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review 2018-04-28 07:31
Flat Broke with Two Goats
Flat Broke with Two Goats: A Memoir of Appalachia - Jennifer McGaha

This book is about a family who lived way outside of their means and when the recession hit lost their home. If you want a book with a financial plan on how to deal with the fact that they had a ton of debt and hadn't paid their taxes in years this isn't that book. The author does acknowledge the fact that they messed up, she left all things financial to her husband (I died reading this) and they were living beyond their means. The way that she explains how they got into this situation was really understandable, irresponsible but understandable. After this initial explanation it does turn into a bit of a poor me fest with Jennifer going on a bit of journey of self discovery. To be fair she did have a string of personal loss at the same time they were going through foreclosure. The last chunk of the book goes over the families move into a cabin in the woods, getting chickens and goats and basically the struggles of two non farming people trying to farm. A lot of people took issue with people who were that broke spending as much as they did on farming when they didn't know much about what they were doing. I get it but it didn't bother me.


Overall this book was very readable, and I was curious about what was going to happen next but it wasn't the most amazing thing I've ever read. I'd be interested to read more from McGaha to see how I feel about her writing outside of a memoir since I feel like those can, in some cases, be a little hard use as a judgement on rather or not I like an author.

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text 2018-04-04 01:53
Join the global Big Library Read
Flat Broke with Two Goats: A Memoir of Appalachia - Jennifer McGaha

ebook completely available to borrow free via overdrive-using U.S. public libraries.  No waiting, no limited number of copies available.  See https://biglibraryread.com 


Source: biglibraryread.com
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review 2018-01-31 00:34
In some ways what Hillbilly Elegy should have been
Flat Broke with Two Goats: A Memoir of Appalachia - Jennifer McGaha

My Book Box selection Jan 2018.

Honesty, I would not have picked up this book on my own, but I am so glad that My Book Box chose it. Funny, brutally, honest, and wonderful. For the record, the back of the book is slightly misleading as Merle is not the first goat.

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review 2017-09-08 05:26
Great book--better than the movie!
The Men Who Stare at Goats - Jon Ronson

HIghly recommend...a humorous meditation on who's running the government when we're not looking (or we trust those in charge too much). What IF our secret agents are taking their cues from conspiracy theorists, spy novels, and new age gurus? What if the next war won't be fought with planes and tanks, but sound and hypnosis? And what do a group of lame goats have to do with all of this? Find out in Ronson's hilarious, yet deeply disturbing book, which, alas, is non-fiction (!) 

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review 2017-08-04 18:18
The devil is in the details
The Trouble with Goats and Sheep - Joanna Cannon

It's ironic that after I made the post about not finding enough time to post twice a week I exponentially increased how many books I was reading. This has resulted in a backlog of books which show as 'currently reading' on all of my literary social media sites. This has generally meant that the reviews which have been going up on Fridays are following in the order that I read them but I may have read them as much as two months ago. I'm going to change that up with this post because I'm just so excited to talk about this book that it's jumping the queue. Strap in, guys.


The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon was brought to my attention by watching this video by one of my favorite BookTubers, Mercedes. It was the cover that initially grabbed my attention (Honestly, are you even surprised anymore?) but it was the quick blurb which she read that truly won me over. (PS The UK and US covers are vastly different and honestly I prefer the cover from the UK.) Cannon's debut novel is set on a small road in England during the summer of 1976 and the winter of 1967. Two seemingly disparate events from these two time periods seem to be converging during what turns out to be one of the hottest summers on record. The reader follows several narrative threads from the inhabitants of this road but the central character is 10-year old Grace. We see her neighbors, family, and friend (Tilly is a delight) through her eyes while also getting to peek behind the shuttered windows and closed doors of their homes where secrets lurk in every corner. It started with a disappearance of a woman...or was it a baby? Maybe it was a fire that started things. It's sometimes difficult to determine just what started a chain of events, isn't it? The Trouble with Goats and Sheep explores that and much more. I don't want this novel to sound distressingly gloomy or dark because that's not accurate. It's difficult for me to convey just what it was that instantly drew me in and had me savoring it like a delicious treat. I think it's that Cannon was able to move seamlessly between the different characters and two time periods and create a story that was both believable and poignant. The people on the avenue felt real and tangible. Their foibles and fears weren't inconceivable or written with a melodramatic air. These were real people who had made mistakes but were too stubborn to admit them. It's a study of humanity and how two little girls tried to reconcile what they were seeing with what they desperately wanted to believe.  I knew within 30 pages that this was a book that this was going to have high re-readability for me and I daresay for many others as well. 10/10 highly recommend.


The UK cover:

Source: Waterstones


The US cover:

Source: Amazon


Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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