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text 2018-11-16 06:46
Five Useful Tips that Make Study Lamp Buying Convenient

Studying in the emptiness of the night, when there is no hurly-burly of the outside noise, is something that everyone prefers. But, in the loneliness of nights, when you have planned to carry out your reading or studies, others may not be happy with your lighting-up-the-dark act.
Study lamp could prove to be one useful lighting unit, that could help you focus well on the work at hand. These lamps are specifically designed to focus on the work at hand, making things convenient for you.
Also, these lamps come in a variety of designs, suiting the interiors of modern times. Built-in modular styles, these lamps are much suited to the interiors of modern times.
As per one’s purpose, there are a lot of varieties, such as there is the study lamp with clipper at the base, study lamp with a pivotal arm, flexible arm, and many more.
There are so many varieties of these lamps, varying in their designs and purposes.
With so many of the varieties of these study lamps available, it could be a hassle-full task to buy the one that best suits your use.
The following guide may help you buy study lamp online that best suits your use.


Study Lamps: A Buying Guide


Defining the Purpose is Primary
Study lamps do come in different varieties, differing in their usage. There are study lamps with flexible arms, with swinging pivotal-arms, and adjustable lamps. As per your usage, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Aesthetics that go with Interiors
Study lamps come in a number of stylish designs that sit well with a number of interiors. Fashioned in a number of colours, these study lamps can also help elevate the decor quotient of these interiors.
There are numerous beautiful and modular designs of these lamps, such as the Clockwork Study Iron lamp, available at Wooden Street, that gives a fine look to the interior of the room.


Investing in Premium Quality
It would be so much better to invest in some worthy product. It would be better to choose premium quality metal-made lamps. Also, check the holder and the sturdiness of the design.


Choosing the Size of the Lamp Wisely
Study lamps are available in different size, and you can choose the size of the lamp that best suits your use.

“Amisha from Jaipur bought the Arris Adjustable Study Lamp from Wooden Street. She loved the fine quality of the lamp, for she has used other lamps bought locally earlier. She is very satisfied, for it feels a like a worthy investment to her.”


Studies in the night, can be a bit tiring and be given an extravagant look to the interiors of the room. Study lamps are the right kind of decor items that provide focused light of ample amount, for reading or studying.
There are numerous varieties of study lamps that are designed for different purposes. With so many varieties of these study lamps available, it could be a bit confusing to buy the study lamp that best suits your purpose.


You could define the purpose firstly, choose aesthetics that sit well with your interiors, invest in premium quality, choose the size and look into other amenities of use.
Wooden Street has quite a range of study lamps that look good in numerous interiors. You can also check out other lamps and lighting units such as lamp shades, table lamps and tripod lamps. When it comes to decor, you can also check out various decor categories such as figurines, artificial flowers, photo frames, wall arts, wall frames, and wall hangings.

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review 2018-10-02 20:21
1K thrill ride
Under the Dome - Stephen King

That was a trip and a half.


For being such and unwieldy mammoth, the tension never lets up. Everything goes to shit fats and through infinite pages. Something to have in mind before taking a stab at it. Gave me quite the bit of anxiety (which is part of what I liked but, you know).


The set up had my mind working. I was raised in a small town, so I could more or less envision most of the human-failure troubles to come (though here they were running on a rocked fueled schedule), but some of the environmental issues I had not considered till I read about the stream. Then I knew that even in fairytale land everyone was fucked. And King does not write "friendship is magic" worlds. He likes to put the devil at the wheel.


There are many bit thoughts running through my head theme wise, like cooperation vs dictatorships, the cruelty of children, the old terrible memories of shame and guilt, that remark about how skewed the numbers between genders were (because who do you think gets scalded first, when the water starts heating? Duh), their positions (librarians, doctors, press, liberal priests, smart kids), guilt for bad deeds vs guilt for having enjoyed them. Also, the surprising bits that made me laugh (mostly bleak Gilligan's cuts that proved I have a very dark sense of humour) and the bits that made me suck my snot (most of Sammy Bushey, Ollie and Ames).


I don't know that it is a book for everybody, even King's fans, and many of the paths trailed are a rehash of The Stand in a way, but I actually liked this one's pace a lot better (grueling is not always my choice, but it's a good one when I go for thrillers or scares, so plus).


On the whole, there were no big surprises, but I quite like it. And I'm exhausted.


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review 2018-09-20 02:59
First half to see good, then the shots are fired
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - John Berendt

When I was around two thirds in, I started idly concocting a review in my brain, about how the almost surreal elements and characters was what gave this narrative such a verisimilitude. Cue me over the 80% mark, just going to search for a detail, and finding out this is nonfiction. Sure, there are artistic licenses, but in essence?


