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review 2019-04-23 10:30
All that glitters is not gold...
Silas Marner - George Eliot

I have previously reviewed the delights of ‘Middlemarch’ (see blogpost dated 1/1/17), which is generally regarded as the pinnacle of George Eliot’s literary achievements and undoubtedly it is a masterpiece. I also catapulted ‘Adam Bede’ onto my favourites shelf (see post dated 10/6/17) and so I came to ‘Silas Marner’, the author’s third novel (originally published in 1861) with high expectations and again, I was not disappointed. In truth, this book is another sublime tale by Eliot, with at its core a challenging moral conundrum, which has further bolstered my admiration of her work.


Eliot has ‘form’ in conferring unflattering characteristics on wealthy scoundrels, counterbalancing a virtuous example of the poor and comparatively powerless, but the story of the ‘Weaver of Raveloe’ is far more than a simple exposition of right and wrong, good and bad. Rather, like the main character’s fine linen, it is an intricately woven piece of artisanship, which demonstrates the redeeming and noble capacity of good people to do the right thing, even in the absence of personal gain. Such egalitarian principles may not be the social norm’, but in the small communities described by Eliot, they do establish reputations and reinforce social standing.


Silas Marner arrives at Raveloe chastened by a false accusation of theft in his pious, former community, who turned against him despite a lack of evidence. As a consequence, Marner moves away, turns inward and maintains only limited contact with his new neighbours, to sell his linens and buy food. By design, Marner’s becomes an isolated, frugal and reclusive life. Yet, even in the absence of contact with his peers, the central character discovers he cannot avoid the shaping of a local reputation, born of rumour and the imagination of villagers. The theft of his life’s savings, however, brings Marner to an even lower point in his life, from which his resilience will be ultimately tested.


The parallel plotline, deftly created by the author, concerns the sons of the local Squire Cass, whose privileged, profligate lifestyle is diametrically opposed to that of Silas Marner and yet converge they must upon the introduction of a two year-old orphan, who becomes the pivotal character for the respective storylines. Disregarding local opinions, Marner takes responsibility for the child (under the existing ‘Poor Law’ this would otherwise have fallen on the parish) and here strong female characters come onto play. I’m especially fond of Dolly Winthrop, local matriarch, who befriends Marner and takes the ardent bachelor in hand, to support the child-rearing and steer him into the heart of the village. ‘Eppie’ as she is christened gives new life to Marner and he in turn selflessly dedicates himself to her.


Only on the cusp of her adulthood are the ties of love tested by those of blood. A decision about whether to accept an opportunity for social elevation is a theme Eliot returns to in ‘Middlemarch’, written some ten years later and the author again mines a very fertile seam here, highlighting the apparently arbitrary nature class and of life’s chances. However, there are a number of underlying messages to be gleaned from this nineteenth century parable. Among them,‘life is what one makes of it’; 'it's never too late to change'; and ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. In any event, such masterful storytelling continues to resonate with our own time and great writing will always have an audience. Another for my favourites shelf.

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quote 2019-03-14 21:58
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A Short Guide To Writing A Research Pape... A Short Guide To Writing A Research Paper, Manuscript Form, And Documentation - Eliot D Allen

The Most Dreaded Task

If there is one thing that troubles most university students, it is a research paper. The education system ensures that each college student writes a research paper at one point of their campus life. The mention of it scares most campus individuals since many students are very poor at creating study pieces.

They, however, realize the role it plays in their academic life and has to seek a person offering a research paper writing service to do the job for them. https://writingpeak.co.uk/buy-research-papers is a good place to find such an individual. The person helps them craft a good paper and they, in turn, attain a perfect score at the end of the semester.

Nonetheless, you do not have to rely on online help every time the tutor asks you to conduct a study and prepare a report on the same. All you have to do is perfect the art and you will keep the money in your pocket as you attain high grades.


Perfecting the Art of Preparing Research Pieces


If you are interested in attaining high scores after submitting your paper for marking, there are things you have to do:


§ Choose an Area of Study


Mostly, the student is given the freedom to identify their topic of study. The lecturer gives you this liberty to avoid limiting you to specific areas. This may leave some fields unexplored.

When selecting an area to research on, you must ensure that you have the power to conduct thorough research in the sector. You must convince the professor that you went into the field and collected enough data for your study. That will only be possible if your choice is wise.


§ Explore Deeply


Once you have decided that you want to conduct research on a particular area, you must go ahead to collect adequate information on the topic. The purpose of doing investigation and studies is to gather information that will help make some improvements in the concerned sector.

Therefore, poorly done study will be a waste of time and resources. It would be useless if you were to use a week visiting different places and several hours crafting a paper that will be of no help. Researching thoroughly will ensure that the lecturer gives you a good mark.


§ Craft a Perfect Outline


 A good research paper is as good as its outline. You must create something that will keep you on the right path when writing the piece. The framework should touch on every area and cover the topic fully without leaving out some parts.


