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text 2019-08-21 07:01
Roles and responsibilities of a teacher


Although it might be believed that the role of a teacher is simply to teach students their seven or so subjects, their responsibilities go well beyond that. For most teachers, the majority of their time is spent inside classrooms, and any time off is generally spent planning. However, that is just one part of the story. In reality, a teacher is responsible for far more than regular education. Being in control of nearly all aspects of a child’s development, the burden that rests on the shoulder of teachers is immense. In fact, teachers can be called as the architects of the future, and that is not wrong in the slightest. 


As the quote by Albert Einstein states;


"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."


Teachers are responsible for the administration of education thoroughly and holistically. Education isn’t just based on the memorization of figures and text but how to apply oneself in the best way possible in real-world situations. Students that have received a quality education will go on to become leaders of the future, and that is just too big a risk to take with improper teaching. 


Since teachers spend so much time with students daily, they essentially become their caretakers in many ways. Aside from delivering standardized education, teachers can understand their student’s needs and cater to them suitably. Due to their seniority in both age and experience, students can confide in their teachers, and that makes them trustworthy. The role of a teacher in the life of a student and the entire education system, in general, is immense. Some of the most important responsibilities and roles teachers play are listed below.


Encourage lifelong learning


Teachers not only have a responsibility of teaching a certain class, but they also have to lay the groundwork for all the learning that is to take place after this point. For that to be successful, teachers need to encourage the desire to know more and acquire knowledge. Although doing so might be tricky in students that consider education to be a burden, it is the teacher's duty, to be frank with their students, and do their best to devise proper solutions. Like their students, teachers must also keep a student mindset that is aimed at learning about their students, and ways to improve themselves professionally. Similarly, this mindset must also be promoted to students, as this will become the platform for all subsequently gained education. 


Make studying a collaborative effort


The education a teacher delivers can be described as a two-stage process, the teacher must educate, and the students must accept that education. Therefore, being experts in their fields, teachers must make sure that students are receptive to their efforts at educating them. By planning for ahead and establishing proper schedules, a teacher can design plans that are designed to increase overall academic performance. A teacher can utilize the power of offering their support and giving perspectives on the issues students face, as well as responding to any feedback reciprocated from students. If there is anything that the teacher feels that could be changed, it should be done so as advancements and improvements in any fields are beneficial for everyone involved.


Help fresh teachers


Effective teaching is not only limited to students, but also the teachers themselves. Just as in nearly every fields, there are beginners and professionals, teaching is made up of professionals and newcomers. As such, it may be necessary to acclimatize new teachers to the responsibility they’re about to face, and that role is to be played by experienced teachers themselves. As an instance, new teachers must refrain from advising students to look for the business editing services they can afford without trying it themselves first. All teachers, no matter how experienced, are aware of the first few days of their teaching career. They know that in handling this immense responsibility, there is no room for trial and error. Most new teachers are just looking for a bit of assistance from the experts, just to get up on their feet. Therefore, by supporting newer teachers at their jobs, it is possible to create a productive environment that fosters care, wellbeing and trust.


Work on improving the educational system


A part of a teacher's responsibility is to ensure the mutual development of both students, and the educational system they study in. Teachers realize that any weak link in the path of educating a student can become a hindrance, and should be eliminated at all costs. The grades of a student excelling in one subject and failing in the other can be severely impacted. Therefore, teachers need to realize that by keeping the complete education system in running order, not only will the students be benefitted, but also the teachers themselves. By incorporating an element of respect, leadership, and continuous improvement, it is possible to raise students that will go on to become leaders of the future. This is achieved through a meticulous search for improvement areas such as environment, curriculum, and student development.


