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text 2018-10-17 09:53
Reading progress update: I've read 202 out of 416 pages.
I See You - Gregg Hurwitz

The title on my papercopy said  I See You. A crime writer Drew woke up in a hospital bed and found himself accuse.d of killing his ex fiancée. 


He was on trail and as he didn’t remember the night it happened, deal to his medical condition of having brain tumour, he was found not guilty of the crime. 


Now that hat he is out, he wants to know for sure that he is not the one who kill his ex by finding out who really did it.


Reading this for Modern Noir square.

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text 2018-10-17 07:07
The waiting sands ran through the hourglass and sucked my time
The Waiting Sands - Susan Howatch

Full review to follow later, tomorrow maybe.


Spoiler -- Nothing happens to the dog.


I'm using this dreadful book for Cozy Mystery.  Except for the five-year interval between the main events and the resolution, all the action takes place at the remote Roshven estate and involves a small cast of just six characters.


There are no ghosts or anything else gothicky at all, other than the setting.


None of the characters were very likable or noble.  All of them except Rachel were sleazy to one degree or another.  Rachel herself was a monumental wimp.


The writing is fine, and the plot is actually quite tight and intriguing, but the characters are just awful people.

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text 2018-10-17 06:04
Replacement "Creepy Carnivals" read?
Daughter of the Burning City - Amanda Foody

I did a quick check for audiobooks with carnivals/parties/festivals in them and came across this. The main character is an illusionist working in a giant carnival. Her illusions are incredibly realistic, but not actually real, or so she thinks. Then one of them is somehow murdered. This is YA, so of course the illusionist heroine is the first illusionist to be born in a hundred years.


I have to admit, I probably would have passed this by if it weren't for Halloween Bingo. But I'm still slogging my way through my paper and e-books, so if I want that Creepy Carnivals square an audiobook seems like the best way to go. Between work-time listening and the trip back to the car dealership that I'll be making on Friday (a couple minor issues with my new car that I want them to look at), I should hopefully be able to finish it before the end of Halloween Bingo.

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text 2018-10-17 05:40
The Waiting Sands - Susan Howatch

Page 123:


The heroine is dumb as a box of hammers, and all of these characters are vile.


Page 48:


I agree with Linda about the dog - it's a St. Bernard and better not get harmed or killed. I am thinking that this is the book I was thinking of - the reference to quicksand is very familiar. It scared the crap out of me when I saw about 12!


Page 1


This is the cover on my copy of The Waiting Sands - totally lame. Also, it doesn't look anything like Scotland to me. What do you all think?


I'm getting ready to start this one, although I also need to buckle down on The Career of Evil and get it finished as it is due back to the library quite soon! I'm going to work on both of them tonight.

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text 2018-10-17 05:16
Halloween Bingo, Darkest London square
The Garden Plot - Marty Wingate

I forgot to mention that I'd be using this for the Darkest London square. It takes place in London, and using it for that square means I just have Creepy Carnivals to finish and then I have another Bingo.


I'll do a proper Halloween Bingo update later. And hopefully write some reviews.

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