§ Follow the Right Format


Every study paper has to have certain elements. Without these parts, it will be incomplete. Some of these sections include the title page, acknowledgment, the table of contents, purpose of the study, literature review, results, recommendations, and finally the reference list.


§ Ask for Assistance


Whichever topic you decide to cover, there must be a person who is conversant with it. The person might have researched the area or might have worked in that field. Seeking advice from such a person is a wise call since you will get more insight.


Final Thoughts


Attaining a good score in your research paper is not as hard as many students picture it to be. The mentality that conducting a study and analyzing findings is the hardest thing that a person can ask a scholar to do should be a thing of the past.

Research papers should be fun for everybody as long as they know the right process to follow. With the correct format and a positive mentality, you should be able to complete the task within a very short while and earn yourself a good score.  

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review 2019-02-07 14:02
Release Blitz: Well Below Heaven by Idyllwild Eliot with Giveaway
photo unnamed_zpsvawjzgds.jpg
Literary / YA (older teen)
Publisher: Cur Dog Press
Published Date: February 7, 2019
photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Seventeen-year-old Kelly is in a spartan boarding school in northern Idaho, sent away for drugs—as planned. Her little brother Sammy is left home in Missouri, getting ready for high school. He is twitchy, quick, writes dark poetry and longs to play football. He’s also got a nose for trouble, and Kelly has left a sordid truckload. Her sadistic ex is involved, so is one twisted teacher, and so is the object of Sammy’s crush. He’s in deep, and Kelly’s warnings fall flat, and the consequences will be dire.

photo unnamed 1_zpspfsb3v5x.jpg

About the Author

After adolescence survived in the Midwest and a few obligatory years at the university, Idyllwild Eliot embarked on a journey of internal and external exploration. With stints in Houston, Louisiana, and even Thailand, where she studied yoga, Ms. Eliot has become a semi-professional vagabond. Most recently (at the time of publication) she has been experiencing the North American west. If not sipping a cocktail on a deck in the northern Rockies, she might be found bodysurfing in Southern California, watching Bald Eagles in Montana, or in some other picturesque town hiking, meditating, or sitting with her laptop open and, at its side, a stout mug of black coffee. Well Below Heaven is her debut.

Contact Links
Purchase Links

On Sale for Release Day. $1.99

Price will Increase 2/10
RABT Book Tours & PR
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review 2019-01-22 09:28
The Penguin Classics Book, Henry Eliot (Ed.)
The Penguin Classics Book - Various Authors,Henry Eliot

I first engaged with the Penguin Classics imprint in the second half of my teens when I started reading Thomas Hardy, as a result of an English lesson that used a passage from The Woodlanders, describing fallen leaves - thanks, Mr. Bray! (He was one of those teachers who was better the more enthusiasm or talent you displayed - no good for the recalcitrant or below average.) Anyway, I was delighted one day when I saw a flimsy paperback that turned out to be a catalogue for the series, including the Modern Classics, too - being handed out for free! Of course I took one and used it for reading inspiration. I still have it, decades later!


Now, the imprint has a new print catalogue - a large format hardback of over 400p, with the Modern Classics to get their own separate volume - costing £30. The lsit has expanded an enormous amount since the '80s! Is it worth it? After all, a constantly updated listing is available online for free.


Well, for me the answer is a resounding, yes! This isn't simply a list of books in print. As well as short descriptions of each book, there are micro-biographies of the authors and sidebars about the history of Penguin Classics and biographies and anecdotes about editors and translators who have worked on the series. There's even a page explaining ISBNs and their origins. Did you know that the first three digits of a bar code are a geographical origin code? Since books are fundamentally international, they have their own code, known as "bookland" - which is why ISBN13s all start "978" or "979." I love that books have their own country! It's probably more peaceful than the human occupied ones.


The Penguin Classics remit is gigantic; the classics of world literature up to and including WWI - thousands of years. The book therefore stands as a guide to the world of books that are still considered important/great/interesting/entertaining after at least 100 years. It shows up some of the impacts of world history just by charting how much (or little) material came from where and when. The list has not been sniffy about genre, at least as far back as the '80s, by the way. It has changed constantly (not just growing) - books have gone out of print, been replaced with new translations, expanded, split up into multiple volumes, conflated into fewer volumes, so I expect this volume was out of date by the time it went on sale, but that in no way detracts from its value to me as a ready reference and source of inspiration.

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text 2019-01-16 17:33
Reading progress update: I've read 311 out of 460 pages.
The Penguin Classics Book - Various Authors,Henry Eliot

Les Miserables is the 2nd longest novel in the collection - only Clarissa is longer. I've read the former but not the latter; I wimped out and decided to try the shorter Richardson novel, Pamela, first, but even that is staring at me from the shelf, disapproving of the neglect it is suffering... 

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