I love it when knowing absolutely nothing about a book pays up in such ways.


As I mentioned previously in an update, the general tone reminded me a lot of latinoamerican writing. This has a lot to do with the conservative (and quirky) societies that brew in relatively small, isolated towns. You have the sedate and beautiful surface, and the decades, generations, long ugly undercurrents. Everyone "behaves" in public out of a certain need for society and peace, and whomever "pops" may as well go the whole nine-yards and wear it like a flag.


So, that's basically the aim: to illustrate Savannah. The plot as it were serves the theme. We go into the deep ugly undercurrents. Almost every ugly you can imagine. Sometimes you are enraged and amused at the same time from the sheer hypocrisy rampant. I spent most of the book in some queer state of entertained stupefaction because it is so grotesque you almost can't believe it. But you do. You recognize it. It is your hometown.



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review 2018-09-14 21:23
This was really good; Robert Garson is a great reader
Warlock Holmes - A Study in Brimstone - G.L. Denning

If you are doing Halloween Bingo, this book would work for: Spellbound, Supernatural, Relics and Curios, Shifters, and Country House Mystery.  The only reason I am not counting it is because I started the audio before Sept.


Warlock Holmes is part parody/part fantasy rendering of Sherlock Holmes.  Each chapter is based on a Holmes' adventure, and usually includes Watson doing some type of riff about a logical point or Victorian behavoir.  (The whole discussion of the speckled ban is worth the cost of the book).


The difference is that Warlock Holmes is a man of unique talents and isn't quite normal.  He might not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, but he is likable.  His friends in Scotland Yard are also slightly different.


Robert Garson's narrative voice is spot on.  He also doesn't do silly and annoying female voices.  


The book does end on a bit of a cliffhanger.  But there is are second and third volumes.  


This is great.

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text 2018-09-14 07:50
What are the best study table available online?

Even if you are not around those reading and writing college days, but the idea of introducing a perfectly designed study table should never be ignored. The importance of a study table in our abode is utmost whether you are working late night or your kids are doing daily homework, study table provides the best platform to sit and study attentively.
Study table is the best to keep the study room well-organised and will also provide a dedicated place to study attentively. You can place all the stationery, important files, assignment and other itsy-bitsy systematically.
So, now coming to the question, i.e., what are the best study table available online, the answer is mostly all the online furniture stores like the urban ladder, pepperfry and wooden street serve the study table online. But, the one that made me go a gasping ‘wow’ over their collection is Wooden Street.
They not only provide catalogued furniture units for your home but also have the customisation facility where you can create your furniture using your imagination. Thus, making it easier to buy the study table online of your choice.
I came across the five best designs of study table online that caught my eye, let’s go through them one by one.

1. Bruce study table:
Starting with a simple design Wooden Street own, the Bruce study table is a simple and compact design. The design of the Bruce is so adjustable that it can be placed anywhere in the abode and the installation requires zero efforts. If you don’t want a complicated design and are not worried about the storage, then this understated elegant design is perfect for you.



2. Holger Foldable Wall Mounted Table:
The Holger foldable wall mounted table is the ideal study table if you have less space in the room to accommodate an extra furniture unit. This wall mounted foldable table will be affixed to the corner of the room and has multiple shelves to display your collection of showpieces and prizes, etc.
The beauty of this study table is that when it is unfolded, it converts into a storage space that can hold all your important documents inside it securely and also provides writing desk so that you can keep your laptop and work attentively.

3. Canyon Wall-Mount Study Table With Shelf:
Another design that saves a lot of floor space in your study room. The canyon wall mount study shelf is a chic and compact study table that is affixed on the wall. This design has a precise modern design which bestows elegance in the room.
It can be fitted into any place without much efforts, and it also has a wall-mounted storage cabinet above the desk where you can store all your books and stuffs.
This makes the entire decor look subtle and beautiful.




4. Amstel study table cum bookshelf:
What if you have a study table that serves as two furniture unit, amazing, right? The Amstel study table cum bookshelf as the name speaks is a study table that has a bookshelf attached to the writing desk. It makes the full use of the space in the study room so you might need to get a check on the dimension of the study room.
With this design, you need not to worry about the storage space. Assemble all your books in the cupboard attached to the desk and display all the antique items and your achievements on the shelves above as well as below the desk.

5. Olay Loft Study Table With BookShelf:
This industrial style study table has laddered shelves that you can use to flaunt your exquisite collection of showpieces. Use the table top to place your laptop and work. Olay loft study table is a unique design and goes well with a modern decor.

Study table is carved to de-clutter the study room and make it look well-organised and systematic. Go ahead and view the best collection of wooden study table from woodenstreet.com mentioned above and explore other designs too. They also provide customisation if you are looking for something out of the run.
Happy shopping!!

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