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review 2019-02-24 23:46
Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid
Neanderthal Seeks Human - Penny Reid

Janie's life isn't quite what she'd hoped it would be. She'd like to be an architect, but instead she's an accountant at an architectural firm. Her boyfriend Jon is...okay. Perfectly nice and very well off, but otherwise just okay. But Janie knows she's no prize herself (even though her friends repeatedly tell her otherwise) - she's too tall, her head is too big, and she has a tendency to go on and on about topics that no one thinks are important or fascinating but her.

Unfortunately, Janie has just learned that Jon cheated on her. She has also just been fired. Since she refuses to stay in the apartment she and Jon were sharing, her best friend Elizabeth's offer to let her stay at her place is the only thing keeping her from being homeless. The one bright spot in her terrible day is Sir Handsome McHotpants, the sexy security guard who escorted her out when she was fired.

A later encounter with McHotpants, whose real name is Quinn, results in an offer that could turn her whole life around. But is this really a solution to her problems, or just a different kind of trouble?

According to my records, I downloaded this for free three years ago. The cover looked relatively cute, but the subtitle, "a smart romance," gave me knee-jerk annoyance - I disliked the implication that romances aren't generally "smart." So it sat in my e-TBR until I learned that the author will be attending a conference that my mom and I are going to in a few months.

I had a little trouble getting into this book. I get that Janie was supposed to be awkward, but the way Reid wrote her was a bit much. Her habit of blurting out unnecessary facts wasn't just present in her dialogue, but also in her narration, and there were times I ended up doing more skimming than reading. There were also some really painful secondhand embarrassment moments - most of Janie's early on-page encounters with Quinn made me cringe.

I enjoyed myself more after the job offer happened, although other things started bugging me. As good as Janie was with numbers and random facts, she didn't seem to care in the slightest about the things going on around her that could have a direct effect on her life. Like, say, Quinn's true identity. It was pretty clear there was more to him than he was saying, and his reaction to a few of Janie's statements should have made her wildly curious, even if only from a "I like this guy and want to know more about him" standpoint. But it didn't, and so she basically had to find it out by accident.

Then there was Quinn himself. I liked that he listened to Janie and noticed the sorts of things she was interested in. I'm a sucker for romance heroes who unexpectedly find themselves falling in love and don't know what to do when they're smacked in the face with their feelings. I loved Quinn's dawning horror as he realized how Janie would likely react to learning his true identity. But ugh, I hated the meal scenes.

In one, Janie and Quinn were alone in a room with a buffet-style meal with hot dogs, burgers, potato chips, and fruit. When Janie started to fix herself a plate, she was interrupted by Quinn, who'd already fixed one for her, right down to picking the condiments for her hot dogs. Janie's only comment was that the hot dogs were just the way she liked them. In another scene, Janie and Quinn were at a fancy restaurant. Janie was about to order when Quinn swooped in and ordered for the both of them without checking with her first. This time around, Janie noted in the narrative that this sort of thing would normally annoy but didn't in this instance. I ground my teeth in frustration.

The bulk of the book was first person, from Janie's POV. In the epilogue, it suddenly switched to first person from Quinn's POV. While I enjoyed the conversation between Quinn and Elizabeth, Quinn's "voice" struck me as oddly bland, not at all what I would have expected. Also, the POV switch didn't do anything beyond give Elizabeth and Quinn a chance to talk out of Janie's earshot - there was no real insight into Quinn's thoughts or life beyond the stuff readers already knew from Janie's POV.

This was certainly a quick read, but not as good as I'd hoped it would be. It looks like the other books in the series are each focused on different members of Janie's knitting group. I'm not sure whether I'll ever give any of them a go. While I liked how supportive the knitting group was as a whole, most of the individual members didn't make much of an impression on me.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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review 2019-02-22 05:33
Rules of Engagement - Mika Jolie

This is book #3, in the Platonically Complicated series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  To avoid spoilers, and to fully understand the series, I recommend reading these in order.


Lucas finds himself attracted to his best friend's sister.  He tries to hold out, since she is also his friend, but the thoughts just get more frequent and more dangerous.  When a mutual friend to them both suggests they get together, even fake, he has no idea what he is in for.


Kate is wishing she could go back in time.  To a place when she had no feelings for her brother's best friend.  Lucas intrigues her.  He also heats her up when he touches her anywhere.


Such a great series and this is a great addition!  The characters banter literally makes me laugh out loud.  I loved the friends and families and how close they are.  I also loved what a great father the leading man in this story is.  Such a joy to read!  I give this book  5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2019-02-14 14:28
BLOG TOUR Battle of the Bulge by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Battle of the Bulge

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff


From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes BATTLE OF THE BULGE, Book Four of the OHellNO Series. (A Standalone.)

