her brothers. She is also afraid that her stalker might hurt Reed or his son. Reed doesn't want her to go but can't open up enough to ask her to stay. It takes gunfire to force them to acknowledge their attraction.This was a great story. As I was reading it, I was already planning which of my friends to pass this book along to. I know fans of romantic suspense will really enjoy this one.
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