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review 2015-12-23 06:02
Love Slave for Two ~ Audiobook
Love Slave for Two - Tymber Dalton,Sierra Kline,Siren-BookStrand



This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com


I really enjoyed this story, there were parts where Nevvie drove me crazy….like  why she stayed with Alex for so long….I just don’t understand why some people put up with being treated so horribly…..but we do get to see Nevvie grow into a stronger person by the end of the book.  Nevvie and her boy’s are a bit broken and by the end they each play a big part in healing the wounds they each have carried for so long. 


Tymber Dalton writes some of the best ménage books I have ever read, for me it is because of her character development, you really get to know the characters in her stories (her Coffeeshop Coven series is one of my favorites)


Sierra Kline is a new to me narrator and I thought she did a great job with the voices and the accents for both Tyler and Thomas. I would try other books that she narrates.   

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review 2013-12-02 18:42
The Pen and the Sword by Jana Downs
The Pen and the Sword - Jana Downs

3 1/2 - 4 Hearts


Beast Games 02


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews 


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Flavius is the gladiator master who doesn’t see his slaves as just beasts, he is trying to improve the lot of his slaves so they have more freedom but his own secret feelings for Corbin could lose them everything. Corbin, Flavius’ Lanista, wants nothing more than to be able to claim his mate but a relationship between a master and slave is forbidden, punishable by jail time for the master. Flavius fights his feelings for Corbin but Corbin won’t allow him to back off, then a deep dark secret about Flavius is discovered and Flavius’ household must pull together or lose everything.
Ah we finally get the story about Flavius and Corbin, we all saw the tension between them in Cat and Mouse but now we see the full struggle that they both faced and we discover just how hard it has been for both of them. Flavius is doing the best he can with his gladiator house, but keeping away from Corbin proves to be impossible. Corbin wishes he could claim the one meant for him and refuses to be pushed away, hoping to find a solution he pursues his master but things become more complicated. Both Flavius and Corbin are shocked when the truth comes out and they have to rely on each other for support and can only hope for the future.
This is a brilliant story in a setting where shifters are slaves and humans the masters, using the shifters natures as a guide to their placing in the human world and having clear guidelines on shifter laws. Both Corbin and Flavius are in a difficult position with their forbidden relationship, Flavius tries to deny what is between them because of the laws and Corbin is beginning to no longer care about the laws. At the gladiator games it comes to a head between them and they have to turn to their household gladiators for help. Flavius makes some surprising connections and Flavius’ slaves are about to get a freedom they have never had before.
This story feels very much like it continues on from Cat and Mouse and in a way it does because we got to see from the outside Corbin’s & Flavius’s relationship in Cat and Mouse so we knew there was something between them, it also carries on with the changing household situation for all the slaves with Flavius wanting fairer treatment for the slaves even before he learned the truth. The relationship between Corbin and Flavius is really well written with the conflicting emotions between following their hearts or following the law, dealing with the new discoveries and making surprising allies. They are a perfect couple in a very difficult situation.
I recommend this to those who love shifters in tight situations, a master trying to do the right thing, fighting the heart and losing, accepting fate, hot sex, a great storyline and a new beginning with hope for the future.
Source: mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com
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review 2013-11-26 20:28
Fate is a Series of Choices we Make by Jane Wallace-Knight
Fate Is a Series of Choices We Make - Jane Wallace-Knight

3 - 3 1/2 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


The Wolves of Greenwich 02


This book is part of a series and must be read in order. In the aftermath of the kidnapping in The Holy Trinity Joey is left keeping Sam's mum company and trying to explain things to her, he is surprised when his mate walks through the door and he is human, and straight. Kieran is finding it hard to believe everything that has been revealed to him but with Joey guiding the way he begins to get a handle on it, that is until he begins to have feelings for Joey. Struggling with his torn feelings for two people, his ex-girlfriend and Joey, Kieran doesn't know which way to turn and he resents that the choice might be taken out of his hands. Joey can only stand by and hope that Kieran will stop fighting fate, but Joey is encouraged to open his heart to Kieran.
This story continues on from The Holy Trinity Sam's brother Kieran in the starring role. This is a great continuation of The Wolves of Greenwich as Kieran gets pulled into his brothers new found world, there is lots of soul searching for Kieran as he falls for Joey, a fact that has him confused and then angry as he thinks his choice has been taken from him. Joey is perfect as the patient wolf, biding his time until his mate learns to accept him. Things get passionate between them but Kieran has more that just a mating to think about when Joey gets carried away, and angst follows as Kieran has to decide what he wants.
I enjoyed this story and liked getting a glimpse of Sam, Jackson and Alek. Kieran is really torn over what he thought he would always have and what fate says he should have, finding himself attracted to a man really does shake him up especially as he isn't sure that he still doesn't want the ex. Joey is really patient and has a hard time coping while Kieran decides what he wants, and I liked it when he took matters into his own hands. While Kieran and Joey work out their relationship we see Sam still trying to find the man who took him to Rita's when he was a boy, and we see poor Luka who isn't coping. 
I recommend this to those who love shifters, friends to lovers and mates, struggling with choices of the heart, hot sex and a great ending. 
Source: mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com
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review 2013-10-09 13:49
Bound by Desire by Jana Downs
Bound by Desire - Jana Downs

4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This book is part of a series and is best read in order. When Trev was handed over to his new master, when he was chosen for the lottery, he was worried but that worry soon turned to love, now heading for Earth with Yanai he wants his feelings returned or he wants his freedom. Yanai is besotted with his human and will do anything for him, but Trev always seems to reject what is offered and Yanai does the only thing he can think of... he lets Trev go. Can Yanai and Trev overcome their miscommunication of their customs or is it too late for them to share their love with each other?
So in this new addition to the Owned series Trev has already been with his owner for nearly a year, so the relationship is already well established but that doesn't mean that everything is perfect.... far from it. Trev wants more than to be a beloved pet to Yanai so when Yanai refuses to give Trev his heart Trev asks to be released when they reach Earth. Yanai is devastated when Trev wants to leave him but his only other option would be to give Trev his heart... and he can't live without it. 
It soon becomes clear to us that there are huge misunderstandings going on between the two lovers, even after nearly a year neither really knows much about the others customs and it takes a while and also some nagging from the gray men for Trev to realize it isn't all Yanai's fault either. Now while they both try to reconcile and express themselves in a way the other fully understands there is more going on in the background of the story. Yanai wins another human in the lottery which Trev is unhappy about, but they have much more to be concerned about when the Pressian's turn up demanding the return of Trev. 
I really love this series because with each one we are introduced to more information about the Pressian's and their subjugation of the Eoeans, but finally we are given a hint that maybe the Pressian's bullying might be coming to an end. Trev and Yanai are wonderful characters who are incredibly in love with each other they just didn't know how to communicate with each other, they are an incredible hot couple who burn up the sheets and give us some really hot sex. We see characters from Bound By Deception, and you even warm up to the gray men after a while because they certainly develop as we see more of them.  
I have to recommend this to those who love aliens and humans falling in love, reconciling after misunderstandings, hot sex, passionate love, a desperate escape and a wonderful romantic, hot and sexy ending.
Source: mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com
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