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review 2017-07-20 21:03
Wept Tons of Tears
Watership Down - Richard Adams

Seriously! How is no one on Booklikes or Goodreads going to give a girl a warning about making sure she had some tissues! I was a mess. Over rabbits!


I have been meaning to read this book in 2017 so am glad I finally got it completed. It was a pain though since my Overdrive borrow only allows me to read it via my Kindle or cell phone. It doesn't work on Amazon's Cloud Reader (via computer) so keep that in mind when you are borrowing this book.


"Watership Down" starts off with Fiver who has a terrifying vision. He is scared almost to death that the warren he currently lives in is not long for this world. He goes off to tell his brother Hazel (yes the names did mess with me) who then decides to go and tell the chief rabbit they need to evacuate. They of course like many men/women playing Cassandra are ignored. 

Eventually Fiver and Hazel convince some other rabbits (Bigwig, Dandelion, Silver, and others).


I really liked the dark fairy tale aspect of this story. A story about rabbits should not mess with you as much as this did with me. Honestly it reminded me a little of The Secret of NIMH. And that damn movie scarred me for life. 


I really enjoyed all of the characters and they felt like living and breathing people. I wanted our gang of rabbits to be okay and was scared to death that they were about to be ripped from me in some brutal way. Also why are kids reading this book? I would have been a mess at 7 or 8 reading this. 


The writing was top notch. There is a language that Adams makes up called lapine that is rabbit speak. So a few times I had to stop and say wait what is this word. But other than that, no big issues. I did think that the flow was off here and there, but I ignored it. I think the tales of the mystical El-ahrairah just got a bit much and that's the parts of the book I did skim towards the end.


The setting of something that in my eyes equals peace and tranquility (the woods, a meadow, etc.) becomes something dark and sinister in this book. I kind of loved it.


A great ending that had me sniffling and reaching for my tissues. 



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text 2017-07-18 14:35
DNF at 53%
Shardik - Richard Adams


Half of the inner ramblings (yes, we know you're an idiot, get over it and move on!) and the info dumps about the bear cult could have been removed without losing anything of the story.


Maybe I'll try this again later, but I doubt it.




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text 2017-07-16 23:51
Reading progress update: I've read 15%.
Watership Down - Richard Adams

So far enjoying. Though the rabbits name are a bit much. I like Hazel and Fiver. Now the group that has left the warren has come across other rabbits. 

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text 2017-07-07 02:20
Personal Canon - Watership Down
Watership Down - Richard Adams

Watership Down

Richard Adams

First Read: 3rd/4th grade


                 I first read Watership Down after seeing the cartoon.  I was dusting my parents’ bookcase, and boom there the book was.  So, I read it and loved it.  Except for that one chapter.


                The basic plot of Watership is a quest by a group of rabbits as they try to find, first, a home and then female rabbits.  The rabbits have a trickster god called El-ahrairah.  The chapter that freaked me out when I first read it was a story about El-ahrairah going to the Black Rabbit (death).  El-ahrairah wanted to save his people so he gambled with the Black Rabbit.  Each time he lost, he lost body parts.  His ears were replaced with cabbage leaves and so on.  It freaked me out.  Really freaked me out.  It was the only time I ever needed a night light.


                It was the cabbage leaves.


                Yet, even this chapter couldn’t kill my love for the book.  I re-read pretty much every year though college.  Until high school, I skipped that scary chapter.  But then I read it again and loved it.


                The great thing about Watership Down is the whole language.  The whole world building.  The characters – Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Dandelion, Blackberry, Pippin, and Keehar (who is not a rabbit).


                I love those characters.  I love this book.

                Rabbits taught me much.


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text 2017-05-19 16:56
Booklikes-opoly: Roll! Tomorrowland 36! and Fantasyland 7!
The Good Earth - Pearl S. Buck
Watership Down - Richard Adams


I rolled a 4 and they are doubles so I get another roll. I landed on this:



I swear I have landed on this thing like 10 times. I am exaggerating, but it feels like it.



I rolled an 8. So that means I landed here:



Will post my reads for this in a bit. Heading to lunch with friends. 


Updated: You guys rock with the lists! I found out The Good Earth fits the SPACE space due to Pearl S. Buck having a name that spells out space. Going to read Watership Down for my second book though. I have been meaning to read it this year, so at least now I can check off something on another list. 

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