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review 2018-11-20 01:53
More or Less a Temptress (The Somerset Sisters #3) by Anna Bradley
More or Less a Temptress (The Somerset Sisters #3) - Anna Bradley

More or Less a Temptress (The Somerset Sisters #3) - Anna Bradley 


Regency romance story with a brooding man and a timid debutante. The mystery aspect kept me wondering until the end but I found it hard to connect with the characters, especially Hyacinth. I don't know if it's because I'm starting to find meek debutants tiresome or it was this heroine in particular that I din't like. Lachlan was ok for the most part but there were instances when I thought his surliness was over the top. I also found the pace a little to slow for my taste and the end was not my favorite either. Overall it was an ok read but unfortunately not the best in the series or by the author. 

* I received a copy of this book at no cost to me. This is my own opinion, not influenced by publisher or author.*

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review 2018-11-18 08:31
A Night To Remember by Celeste Bradley & Susan Donovan
A Night to Remember - Celeste Bradley,Susan Donovan

In Wedding Knight Katrina Trapp takes her nervous twin sister's place at the altar, only to find out her sister never had any intentions of marrying Alfred Theodious Knight in the first place...

This was a quick, quirky and funny little romp about a woman switching places with her sister, who ends up disappearing and leaves her in the lurch of being married to a supposed tyrant of a man. But as the two newlyweds come to get to know each other, they also rediscover themselves, and dare we hope fall in love?

I liked the two protagonists, although I felt Katrina was a tad too bratty at times, and I loved how they slowly changed for one another as they got to know each other and developed tender feelings of one another. Of course, seeing how everything was based on a switch, the inevitable twist had to come.
I felt it was resolved a little too quickly, but that's scandal for you.

A lovely little budding romance story.

In Have Mercy Winifred Mackland, having failed to deliver a good manuscript, is packed away on a forced writing retreat by her agent...Who turns out to have matchmaking tendencies...

Quick, funky and hot as hell.

Initially, I felt it was all moving a tad too quickly (even for a short story), but as it moved along, and the two got into their easy rhythm beyond jumping naked into the hot tub on the day they met, I came to love them and their little romance.

The progress and the reservations thanks to Mac's profession, was organic and realistic, and they were super cute and super hot together. Besides, the story made me smile, which is always a plus.

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text 2018-11-16 07:16
Once Upon a Duke by Eva Devon
Once Upon a Duke - Eva Devon

DNF @ 55%

Mrs. Kathryn Darrell is finally free. Her bastard of a husband is dead and she's free to come to London and finally live. She also cannot wait to experience true passion so she sets her sights on the most unattainable of bachelors, Ryder Blake, Duke of Darkwell.

Put that way, the story sounds interesting, right? Humorous, intriguing, passionate, romantic.

It could've been all that if it weren't for the hero. The man was an ass. An ass who had no idea what he really wanted. An ass that, if you ask me, didn't really love his first wife (it sounded more like gratitude for her sticking with him when his parents died), yet he truly mourned her and blamed himself...And then turned it into an art form. If he didn't let go of her, he didn't have to make an effort and everybody saw him as some sort of tortured figure.

While in truth, he was just an obnoxious asshole who had no idea what he truly wanted and once he discovered it, he chickened out and turned into an even bigger asshole.

You don't want her, fine. Keep clear, not make jealous scenes all over town. Pick a lane and stick to it.

The heroine, mind you, was no better. She also refused to fall in love, because she's been an idiot before and believed her first husband actually loved her, while he loved only her money. But she ended up falling for the aforementioned jerk anyway. She knew what he was like, he repeatedly rebuffed her, yet she kept at it. What the hell? If the guy is an ass, you steer clear, but I guess she just wanted to be the one who won him in the end, the one who changed him in the end.

I didn't feel the love between these two. He was a project for her, she was a fascination for him. End of story. This wasn't a romance, this was a forced-angst-filled slightly sexy story that focused too much on the hero's issues, making him come across as a petulant teenager.

