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review 2017-07-26 18:02
Mind Blowing Read
Mind Games - A Bad Boy Romance With A Twist (The Complete Trilogy) - Gabi Moore
Speaking directly to the audience in a book is generally not done. It's hard to pull off and keep the flow of the story, but Gabi Moore does it wonderfully in this trilogy. It felt like an intimate, one-on-one conversation with the character telling you their most private thoughts and secrets. While you may not agree with their actions, you can't stop "listening" to their story. 
The trilogy is the continuing story of Nora and Dean - their romance, their inner darkness, their kinks, and the lengths they'll go for each other. Each book adds a new twist and just when you think you know where the story is headed, guess again. 
Gabi Moore shows just how good she is in this trilogy and if I weren't already a fan, this one would convince me. It's deliciously dark, twisted, romantic, suspenseful, steamy, and captivating, all rolled into a mind-blowing tale that I couldn't put down. 
If you enjoy dark romantic suspense, I highly recommend this one.
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review 2017-04-21 05:07
Mind Games
Mind Games - Carolyn Crane

A hypochondriac as a heroine?!  Interesting, yes!  Not to mention different.  Justine was recruited to help "disillusion" people who are not-so-good.  When one is "disillusioned," their old self is broken down and when they rebuild, they are good.  

This was interesting and I'm glad I read it, but Justine got on my nerves. She was just annoying.  I liked the secondary characters.  Could have gone with less love interests; Cubby, Packard, and Otto (yes, there are 3- not all at once, try for 2 and you'd be correct). 

More on the world they inhabit would have been interesting.


Read for #9 Fantasyland, 371 pages

(one down, one to go before I can roll again!) 

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text 2017-02-10 21:21
Reading progress update: I've read 83 out of 304 pages.
Mind Games (Lock & Mori) - Heather W. Petty

My reading slump is officially over.   Going to grab some comics while I go out and get dinner for everyone - before we hit Lewis Black tonight.   (I've seen him once  before, live as well, and I loved it!  I think I liked it more than the rest of my family did, in fact.   I also bought a signed book from him, and I plan on getting another if they're selling them as well.    That being said, I plan on getting to his Black Christmas book soon as well, but I want to finish up some reading for Readercon and keep up with comics, too, so...)


I probably won't read all that much tonight, but I'll be done with my essay - and hopefully have submitted my application by Monday.   (Going to call and verity they have the transcripts and GRE scores first, though.)


That being said, I'm not as anxious anymore, not now that it's nearly over.   I'm feeling better, and I think setting a general sleeping pattern - in bed by ten, up by about six, sleeping in late if I can, and if I don't sleep well - and using both the relaxation of coloring books and getting sun - or faux sun via the sunlight - is really helping.   


May not be on again tonight.   

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text 2017-02-10 19:56
Reading progress update: I've read 6 out of 304 pages.
Mind Games (Lock & Mori) - Heather W. Petty

"He didn't answer and didn't look anywhere but at my lips, which I pursed subconsciously."


I loved the first book and am quite enjoying this one, as well.   But that doesn't help my annoyance at this, one of my reading pet peeves.   This use of subconsciously doing something always jars me when the person who's narrating it uses it, particularly in first person POV.  


How do you notice that soon if you're doing it subconsciously?   You're mind isn't fully aware that you're doing it, and yet you're telling us that you're doing it subconsciously.  I pick up on this immediately and it jars me out of the story. 


And the thing is, loads of authors do it, and it always feels wrong to me.   


I'd like to turn my posts a little more active, and I'm wondering if anyone else notices and is annoyed by this.   Do you?   Do you care about something like this?   It makes me grind my teeth, but I've always felt like I might be the only one.   Thoughts?

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text 2017-01-02 18:15
My first book purchase of 2017
Mind Games (Lock & Mori) - Heather W. Petty

Just thought I'd mention it here.

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