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review 2020-01-30 14:47
ARC REVIEW Malfunction by Nina Croft

MalfunctionDark Desires Origins #1, Damn Good Sci-fi Romance! Which I'm not surprised I love her Beyond Human series and with this being the prequel to the Dark Desires series I really need to get all of those and read them. I thoroughly enjoy Nina Croft's writing, her books are immersive they pull you in and don't let go and this one is no different.

The Earth was dying, with twenty-four ships big enough to hold ten thousand people each there was a lottery the winners were the lucky ones, or as they were called "The Chosen Ones" they set off to find a new home. The crews were big enough to man each ship in fifty year rotations and their family got a free pass and an army. But after five hundred years supplies are running short and they still haven't found a new planet and now a "malfunction" is causing cryotubes to fail suffocating the person inside.

Logan Farrell is with the army his current assignment had him with the MPs and that's what they need an investigator, to make sure the failure of the cryotubes was just a malfunction. Well the Captain of the second ship doesn't quite trust the higher ups and wakes up his friend Katia Mendoza a detective with the London Police, or at least she was before they left Earth, to help investigate. Rico the captain of the second ship has his own reasons for putting in his own person on the case, he can't afford everyone to know the truth about his ship. The truth that a good portion of "The Chosen Ones" who were suppose to be on his ship were left behind and replaced by his own people, his own supernatural kind including Katia.

Together Logan and Katia try and find out who is behind the sabotage but with every step closer they get they have a new near death experience that just brings them closer and closer together. The chemistry between them is instant and hot, every spare moment they have is together. But what will Logan think when he finds out not everyone is human? 

Overall, I loved this book. The characters, the situation, humor, romance , hot hot (not limited to the bedroom) scenes. I inhaled this book and I want more!




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review 2019-02-03 21:06
Tiger of Talmare
Tiger of Talmare - Nina Croft

I was pleasantly surprised.  Melissa was bound to a death sentence working the mines after she killed someone.  The ship she was on crashes and she, with 2 other women- Leila and Darla, steal another ship.  That ship happened to be (Captain) Zachary Knight's ship.  Zach happens to be a human-tiger hybrid.    

Fast forward 10 years and Zach's wanted to for murder and Mel's team is hired to kidnap him and bring him to someone else.  I liked the interactions between Mel, Darla, and Leila. While I learned Mel and Leila's stories, I wanted a bit more.  I was pleasantly surprised at what Mel was.  Darla I know nothing about (except she is the only human on The Revenge).  Everything was wrapped up nicely, I just would have liked a little more.  There were a few things left hanging/unexplained, I think this might have been the start of a series that didn't happen.

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review 2019-01-17 01:28
Temporal Shift
Temporal Shift - Nina Croft

This picks right up where book 3 (Death Defying) left off with the Blood Hunter going into the black hole to escape their pursuers.  They find another world, an alternate/parallel universe. However, things aren't as they seem,

Saffira has spent her life being told she is the one who will save her people.  She is a "time-mancer."  She also happens to be the strongest "time-mancer" and can see the past/future.  She is very sheltered and naive.  I found her annoying.

Devlin (met him in previous book) is the leader of the rebellion.  He is hell bent on revenge for the murder of his brother.  I thought he was an asshole for most of the book and when he came around, it was too late for me.

I was disappointed in this one.  What was a good sci-fi romance got boggled down with the time travel element.  I would have liked more on the world they landed on.  Then, there's the "Old Ones."  I didn't like how they only "changed" the men.  Women need not apply.  Sexist much?

Not sure if I will read the next.  

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review 2018-07-29 20:32
Handle With Care (Saddle Cove #1) by Nina Croft
Handle With Care - Nina Croft


He's trying to outrun his past. She's trying to run toward her future. Who knew that they'd find what they sought in the most unlikely of places. In a town where image is your calling card, the good girl and the bad boy are a mismatch made in gossip that borders on heartache and strolls through heaven. Handle With Care is a calling card of the power that love has. A courageous tale of second chances, surprise romances and happy endings.

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review 2018-07-14 01:29
Death Defying
Death Defying - Nina Croft

This opens with how Tannis met Rico.  It had been hinted at, but it was good to read about her background.  Their first meeting explains so much of their friendship.  More about the Church, the Council, Meridian, Trakis Seven, Trakis One.  Callum's character was an interesting one.  He started out as an asshole, I didn't like him, but gradually eventually I did.  Tannis and Callum have a bit of a slow burn romance (if you count about a week).  There are new characters in this one and the death of 2.  I'm enjoying this series.  I like how each is about a couple, but there is a huge underlying story-line the connects each book.  I also love how the characters are in each one.  Think Firefly.  This is a chosen family.

Spoilers behind page break (mainly for my memory to help keep things straight).

For Ripped Bodice Bingo I am using this for the Extreme Location square (Space in the distant future)

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