Refine their teaching methodologies


Unlike other fields that primarily rely on learned information, the key to being an effective teacher is to analyze the students and apply tailored methods for maximum effect. For teaching and education to be effective, there needs to be an active effort from the teacher side to improve their teaching methods over time. The best indicator of a working teaching method is a successful student, and the teacher has every right to take the credit. They need to realize that the collaborative effort of the teachings team, in addition to any other faculty members, are collectively responsible for the success of students. Similarly, there needs to be an understanding between teachers and students that provides insight into the positive and negative aspects of the education process. The positives can then be strengthened, while the negatives can be rectified.


Actively inspire legislators


As federal and state policies are what govern the realm of education, teachers play a major role in influencing and guiding those that make those policies in the first place. The perspectives and standpoints offered by teachers in regards to educating newer generations are irreplaceable, and that makes it vital for teachers to ensure the proper application and structuring of relevant policies. Teachers have the prerequisite experience in their field, alongside concrete data that may be used to assist those in power to make policies suitably. Since teachers are among the upper echelons of society in terms of respect and trust, their opinions in these matters are highly valued, and they can have significant influence over those elected fairly, to maximize mutual benefits.


Engage in discussions with other teachers


Since teaching is a joint effort between all members of the faculty to educate effectively, not having discussions can be a major detriment. There may be discrepancies in teaching methodologies that might not be compatible with the current system, or may not be delivering the results needed. This is also true as teachers that follow the classic model of education need to be aware of modern teaching methods, and vice versa. The essence of effective education revolves around the entire teaching staff working in sync, and as one cohesive unit. This cooperation serves to be beneficial for the teachers, management, students, and everyone involved.



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text 2019-07-02 11:01
How Teachers Can Help Students Deal With Mental Health


Whether you are a third grader or a university student – anxiety and stress are both part and parcel of being a student. In fact, both of these mental health concerns have been detected by almost every teacher in every school. That is how common mental health is yet sadly, not much is discussed about this tabooed topic.


Mental health has led to many people taking their lives or causing themselves voluntary pain. For this reason, it is of paramount importance teachers equip themselves about mental health to better help and support students who are suffering.


Here are the ways teachers can help:


1. One-on-one Meetings



Students who suffer from mental health are either not aware of their emotions and actions – or, they are aware but are too shy and scared to open up to someone about it. Many a time, students want to open up about their mental health but shy away from doing so in the fear that they will be judged and misunderstood.


This is why teachers are encouraged to conduct personal meetings with students and understand what the causes of these emotional outbursts are. What are the factors causing them stress and anxiety? What are the things that trigger their emotions from going to normal to haywire? What are the things they find useful in preventing mental health outbreaks?


These meetings should take place either before or after class to let the student know they are supported and their efforts are appreciated.


2. Creating Coping Strategies



Teachers and students are both required to sit down together and list down the strategies that will help students in combatting these withdrawals. This could be anything from taking a brief walk in the school park or practice breathing exercises when an anxiety attack seems to be approaching. More ideas can be suggested by the students themselves and can be adjusted to their routine at home and school. Similarly, many students are stressed because of their dissertations not getting approved because of weak dissertation proposals. Encourage them to take dissertation proposal writing help to eliminate stress.


3. Validation



Before jumping to problem-solving these concerns, it is always a good idea to first validate the student’s feelings. Students are already overwhelmed by their racing thoughts and anxiety attacks, and would rather be calmed down first with validation instead of jumping to problem-solving.


So saying things like “I have been in your shoes before” or “What you are feeling is relevant and valid” can easily calm the student down and may even halve their anxiety just by the use of some caring words.


The thing teachers should be careful of is shaming their students for feeling anxiety and/or depression. Rather, they should create an open and friendly space for them to voice their feelings and thoughts.


4. Providing Additional Help



In extreme cases, many students may still want to seek additional assistance and thus should be referred to student counselors or psychologists. This could be because students are experiencing major mental health symptoms which require assistance from mental health care professionals and not local student counselors.


For students whose mental health symptoms are severe and unmanageable, they may be suggested to undergo special education programs and receive additional support.

