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review 2018-05-29 18:35
Mind Wreck by J.Z. Foster
Mind Wreck: Shadow Games - J.Z. Foster

This book arrived in the mail and before I could warn her, my daughter picks it up and says, “You’re reading a book with a kitty on the cover!” Then she peers closer and with a look of horror on her face sighs, “oh, of course, it’s bleeding” and drops it like a hot potato as I laughed. OF COURSE! Sheesh, what kind of monster must she think I am? And how is this child even mine?! 


I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book after reading the synopsis but it intrigued me enough to accept a review copy. It’s more dark urban fantasy than it is horror but there are enough horrific and terrifying scenarios and graphic scenes to please the dark heart of most any horror fan too. 

Matthew is going about his life unaware that life as he knows it is about to end. He’s been having scary dreams and seeing things that may or may not be there. Things that linger in dark corners. Then one not-so-fine day a talking cat enters his life. A talking cat that looks and smells a little like death and claims it is his father! As if that weren’t enough to digest, he’s told he is about to go through the “Mind Wreck” and come into powers that will force him to go on the run from a group who wants to use them for their own nefarious goings-on. Matthew is ill equipped to enter this sinister game but his daddy cat sticks around to help him out and offer advice and sarcasm. I loved the sarcasm coming from a bedraggled cat body so much.

“I just really miss having thumbs.”

This isn’t my typical kind of read but I enjoyed it. Matthew is a relatable character who just wants to meet up with his dream girl but is caught up in all of this crazy. His cat-dad is a sarcastic smart-ass who is sketchy, a little mean, secretive and always unpredictable. It kept me on my toes guessing what would happen next, it was a little gross and a little funny and it never bored me which is more than I can say for a lot of books! 

4 ½ stars

I received a copy from the author. Thanks!

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review 2018-03-24 00:00
Mind Wreck: Shadow Games
Mind Wreck: Shadow Games - J.Z. Foster Matthew Reed was living a below average life. He went from home to home in the foster care system and now he just broke up with his girlfriend, he works a minimum wage job and barely gets by. Life is about to change for him but not in a way that he would like. He’s been having bad headaches and is getting visitations from a woman who he’s not sure is real.

One night he lets a stray cat into his apartment and to his shock discovers that the cat is dead and is being controlled by the spirit of his dead father. Matthew has psionic powers and he’s growing more powerful every day in a process called the mind wreck. He’s becoming what’s referred to as a shadow, he has the power to do anything with his mind but on the downside he’s entering a game where everyone is trying to become more powerful and some are trying to kill him. He’s entered the shadow games and life will never be the same.

Mind Wreck: Shadow Games by J.Z. Foster is a paranormal suspense novel where anything goes. When I say anything I mean anything, this is an unapologetic horror novel with moments of dark humor thrown in. I think there were 10 times during the reading of this book where I thought to myself: “What the…” This is an idea that I’ve seen done in several novels yet this story comes across as fresh and original.

The best part of this book is how the story is told, there is no slow build up into the action, the book starts with a bang and throws you into the deep end of the pool without a life-preserver so to speak. I got the feeling that J.Z. Foster realized that there are several novels out there dealing with people who have psychic powers and he wondered how he can make his story different. The answer was by letting the audience come to their own conclusions on what’s happening as he runs a character who I instantly loved into terrifying situations. In the very beginning you see the character of Matthew as a normal human with a hard life but then he finds out he’s something different. He’s a shadow and shadows are nothing like humans. They live in a different world and this book is about a crazy world that’s exists within our own.

If you read that paragraph and thought to yourself that this book sound confusing, you would be right, but if you love the macabre I would urge you to read it. Even though the first part is confusing the author hooks you by giving you a character in Matthew that you immediately relate to and feel sympathy for and he has some truly horrible experiences such as almost being lobotomized by a doctor and being attacked by a demon. It’s not just a story about a down on his luck guy who finds he has powers. There’s also a love story and a story about a father and son all wrapped up in a bloody nightmare. This is a book that you have to be a real hard-core horror fan to enjoy, it’s not for the squeamish. If you can get past the violence though you’ll find a great story with great characters from an author who knows what horror fans want.
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text 2018-01-09 15:01
Reading progress update: I've read 51 out of 192 pages.
Mister Terrific, Vol. 1: Mind Games - Gianluca Gugliotta,Eric Wallace,J.G. Jones,Wayne Faucher

enjoying my re-read--the art, the stories. not sure what was so horrible about this that it went extinct by issue 8. oh well, different tastes...

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text 2018-01-05 14:57
Reading progress update: I've read 6 out of 192 pages.
Mister Terrific, Vol. 1: Mind Games - Gianluca Gugliotta,Eric Wallace,J.G. Jones,Wayne Faucher

I've read this before, and I think of it as an enjoyable 4 star graphic novel--but I never did assign the rating at Booklikes. I'll wait until after this re-read, because I know this series was canceled after issue # 8 (all issues collected here), and was not well received. I seemed to be in the distinct minority. so, I'll see if my opinion changes with this go-round, but yes, I do remember liking it a lot.

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review 2017-12-13 07:38
Sehr spannend, aber aus dem Anfang und Ende hätte man mehr machen können
Mind Games - Teri Terry,Petra Knese

Luna ist in der Welt, wo alles nur noch online zählt, eine Verweigerin und damit ziemlich alleine. Ihre Freunde, ihre Familie, ... einfach alle ... sind nahezu ständig online und von den Möglichkeiten begeistert. Als Luna auf Gecko stößt, kommt auch sie der virtuellen Welt immer näher und als sie schließlich zu dieser Insel soll, folgt ein Problem dem nächsten. Und vor allem viele Fragen.


Da ich die Gelöscht Reihe der Autorin gelesen und geliebt habe, war für mich klar, dass ich dieses Buch auch lesen muss. Vom Schreibstil und der Erzählweise her ist Mind Games der Reihe sehr ähnlich, was mir sehr gut gefallen hat.

Bei der Geschichte selbst hatte ich allerdings einige Schwierigkeiten.

Zuerst hatte ich das Gefühl, dass alles nur so vor sich herplätschert und ich war nicht wirklich gefesselt, weswegen ich nur schleppend vorankam. Das ging ungefähr bis zur Hälfte so.

Erst, als Luna auf diese Insel soll, hat mich das Buch gepackt und da wurde es richtig, richtig gut. Immer wieder tauchten Fragen oder Ereignisse auf, die man unbedingt beantwortet haben wollte. Doch als man merkte, dass es aufgrund der Seitenanzahl langsam dem Ende zugeht, war ich etwas verwirrt. Und wie ich es ahnte, kam das Ende echt schlagartig. Da hätte man noch ein bisschen rausholen können.

So, wie das Ende war, hätte ich nicht damit gerechnet und muss gestehen, dass ich etwas unzufrieden bin. Warum möchte ich nicht verraten, denn dann würde ich wohl ordentlich spoilern.


Ich war hin und hergerissen, ob ich Mind Games 3 oder 4 Sterne geben soll. Aber da ich dann doch über einige Seiten hin so sehr gefesselt war und damit positiv überrascht wurde, möchte ich knappe 4 geben.

Außerdem gefällt mir das Cover sehr gut. Es ist mal was anderes und dieses Farbspiel ist einfach klasse und passend. Der Schreibstil hat mir bereits in den anderen Büchern gefallen und da die Autorin diesem treu geblieben ist, bin ich natürlich sehr zufrieden.

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