I persevered over the half mark because I kept hoping it would get better. Half-way through, the guy was still a petulant ass, the heroine suddenly developed tender feelings for him (inexplicable and out of the blue, if you ask me), so I threw in the towel.
...And then I took a peek at the end and wanted to slap the woman until her head fell off. No, thank you.

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review 2018-11-08 14:31
ARC REVIEW No Ordinary Duke by Sophie Barnes


No Ordinary Duke (The Crawfords, #1)



The Crawfords #1, I love books where one of the main characters hides part of who they are and fall in love, I always like how they redeem themselves to the other person. In this Caleb Crawford has finally comes home after studying architecture in France to prove his father wrong only to find out both his father and older brother died in a fire and he has now inherited the Dukedum. After trying for a couple of months, Caleb is at his breaking point he needs some time away from being the duke. His best friend Viscount Aldridge, has the solution, his sister lives out in the country with two other women and take care of orphan children. Seeing as how Aldridge's sister has never meet Caleb he just introduces himself as Mr. Crawford the new caretaker. 

Mary Clemens, the daughter of a tradesman who became extraordinarily wealthy, got burned by society. She thought she fell in love with a man above her social standing but he let his father ruin the relationship and the father spread horrid rumors about her all over London. Her only escape was to disappear from London society and to live with her friend in the country and help children in need. Mary knowing her reputation was irreparably damaged she figured she'd never marry so she created a life with her two friends that was satisfying. The appearance of Mr. Crawford unsettled her because he aroused feeling in her she never had before and the fact that he was a laborer and not from society was perfect but she keeps misreading his intentions. Caleb knows Mary is special and it doesn't take him long to figure out he wants to marry her, but with her dislike of society he has to find away to reveal who he really is without completely destroying her faith in him. Unfortunately that option is taken out of his hands and now he has to repair the damage done.


Overall, I really enjoyed this one. The characters were great. Mary even though she is a strong, opinionated, plain spoken kind of woman is so use to everything be blamed on her she keeps doubting everything. Caleb dealing with his newfound status in society and figuring out that he doesn't have to let the Dukeship define and dictate who he really is. I liked the set up with Caleb's brothers with at least two more books coming I look forward to Devlin's book. The epilogue felt off it was set so far in their future it would have made more sense to be at the end of the series with a wrap up of everyone's lives and not just these two and their kids. It feels so final and I don't want to feel that at the end of book one.             


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review 2018-11-04 14:21
Rezension | Jane Austen - Jagd auf das verschollene Manuskript von Kathleen Flynn
Jane Austen - Jagd auf das verschollene ... Jane Austen - Jagd auf das verschollene Manuskript - Kathleen Flynn,Sabine Schilasky



Rachel und Liam wurden für ein ganz spezielles Projekt ausgewählt: das Jane Austen Projekt. Durch fortschrittliche Technologie reisen der Schauspieler und die Ärztin nach London in das Jahr 1815 zurück. Ziel ihrer Mission ist es, sich über Henry Austen seiner berühmten Schwester und Schriftstellerin Jane anzunähern um das verschollene Manuskript “Die Watsons” sowie Janes Briefe an ihre Schwester Cassandra zu retten.

Nach einer kurzen Eingewöhnungsphase in der Regency-Zeit finden Rachel und Liam tatsächlich Zugang zur Familie Austen. Als ihre Freundschaft zu Henry, Jane und Cassandra sich zu vertiefen beginnt, gerät die Mission jedoch in Gefahr.


Meine Meinung


Bereits das florale Cover von Kathleen Flynns Debütroman “Jane Austen – Jagd auf das verschollene Manuskript” konnte bei mir punkten. Die Kurzbeschreibung hatte mein Interesse dann völlig geweckt. Zeitreisen und Jane Austen – das musste ich einfach lesen! Schließlich schlägt mein Herz für Jane Austens wundervolle Romane und ihre spitze Zunge schon seit Jahren, und die Kreuzung mit einem Zeitreiseabenteuer klingt mehr als verlockend.