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text 2019-06-15 08:13
Time Saving Tricks For Students


Being a student, you might’ve become accustomed to getting things done on a moment’s notice. Having a habit of delaying things for the end, and giving a little too much time to hedonistic pleasures which is one of the worst things you can do. It is always beneficial to develop healthy habits that help you in your day to day life, rather than habits that just seek to make your life miserable. In this case, time is the most precious resource any student can have, particularly as nearly every sort of project or deadline comes with its own definite deadline.


For this reason, any student that wishes to get their work done in time and guarantee a high level of quality needs to get their time-saving skills in order. In this case, you need to treat time as a resource and try to find ways you can save it. For your utmost convenience, we have compiled a list of tricks you can use to save time and make sure to use this vital resource judiciously.


Complete one task before moving to the next



You might have noticed that if you attempt to handle a couple of tasks at a single time, it merely results in neither of the tasks being completed on time. There has been quite a lot of research that has taken place, and the end result is always that humans cannot multitask any better. Instead of trying to juggle multiple things at the same time, it is much better to handle a single task and complete it to fruition. That way, not only will you be able to guarantee quality work, but will also be able to get your thoughts in order. However, you can also try and delegate tasks to further speed up the process. For instance, if you have an essay pending and need to submit it on time, you can easily get in touch with a reputable essay writing service and have them handle the task for you.


Avoid unnecessary meetings



We understand that being a student, you might have a vibrant social life that needs to be maintained. It isn't wrong too, as making proper social connections while in school is incredibly beneficial later on in your life. However, you need to remember that not all social interactions need to be attended. We are explicitly mentioning those interactions that take palace spontaneously and for no apparent reason. You are free to meet up with your friends if, let's say, you had been planning to go watch a movie for the past week or so. However, receiving a call or text message from your friend calling you to go grocery shopping randomly should be dealt with a simple "no, thank you."


Make sure to stay well-rested


If you feel like you are under pressure due to a number of assignments piling atop your head, you might think it's fine to pull an all-nighter every once in a while. After all, your tasks are important and need to be completed on time. However, you need to realize that no matter how much time you have to complete a task, the whole thing boils down to your ability to complete it. Your body and mind are designed to work in short bursts, with the time in between spent resting and recuperating. If you are feeling tired and have to get a task done, take a nap for an hour or so and try to do it again. You will notice a significant increase in your productivity, which would lead to the task being completed a lot sooner.


Prioritize your tasks



It is effortless to spend time doing tasks that are completely useless in terms of impact. It is natural to want to complete easier tasks sooner as we think that having less work at hand will expedite the completion of other difficult tasks. However, that isn't really the case as most of the time, we often end up underestimating the time needed to complete even simple errands. There is also the possibility of an unseen delay or an urgency popping up at the last minute. You might also have to redo the task all over again if you fail. For this reason, it is best to prioritize your tasks and finish important and urgent ones sooner.


Keep distractions to a minimum



Since almost everyone these days carries a smartphone with them at all times, it is quite natural for a simple time check to turn into a TV show binging session. Pairing this with the fact that your smartphone is the perfect medium for advertisements in the form of notifications, it becomes a lot more important for you to keep tabs on its usage. You can try and disable notifications from all your social media apps at the time you're working on something. Alternatively, you can also leave your smartphone in another room while you are studying. By doing so, not only will you get your work done quicker, but also be able to save time to attend to other matters.


Prepare your meals in one go



Unlike home environments, where it is absolutely possible for you to cook for yourself three times a day, you will not have such freedom if you are currently enrolled in school. In this case, it is much better to cook your meals in bulk in a single day and refrigerate them for the next few days. That way, all you have to do is microwave your meals and eat them. This is far better than cooking for yourself every time you feel hungry and resorting to prepackaged meals such as noodles and such.