“Chicks can’t be bodyguards. Especially hot chicks.”
MY NAME IS MITCH HOFER. I’m a world-famous swimmer from Australia, best known for three things: my gold medals, my looks, and filling out a swimsuit with my…eh-hem—bulky equipment. Let’s just say there’s a reason my nickname is “the Bulge.”
But beyond the fame, sponsors, and glory, there’s more to me than people know, including one hell of a mess I’ve gotten mixed up in. Life-or-death stuff, so bring in the professionals. Just don’t give me a chick bodyguard. Especially a young hot one who distracts me at every turn and hates my guts…

MY NAME IS ABI CARTER, and I hate Mitch Hofer. Yeah, he might be the sexiest champion swimmer in the world, but I’d give this guy a gold medal for being a first-class jerk.
Unfortunately, my boss has given me a choice—guard Mitch or get another job. And I really need the money. I can be professional, but if Mitch says “chicks can’t be bodyguards” one more time, I just might strangle him myself.
Still, something about the way Mitch keeps looking at me makes me think there’s more to his story. It’s almost as if he’s trying to drive me away. But why?


Another outstanding book from MJP. We first met Abi and Mitch in the last book but this book can be read as a standalone. I would still recommend reading the previous three because they are just awesome. Mimi's New Adult-Sports-Romantic-Comedy blend is typical Mimi; humorous situations, dirty jokes, characters you want to throttle at times and always a romance that hits the spot.
Abi is smart and very loyal to those she loves so when her mom hits a rough patch and is on the verge of losing everything from her business to her home Abi steps up and takes a job with her best friend's fiance, Sam, as a bodyguard. After weeks of training hell Abi is ready for her first assignment, that is until she realizes she's protecting Mitch Hofer.
Mitch has his reasons, he comes off as a chauvinist and self centered but through the first person narration you find out he's a complex guy. There is somewhat of a method to his jerkish ways. But one thing for sure he can't have Abi guarding him, or be anywhere near him. He's too attracted to her, to worried that he will once again be the cause of some he cares about getting hurt especially after she's saved his life the first time.
Overall, it's a fun read. I read it in one sitting (took me about 3ish hours), my curse I inhale her books only to regret reading it too fast. It is alternating first person POV, more Abi than Mitch, but it isn't long before you realize Mitch is more what he seems. 




About the Author

MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling romance author with over a million books sold worldwide. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dream. Mimi lives with her Latin Lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and the rat terrier duo, Snowflake and Mini Me, in Arizona. She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.
Sign up for Mimi’s mailing list for giveaways and new release news!



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Other books in the series

Smart Tass (Book #1)

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes SMART TASS, a new Romantic Comedy.
He’s the hot quarterback all the girls want.
She’s the smart girl he loves to pick on.
And now that they’re all grown up, things are about to get geekin’ ugly…
My name is Tass. I’m smart, I’m driven, and I am determined not to let prankster Hunter Johnson continue raining on my parade. When we were little, he’d pull my hair and call me names. When we were teenagers, he’d throw food and tease me for being a flat-chested virgin.
But now that we’ve ended up at the same college, he’s out of his hot head if he thinks he can keep messing with my life. It’s like he’s fixated on me or something. Well, guess what, Mr. Amazefootball? I’m not that geeky little girl anymore and you do not screw with a smart woman.
So what’s my plan?
It’s definitely wild, and he’s about to find out…

Amazon Canada: https://goo.gl/7mKAAe



Oh Henry (Book #2)

From New York Times Bestseller, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Comes OH, HENRY, Book Two of the Ohellno Series. (Stand Alone Story w/ Teaser for Next Book.)
My name is Henry Walton, and though I’ve been called many things throughout my life—tree trunk, moose, walrus—I am now six foot five, solid muscle, and the hottest defensive end in the NFL college draft. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for: fame, women, and glory.
Just one problem: I’m suddenly in a bad slump. And it started the moment I got dumped by Elle, the nerdy goddess with thick glasses, a smokin’ hot body, and a genius IQ.
So what gives? We only dated for a few weeks, and it’s not like I’ve missed her. (Much.) Regardless, all the facts point to one conclusion. Elle is my lucky nerd-charm.
So call me superstitious, but I have to get her back before I lose everything. Even if she’s the last girl I should want and she now hates my guts.



Digging A Hole (Book #3)

From New York Times Bestseller, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, comes a new Romantic Comedy.
He’s the meanest boss ever.
She’s the sweet shy intern.
They’re about to wreck each other crazy.
My name is Sydney Lucas. I am smart, deathly shy, and one hundred percent determined to make my own way in the world. Which is why I jumped at the chance to intern for Mr. Nick Brooks despite his reputation. After ten failed interviews at other companies, he was the only one offering. Plus, everyone says he knows his stuff, and surely a man as stunningly handsome as him can’t be “the devil incarnate,” right? Wrong.
Oh…that man. That freakin’ man has got to go! I’ve been on the job one week, and he’s insulted my mother, wardrobe shamed me, and managed to make me cry. Twice. Underneath that stone-cold, beautiful face is the evilest human being ever.
But I’m not going to quit. Oh no. For once in my life, I’ve got to make a stand. Only, every time I open my mouth, I can’t quite seem to muster the courage. Perhaps my revenge needs to come in another form: destroying him quietly.
Because I’ve got a secret. I’m not really just an intern, and Sydney Lucas isn’t my real name.



