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review 2015-09-06 17:39
Owning Violet by Monica Murphy
Owning Violet - Monica Murphy

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So I've spent the last hour or so trying to find the perfect fuck you gif. Obviously, my search was not successful. I considered using a dozen different gifs and put them together in a longer, new, gif. I don't have the time or the ability to do that, so I'll just get on with this review. The reason for my search was for a better visual of my reaction to a certain conversation. It's between our main characters, Violet and Ryder. Basically, she's creating a new product, he is working on marketing it. Ryder is (partly) talking about the model they used for the shot.

“She reminded me of you.”
“She looks like you. The dark hair, the dark eyes, and her sad expression. She looks frightened.”
“He looks like he wants to own her.”
“Doesn’t every man want to own a beautiful woman? Or at the very least, take care of her?”
“You make her sound like a possession.”
“Is there anything wrong with a man wanting to possess a woman?”
“Yes, if he’s controlling.”
“But what if she likes it? What if she wants to be possessed?”

*insert fuck you gif*

I don't know what's worse, the rape culture or the blatant misogyny. Early in the conversation they established that the woman in the picture is frightened, but given that Ryder dismisses that remark it's apparently more important that the man is able to possess her. His little "what if she likes it" at the end makes it all worse. They established that she is frightened. *deep breath* Moving on. I don't care if it's BDSM or some kink or whatever you call it, you never consider a woman (or a human being) a possession. If you do like that kind of play, go ahead. I'm all for supporting that, but Ryder does several times seem to consider people possessions (and not in the sexual/BDSM) kind of way. And to my third point, can I have a single New Adult book not reinforce the "heterosexuality is the default setting" idea? Not all men will want a woman. And even those who do, not all will want to be the one to take care of the woman. Some will be perfectly happy being the one being taken care of.

There. Sorry for rant about a single conversation, but I don't have much to say about the book itself. It's Keeping up with the Kardashians/Fifty Shades/Cruel Intention. Bad combination, if you ask me. Violet is floating by with the help of her father being CEO of a big cosmetic company. Ryder wants to use Violet, and he's up there on asshole level with Christian Grey.

I think I made it clear from the beginning that I did not like this book. Ryder is too much of an asshole. (Authors, please remember that there's a difference between a bad boy and a complete asshole.) Violet is bland, boring, and a pushover throughout the entire book. She also has a tragic past that didn't add much (read:anything) to the story. The way it was introduced/presented was troublesome. The pacing is way off. 90% lust and dragged out to the extreme. The ending was anti-climatic and left a lot of loose ends. And let's not forget the endless shaming. There was slut-shaming and virgin-shaming. Or the way the only character of color was described as "exotic".

In conclusion, Owning Violet isn't anything new when it comes to New Adult. Sadly, it's not even the worst. That doesn't say much though, when it comes to this genre. Sadly. Oh well, off to a new, and hopefully better, book.

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review 2015-01-19 00:00
Owning Violet
Owning Violet - Monica Murphy
"Doesn't every man want to own a beautiful woman? Or at the very least, take care of her?"

Dear Readers,

There wasn’t much about Owning Violet that surprised me, except how much I wound up enjoying it. For a good while after starting the book, I thought I wouldn’t even be able to finish it, so it comes as a great revelation that I gave it such a high rating. Everything about the book that might draw other reads in –  the dual first POV in present tense, the setting – are details that I usually find rather annoying in fiction. In fact, I didn’t even like the characters at first.

Violet is introduced in the novel as a character who is fragile – mentally and physically. She appears to be a woman whom is controlled by a need to please (especially her father), and is perceived as the ice queen of the Fowler sisters. She’s also extremely family oriented, and feels responsible for keeping the family name unsullied. I didn’t like this woman at first. I saw her as a woman who was so afraid to be alone, she’d let anyone with a penis walk all over her. Everybody, including herself, thinks she is a tame kitten, when it is soon clear she’s actually a lion in sheep’s clothing.

Ryder, the male MC, works as the head of packaging in Fleur Cosmetics, the business that Violet’s grandmother started, and her father heads. I absolutely hated him for about 200 pages, until I realized he experiences just as much character growth as Violet. For most of the novel, I didn’t see much difference in him than Zachary, Violet’s douche bag ex. He willfully admits to using Violet as a stepping stone (one he plans on crushing) in his attempt to work his way up the corporate ladder at Fleur. What really grates is he absolutely hates Zachary, the reason being because he thinks Zachary is a “conniving, underhanded asshole.” I found this infuriating, until I realized he was always upfront about his plan to use Violet, while Zachary professed to love her, yet cheated on her every chance he got. Meanwhile, Ryder warned Violet over and over not to trust him.

I was thankful Murphy redeemed Ryder and Violet, and allowed them the space for character growth. It made Owning Violet better for it, because there is nothing worse than reading a book where you can’t connect with the main characters. While this book won’t score any points for surprising plot twists, I really enjoyed it. Once I got into it, I couldn’t put it down and read it all in one sitting. I’d recommend this book to people who enjoy their sex hot and their business men tatted and pierced. Give Owning Violet a shot and see what you think!

 ~ One Curvy Blogger

This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger

I received this book for free from LibraryThing, Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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review 2014-12-03 16:40


I'm still trying to find the words to explain my feelings about Owning Violet...

Does it make sense to love it just as much as I was frustrated by it?? I'm just going to divide this into two parts. What I loved and what frustrated me to no end (but the good kind of invested frustration!!)

What I loved:

Violet. I love everything about her. On the outside she seems meek, mild, and timid, but when she needs to, she can be quite fierce. She is sweet and kind, and people tend to take advantage of that, but she's also incredibly strong when she needs to be. I seriously love everything about her.

It's dual POVs. Nothing makes me happier that opening a book to find this!!

That moment when you understand the book's name. After seeing the dynamics of Violet and Ryder's story, no book has been more aptly named.

That there's more to come!! I can't wait for Rose's story!!

What caused me serious frustration (Again, the good kind of frustration!!):

RYDER MCKAY!!!!!! The one line in the book that sums him up completely is: "Why do I want him one minute and loathe him the next?". After reading his back story, you totally get why he is like he is, but DEAR GOD, a more frustrating man has never been written!! He is endearing and hot, but be prepared to pull your hair out. (Oh, and about 56% in he gets REALLY interesting!!)

Pilar. That is one woman whose character has been written so well that you seriously hate her. Like really hate. She definitely adds angst to the story. As much as I hate her, the story would not have had the same depth to it without her, so she's a necessary evil.

To sum this up, you definitely need to read Owning Violet. It's gripping, it's well written, it's yummy hot, and it needs to be high up on your to-read list!! You'll be happy to be owned by Ryder McKay!!

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text 2014-11-24 14:00
GIVEAWAY: Owning Violet by Monica Murphy
Owning Violet - Monica Murphy

I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY for Monica Murphy's upcoming new release Owning Violet. If you're interested, it can be found on my blog!

Source: ayamproductions.com/2014/11/giveaway-owning-violet
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text 2014-11-12 20:46
Reading progress update: I've read 67%
Owning Violet - Monica Murphy

So, I've been struggling with this book for 3 days. I think it's time I give up on it. I just dread wanting to read it. I can't stand the d-bag anti hero & I want to smack the heroine. The sex scenes were ok & after awhile they got boring because there's so many (I know, I can't belive I'm saying that either). I even think there was some sort of plot in this book between all the sex. The secondary characters were something special too *rolls eyes*. This book had potential but, for me it missed the mark.

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