Make a to-do list


Arguably the most tried and tested method, making a to-do list to follow is one of the best ways you can save time. Having a visible list in front of you to follow is a great way to focus your thoughts and prioritize your tasks efficiently. In many cases, the existence of a list not only serves as a way for you to order your errands but also come up with sound strategies to save time along the way. For example, if you have to go grocery shopping and deposit the book at the library, you can just go to the library first and then visit the supermarket in one go. This is much better than going to these places at different times, and it is a good way to save time.


Look for ways to improve your performance


One of the biggest reasons why students end up wasting time is because of their inefficiency. No matter what errand you have to run, you need to come up with ways to expedite the process and find a balance between effort and time. This is a process of continuous learning, and you need to look at things critically to find ways you can improve them. Even a saving of a few minutes per task can add up to become an hour left free at the end of your day. Considering time to be a resource is the best way you can save and manage it, akin to money and other resources. 

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text 2019-06-14 06:13
How to Create a Mistake Free Research Paper?

College and research papers go together. Check out top business colleges. Your professors might have already told you but you need to follow some certain steps to create an effective research paper for your major and subject. A research paper is actually an academic paper that requires you to have significant data and do in-depth research on some particular topic.


  • Select Topic and Notes: First you must select the topic on which you want to do your paper. It is best if you do it on a topic that you have interest in and makes you curious. Choosing a topic with overwhelming resources could get a little difficult to work with. Learn all the essential information and take down notes so that you know what to mention in your paper which are vital to your research. There are so many top technology colleges out there which you could try for where research is an integral part.


  • Outline, First Draft and Final Paper: Write your outline and then do the first draft. Structure the sentences and the paragraph and give life to your work. With that, you must submit the draft to your professor to get an opinion on what to add and what not to add. After all, the mistakes have been rectified write and edit and submit the final paper.


When taking admission in a college you could apply for grants and auto loans for students. Keep these tips in mind to get a high percentage of marks for your research paper.

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text 2019-06-14 00:02
Are you looking For A level chemistry tuition in Singapore?

Chemistry is one of the interesting subjects from which people have learned so much and some of them made a good use of it and made chemicals for our daily use like bathing, food preservatives, medicines, and many more things and chemistry is surely an interesting subject but it is not as much as famous in the students and many of the students don’t find it interesting and due to which they starts to get lost grades in the subject and after a certain point of time they starts to get afraid from the subject which should not be done.


There are many students who want to learn chemistry but due to the lack of teacher available students have no way to learn chemistry and because of this many students got to fail. There are many teachers who teach 50 to 60 students in a class and due to this they do not take proper attention to every student and due to which some students who feel shy in class to ask questions would become less interested in the subject and they start to lose their interest as well as grade and many of the teachers do not a have a planned curriculum for the students so that they have a path which students have to go forward to learn basics chemistry to advanced chemistry which can make a student interested in chemistry.


How we can help you to have good grades in chemistry?


We are one of the tuition classes which is comprised of the skilled and professional teachers who know how to teach students and how to develop an interest in them by learning the basics of chemistry and then take their journey of learning from basics to advance chemistry.

Our teachers have the planned curriculum for the students which makes them interested in the chemistry as the curriculum is designed as such it covers all the basics and advanced perspective of chemistry in their syllabus which not only makes them interested in chemistry they can also score higher grades in the subject. Due to our teacher's skills and expertise we are one of the A level chemistry tuition in Singapore our teachers’s take care every of the student and our team take tests from each of the students so that they can see how much improvement has come in each of the students so that we can improve that student further.


Private tuition Singapore


There are many students who want to learn chemistry or any other subject but they always feels shy in the crowd which makes them less interested in group classes or there are many of the students who are weak in chemistry but they need special attention in chemistry for all those students they can learn chemistry by conducting private tuitions and they can learn chemistry alone from the teacher which would take the advantage to the student to ask basic questions which he cannot ask in the group and by special attention of teacher he can learn chemistry more.

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