✦AMAZON US ➜ https://amzn.to/2tKAvYe
✦AMAZON UK ➜ https://amzn.to/2yY19Dd
✦AMAZON CA ➜ https://amzn.to/2KczELc
✦Paperback ➜ http://smarturl.it/c21lio
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review 2019-02-14 12:36
Honey Do Me (Nights In New York, #4) - Tara Starr

This book #4, in the Nights In New York series.  This title can be read as a standalone novel.  For readers enjoyment and to understand the series better, I recommend reading this series in order.


Carter is a sexy, self-aware billionaire.  He knows his assets and how to show them off.  Now being bothered by the hot enemy has made a bit of a issue for his company.  Becca and her kind are going to cost him millions.


Becca hates all Billionaires.  It is never personal.  It's all about making the money spread around further.  Carter cannot stand that thought.  What he really wants is Becca and he considers H-O-T!


Surprises are in store for the reader with this book that right from the very beginning is sexy and steaming with these enemies fighting hard.  This makes for a very fast paced read.  These characters are hot and the sparks are more than flying - they're catching all of us on fire too!  Excellent addition to the series.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given by Booksprout & its author in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2019-02-05 04:30
Book Review for Exposed Series: A Miseducation Romance by Lula Baxter
Title: Exposed
Series: A Miseducation Romance
Author: Lula Baxter
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance (standalone)
Release Date: January 23, 2019

  • File Size: 1269 KB
  • Print Length: 356 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

“This is your audience, Prynne. Eight-million people outside that window, waiting to see what you have to offer.”
She chose the hotel for the view of New York.
I chose the hotel for New York’s view of me.
It’s her own fault for knocking on my hotel room door.
Didn’t she learn not to talk to strangers?
You never know what state of dress—or in my case, undress— you’ll find them in.
As it turns out, she’s trying to finish a romance novel.
There’s just one, tiny little problem.
One I’m more than happy to help her out with.
My one and only rule:
The curtains stay open. Always.
I know underneath that facade of innocence is a woman longing to be seen.
Soon all interest in that romance novel is lost in the world of public exploration.
The risk of getting caught is exciting…
…until both our secrets are EXPOSED.
This is an ultra-sexy Stand Alone in the Miseducation Romance series with a Happy Ending. You do not have to read the others in the series to enjoy this one.
WARNING: This book includes a lot of full-frontal, birthday suit, bare it all, steamy scenes…mostly in front of windows, as well as filthy, dirty language so 18+ only!

Let's start off by say this is is a new author for us and we really enjoyed our first book from them and we are so looking forward to books to come in this ongoing series.

Prynne and Rhy's we wonderful character's they were pure delight to read about.I have been in such a book funk of late after reading a couple of series that I had to finish up and review but, did not enjoy at all and in doing so took forever to finish so I haven't been reading as I normally do.

Well? were are back ! This book was the perfect book to bring me out of my reading slump!

We loved the plot and we loved the character's as it just proved that opposites do attract! lol The story had me constantly smiling the entire story as the story was one of those fell good books filled with humor and was so much fun and something different and daring and filled with a little bit of kink to spice ones life up.Just thinking about some of those kink sessions has me laughing in my head as I am writing this review.

Rhy's OMG! he was my favorite in this current story and he made me laugh the entire time.I could just imagine what that sexy voice sounded like and what it did to a women's body.One seductive look and that sexy voice felt like a sweet caress to a women's body every time he opened his mouth.

Prynne- "His velvety voice turns them into veritable diamonds."

I found Rhy's to be funny,sexy,kind,passionate,sexy as all get out but,most of all I loved how he felt comfortable in his own skin.

"I love being a medium for others to air their own bits of exhibitionism, spilling their secrets, desires, and sexual adventures for the world to voyeuristic-ally devour."

I loved his constant teasing when he was around Prynne. I loved listening to him as he did his job he was so much fun to listen to him as well his listeners as I laughed out loud time and time again but, my jaw dropped when his father talked to him about some of those stories because, when you get to know his dad you will see why...lol

Prynne she was a pleasant delight.Her shyness and nativity was cute and funny and below the surface there was a bad girl wanting to come out.When she finally let's loose let's just say we were so surprised how she dirtied up rather quickly.From saint to sinner....


Overall we loved the story from cover to cover! I was hooked the minute Rhy's opened his is hotel room's door!

5 stars from us

I am a lover of sinfully sexy romance. Alpha males who combine intelligence, wit, and charm, with that tiny bit of dominance and aggression to spice things up. Heroines, who have their own sinfully sexy side.
When I’m not typing away at my keyboard, in between sips of wine, you can find me out exploring New York City, where I live… or some other far away place, finding fodder for my novels.

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