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photo 2021-09-24 07:58
How to Speed up Page Load Time

Optimizing page speed highly depends on the infrastructure behind the servers. When you have a dedicated website host, your page speeds up a lot faster as compared to shared servers. Use CDN and GZip. Decreasing the size without compromising the quality of the images is possible by using optimization plugins. By removing unnecessary characters, spaces, commas, comments, and unused codes, you make it easier for the page to load faster. If you need professional help then it is best to seek help from the experts of a web development company in Salt Lake City, UT.

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photo 2021-09-24 07:48
Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Your Page Speed

Page speed affects user experience, which, in turn, affects how users respond to your website. Bounce rate is greatly affected by page speed. A slow-loading site could cause problems when processing transactions, and this will bring into question the reliability of your business. Page speed does not only matter to your site visitors. It also matters to Google. Connect with the professional web developer in Salt Lake City, UT who can help you monitor your website speed. If your bounce rates are high and your page loading speed is slow, your website is likely to be ranked low on search results. 

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photo 2021-08-25 06:32
Reasons Your WordPress Website Is Loading Slowly

Making sure that your website is responsive and loads quickly is a must. It helps retain your visitors and boosts your website’s rank on its search engine results page. You will have to pay a little extra for their services, but high-quality services mean that your website can perform at peak efficiency. Lower the physical distance between the server and the visitor. Spend time to optimize the pictures. Connect with the professional web designers in Aurora, CO who can help you monitor your website speed. 

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photo 2021-06-04 06:46
Ways to Increase Website Speed

Your website speed is crucial to your online success. one of the most basic considerations is to provide a website speed that's fast enough that the customer doesn't have to wait too long and thereby lose interest. Figure out how many requests your website makes and take steps to reduce that number. Minifying your files can reduce their size by more than 70%. Optimizing images help reduce the file size of the image without having a large effect on its quality. Regularly check all your redirects to ensure that they're all necessary. Connect with the professional website developers in Clearwater, FL who can help you monitor your website speed. 

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photo 2021-05-05 07:36
Tips for Optimizing Your Website’s Speed

Web page speed and performance are extremely important to the user experience. If your site is too slow, you’ll not only be losing visitors, but also potential customers. Image files are big and heavy; they can slow down the page-loading speeds of web pages. Instead of inline JavaScript and CSS files, it’s best to place them in external files. Instead of resizing an image using HTML, resize it using an image editor like Photoshop and then save it as a new file. Writing code efficiently not only reduces the file sizes of your HTML and CSS documents but also makes them easier to maintain. Connect with the professional website developers in Clearwater, FL who can help you monitor your website speed and keep it at the best possible level by regularly conducting speed tests and making sure that every element of your website is necessary. 

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