"Im Regency-London konnte einem alles Erdenkliche passieren." (Jane Austen – Jagd auf das verschollene Manuskript, Seite 19)


Kathleen Flynns Schreibstil lässt sich angenehm flüssig lesen, so dass ich keine Probleme hatte in die von ihr erschaffene Welt einzutauchen. Die Hauptprotagonisten Rachel und Liam stammen aus einer Zukunft, in der es den Menschen möglich ist durch die Zeit zu reisen. Durch diese tolle Errungenschaft erschließen sich der Menschheit unzählige Möglichkeiten, und so entstand das Jane Austen Projekt. Unter vielen Bewerbern wurde der Schauspieler Liam und die Ärztin Rachel auserkoren in das Jahr 1815 zu reisen um die Familie Austen zu infiltrieren und die Chance zu nutzen, das verschwundene Manuskript “Die Watsons” zu retten. Nachdem die Zukunft aus der Liam und Rachel stammen kurz umrissen wurde geht das Regency-Abenteuer auch gleich los.


Mit viel Liebe zum Detail lässt Kathleen Flynn die Epoche zu Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderts lebendig werden und fängt dabei die Atmosphäre in den unterschiedlichsten Situationen ein. Teegesellschaften, Einladungen zum Dinner oder Bewerbungsgespräche mit Hausbediensteten werden genauso fein gezeichnet wie die Persönlichkeiten die in diesen Szenarien wandeln. Die Geschichte wird aus Rachels Sichtweise erzählt, wodurch man einen guten Einblick bekommt, wie sich die Rolle der Frau in den letzten Jahrhunderten verändert hat. Kaum zu glauben wie mühsam es Frauen in so manchen Belangen hatten und wie gut es doch ist, als Frau im 21. Jahrhundert leben zu dürfen.


Besonders aufgeregt habe ich der Begegnung mit Kathleen Flynn’s Jane Austen entgegengefiebert. Zugegebenermaßen hatte ich etwas Angst davor, mir könnte die von der Autorin entworfene Jane nicht zusagen. Doch als es dann soweit war, und die Zeitreisenden tatsächlich der berühmten Autorin begegneten, lösten sich meine Vorbehalte in kürzester Zeit in Wohlgefallen auf.


Der Buchtitel verspricht eigentlich eine Jagd, doch wer darauf hofft wird enttäuscht werden. Passend zur beschaulichen Regency-Zeit schreitet der Handlungsverlauf eher gemächlich als nervenaufreibend spannend dahin. In meinen Augen passt der englische Originaltitel “The Jane Austen Project” um einiges besser zum Inhalt. Ich selbst habe den an Austen angelehnten Stil jedoch sehr genossen und das hat die fehlende “Jagd” auch sogleich wieder wett gemacht.


"In einer schmerzlichen Sekunde der Selbsterkenntnis wurde mir bewusst, dass ich anscheinend immer schon so gelebt hatte: schlafwandelnd, unvorbereitet, nur an mich selbst denkend." (Jane Austen – Jagd auf das verschollene Manuskript, Seite 365)


Der größere Teil des Romans spielt sich in der Regency-Zeit ab und wurde wirklich wunderbar von der Autorin ausgearbeitet. Die Details über Rachel und Liams Herkunftszeit bleiben jedoch recht schwammig und so fühlte ich mich in den abschließenden Kapiteln nicht mehr so recht zu Hause. Die beiden Zeitreisenden kehren nämlich von ihrer Mission in eine Welt zurück, deren Beständigkeit und Funktionsweise sich mir nicht erschloss. Aufgrund dieses fraglichen Romanendes ziehe ich einen Punkt in meiner Bewertung ab und vergebe 4 von 5 Grinsekatzen.




Ein vergnüglicher wie auch kreativer Zeitreiseroman der vor allem für Jane Austen Liebhaber ein stimmungsvolles Leseerlebnis bereit hält.

Source: www.bellaswonderworld.de/rezensionen/rezension-jane-austen-jagd-auf-das-verschollene-manuskript-von-kathleen-flynn
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