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review 2018-03-19 13:08
The Bad Mother - Amanda Brooke

Lucy's head over heels with her husband Adam, but she's worried about what sort of mother she'll be, especially now as she keeps forgetting, things, making endless mistakes. We already know Adam isn't the person Lucy thinks he is and we have to read through countless episodes until the penny finally drops which makes Lucy one of the most irritating characters around! How could the old Lucy turn into such a drip in such a short space of time? I enjoyed some of the second half of the book but this was overrided by utter exasperation with this woman and how absolutely pathetic she was. This was well written and easy to read but I just lacked patience with the people in the book.

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review 2018-03-18 17:32
Read this
Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route - Saidiya V. Hartman

There are things that I can take for granted. I may not be able to recite my family tree by rote, and there is the question that my paternal grandmother may have been Jewish, but I know that my family hails from England, France, Canada, Lithuania, and Italy. It is something that I have taken for granted. Saidiya Hartman’s book is about, in part, having a lack of that, a lack of sense, and a lack of belonging.

It’s too glib to say that we all feel that sense of loneness. In part this is true, but many of us at least have a sense. Many of us can even break down to country and region, perhaps even a city. 
Hartman has a continent. That’s it. 

But to call this a book about a quest for self or identity is wrong. Hartman’s journey to Ghana, to uncover the story of the common slave – a slave who is not from a family of kings. The idea of a return to Africa is a return to homeland, but as Hartman points out -it isn’t quite that simple. Hartman feels out of place because the history of the slave trade depends upon the lenses – African-American versus African. IF Hartman isn’t American, then she isn’t African either. She is stateless. Her past is a commodity in both ways – as her ancestors were slaves and as their descendent returning.

So, in part, the book is about the different use of language and the different history. About the effects of slavery that we do not fully think about. The question of otherness.

There is much packed into this slim volume and it is the type of book that you mull over for days.

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review 2018-02-28 03:52
great book and great characters
A Mother's Love - Charlotte Hubbard

Rose’s mother Lydia was dying from cancer and Rose prayed all night for God to heal her. Gracie was Rose’s five year old precious daughter. Rose and her family were Amish. It had been very hard and sad this fall and winter as last summer there had been a fire at the sawmill that took Rose’s father and husbands- Nathan’s- lives. Rose’s mother had been in remission from breast cancer as a young woman for the last thirty years. After losing her husband Lydia’s cancer seem to come back with a vengeance. Lydia told Rise there was a stationary box in her drawer that would explain everything. Lydia also added not to try to find her they had promised Rose wouldn’t  After her mother passed away rose went and got the box and she found out Lydia and Myron were not her biological parents. She had been born of a sixteen year old girl during her rumspringa - Roseanne and a boy named Joel had left the Amish as he was an artist. Lydia had been crying when Roseanne’s great aunt seen her and found out because of the cancer Lydia would never be able to have her own child.  Afew hours after Rose was born it was set up for Lydia and Myron to adopt baby Rose. Roseanne stayed with Lydia and Myron for eight months  until Rose had been weaned. After she had left she went by Anne as she had left her Rose behind.  Rose went to the store owned by Sam. Rose and a man collided as he came into the shop. Sam told rose the man’s name was Matthias and he had a harness shop in Willow Ridge. Matthias asked what he could do for Rose Matthias thought about a date and he was shocked as he had not thought about another woman since Sadie his wife had died with their unborn first child  three years ago.  As Matthias was moving to Morning Star he realized this was the first time he had lived alone in his life’ He also thought how Gracie would bring this house to life. He also thought about Rose. Rose went around to neighboring time and left index cards on the message board at the plain stores  asking for work as she needed to support herself and Gracie. She got a call from the Senior Center in Morning Star to cook. They had a plain woman before and the people living there had loved her cooking. But the woman had to leave. Rose was offered the job and Gracie could be with her. After a rain storm Sherrie Rose an vacant apartment where her and Gracie could stay during the week instead of going back and forth every day. Gracie made friends with the people that lived at the center. Mathias said he would keep their horse and buggy. Rose also met her biological mother Anne and Anne’s mother in law Martha Meade.

I loved this book it showed a lot about the Amish way of life and how the Amish still sin and have to ask God to forgive them and to trust God to lead them in his will. I loved Rose and Matthias together and felt Gracie was the star of this book.  I loved Anne and her mother in law  and Sherrie also. This was just an enjoyable easy read. I couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book  and that was of course absolutely great!!!  At times I smiled and at times I choked up while reading this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

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review 2018-02-26 23:14
Are You My Mother? - P.D. Eastman

This book was used to teach me how to read. It is a simple book with repeated phrases to help with word recognition and fluency as well. I would possibly use this book if I had struggling readers 1st grade and up and for Kindergarten, I may use it for guided reading towards the end of the year.


Level: I

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review 2018-02-26 19:25
I cheated!
The Good Mother - Karen Osman
I never cheat!
But I couldn't understand why the three stories didn't seem to be intersecting. By 75% it got to me and I skipped to the end. That satisfied me that it was worth persevering...so if you're feeling tempted to do the same, just stick with it, it's worth it.
I guess it also shows how fixed my expectations are and Karen has broken the mold with this book.

I was originally prompted to read the book because the author was coming to our up-coming Lit Fest, and as she lives locally she kindly agreed to join our discussion. She was one of the winners of the Montegrappa Writing Prize, awarded annually in conjunction with the literature festival. Some pretty big names have started off as a result of this award.

Three women, Catherine, Kate and Alison, are the main characters throughout the book. Each of them has secrets that they keep to themselves. That is about as much as I can say without giving too much away so you'll just have to read it and find out more.

So I'll add a couple of quotes instead:
"As humans we are all capable of killing - all it takes is provocation and the loss of control for just one second and your life is never the same again." (loc 2468)

"She let the apology settle like a snowflake, before it evaporated into the night, lost in the void between them." (loc 2893)

This was enjoyed by our book group and they can be a pretty harsh bunch of readers at times.
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