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review 2017-06-02 16:29
Review: The Post -It Note Affair by Justine Avery
The Post-it Note Affair: ~ a Romance Nov... The Post-it Note Affair: ~ a Romance Novelette of Love Lost and Found ~ - Justine Avery

Here is a summary of what the book is about. Emily wants what every woman does: to have it all. Is that too much to ask? Emily really can't complain.  She's married to a wonderful man, her high school sweetheart, who still dotes on her as he did when her first laid eyes on her.


They have a beautiful home together, and they each enjoy successful careers. On the outside looking in, Emily has what any woman would be perfectly happy with.


But it's just not enough. Emily can't help wishing for just a bit more- for that special spark, for that thrill of something new and surprising, for the shivery tingles running down her spine. For real passion- for true romance.


She never expects to find it during the workday and definitely not in the form of a sticky note.


Just one square slip of paper with a few handwritten words, tucked mysteriously into the contents of her purse and dropped right into her small world, marks the first of a slew of sexy surprises Emily couldn't  have anticipated no matter how hard she wished for them.  She's desperately sought after every one of the special moments in store for her, and there's no question that she deserves them.


Even as Emily eagerly anticipates and thoroughly savors all of the excitement and mystery of what may come, she just can't guess the roller coaster of emotions she's soon to experience- or just how much it will change her.


And she may never guess just who- is leading her on the romantic adventure of her dreams. Just when she feels she's lost the life and love she most wants to have, she finds them- in the last place she'd ever think to look.


Wow I loved this book because it reminds you of the important things in life.


This is a very quick story there are only 7 chapters in it.


I found the storyline to be very cute and sweet. I also saw some surprises that I didn't see coming.


I would recommend this book. I believe you all would enjoy it as well.


Happy Reading Everyone!

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review 2016-04-15 19:12
THE READING Books 54-56: DEATH NOTE, volumes 7-9 (Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata)
Death Note, Vol. 9: Contact - Tsugumi Ohba,Takeshi Obata
Death Note, Vol. 8: Target - Tsugumi Ohba,Takeshi Obata
Death Note, Vol. 7: Zero - Tsugumi Ohba,Takeshi Obata
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url 2015-02-10 16:55
Anime News Network - "Police Investigate Pennsylvania Boy Over 'Death Note'"

Some news that reminded me of Wattpad comments from not too long ago.

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review 2014-03-24 03:12
Hitting the Right Note
Hitting the Right Note - Rhonda Bowen

Title: Hitting the Right Note
Author: Rhonda Bowen
Publisher: Dafina
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Hitting the Right Note" by Rhonda Bowen was one very "powerful and wonderful Christian novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat with all of its drama. Truly this Isaacs family members seemed to be something to reckon with in this well written story. I believe the two main characters JJ (Judith) Isaacs the R&B star and Simon Massri the renowned doctor were quite a pair that only God would be their for them and finally get them on the right path.It wasso very interesting how this author was able to portray this young women JJ who was a very good person so well grounded in her knowledge and belief of God and was quite the pillar for her siblings only to find that something was wrong with what was going on in personal life. As JJ gets caught up with this new 'star' life she wanted she will distance her life from her faith and even her family's approval. It was only after JJ comes in contact once again after a number of years with a Dr.Simon Massri will she be able to see her life more clearly that she isn't going in the right direction as she knew she should be travelling? Will JJ be able to break free and finally make the right choice for her life and in the end get that special someone to love?

There will be a lots going on in "Hitting the Right Note" you will have to keep up to see from this read: like from problems with a sister in law pregnancy, a producer, secret lover, the Isaac sisters, new band members and their problems, faith in God promises, new love, contracts signing on to trusting in God and knowing he will bring it all out was quite some interesting read. This is where I say to fully understand it all you must pick up "Hitting the Right Note" to see just how this author presents it so well to the reader.

The characters were simply off the chart good ...well developed, real, believable, well portrayed, colorful along with being so captivating presenting to the reader such a fascinating amazing emotional read.

When you get to the ending of "Hitting the Right Note" you are only left saying Wow that was some powerful read and Yes.....'will be hitting all the right notes!' I thought that "Hitting the Right Note" was a excellent good Christian read and that I would definitely recommend.   

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