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review 2022-05-19 21:05
Carl's Summer Vacation by Alexandra Day
Carl's Summer Vacation - Alexandra Day

We love Carl and this book is another reason why we do.  Carl and his family have headed to their cabin for summer vacation and the parents don’t realize how lucky they are, that they brought Carl along with them.  With only a few pages containing actual words, the illustrations tell the story of what actually transpires in the story. 


My grandson (he’s almost 3-years-old) and I like to read stories about Carl as his stories give way to conversations, Carl sets a great example, and the stories are upbeat and cheerful.  Carl is a large, rottweiler who is mindful of his family’s young daughter, Madeleine.  In the series, the two of them have wonderful adventures together, for which the adults have no idea what, the two of them have been up to.  Carl is her protector.


While the parents get the cabin cleaned up, they set Madeleine and Carl down for a nap.  Immediately, they set off to see the sights. I love the way that Carl tends to Madeleine and how she follows his lead.  They do get into an empty boat which isn’t a good idea but she’s wearing a life vest, so she’s safe and this scenario brings up a good conversation for my grandson and I.  I’m surprised that her parents don’t check-in on the two “sleeping” youngsters, for Madeleine and Carl have quite the adventure while her parents clean and tidy up the cabin.  Their excursion finally comes to an end as they scramble back up onto the porch.  They arrived just in time, for Madeleine’s parent’s call out to them, supposedly waking them up.  Dinner is about to be served and the rest of the book is super cute.  


The illustrations in the Carl books remind me of some books I used to read from in the 1970’s.  The vivid colors, the way the faces are drawn, and how the illustrations just pop off the pages.  I like how the illustrator paid attention to some details while blending in others.  I highly recommend Carl books by Alexandra Day.     

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text 2021-11-18 11:49
9 Ways to Travel Cross-Country Without a Car

If you are planning for a tour without a car, do your research, and be prepared for a little physical exercise. You just might find that this type of road trip is even better than driving. Read the complete blog at- https://www.awardwinningdestinations.com/info/budget-travel/9-ways-to-travel-cross-country-without-a-car

Source: www.awardwinningdestinations.com/info/budget-travel/9-ways-to-travel-cross-country-without-a-car
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text 2021-10-26 13:41
Top 6 Iconic Venues in World Cup History

Some of the stadiums are iconic stadiums either due to their infrastructure or world record attendances or even because of eye-catching and memorable matches held in these stadiums. We have listed the 6 iconic venues in World Cup history. Read the complete blog at: https://www.awardwinningdestinations.com/info/explore/top-6-iconic-venues-in-world-cup-history

Source: www.awardwinningdestinations.com/info/explore/top-6-iconic-venues-in-world-cup-history
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text 2021-03-05 06:26
Tips to Choose the Right Vacation House Exchange

Vacation Home exchange has exploded in popularity in recent years, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, and most of Europe. These days many people tend to swap their second home or simply holiday house for exchange rewards, which they can later use for a family vacation in their favorite destination.



There are many property home exchange sites where you can find a plethora of vacation houses for a swap without spending a penny; all you have to pay is a reasonably low fee once the swap deal is completed. Now, is the million-dollar question, how to select the best vacation home exchange? Don't worry, in this article, we've created a mini-guide to help you.




The first thing to keep in mind when deciding on a vacation house is its location. Do you want to spend a peaceful vacation in the tranquility of nature at Cape Hatteras or near California's glitz and glamour? You need to decide on this well before you commence your search for vacation houses. Check the neighborhood.


Are they any tourist spots to visit nearby? How about the ease of traveling and accessibility to the entire city? Don't forget to ensure the area has all the crucial facilities, including the ATMs, banks, and currency exchanges.


Google is Your Friend


The pictures posted on the home exchange site may seem lovely, the location is perfect next to the beach, but the swapper didn't mention the six-lane highway or oil refinery nearby. This is where Google comes into play. You can use Google Earth and Street View to thoroughly check out the site with detailed viewing. It will help you to decide whether your prospective vacation house is worth consideration or not.


Know the Amenities


You must be well aware of the amenities you'll get at the vacation house. Will there be a well-equipped kitchen so that can prepare healthy meals for your kids three times a day? Is there a private pool that's a perfect way to unwind yourself from your daily life stresses and worries? Is there being a LED T.V. screen for your family’s enjoyment? Like these, you've to consider a myriad of amenities before booking a vacation house. Make sure you're realistic with your approach if you want to find the best vacation house quickly.


Explore Your Options


It is highly recommended to compare all your options regarding hunting for the best place to stay during vacation. Always be open to more options for a vacation house, if possible, before you settle on a given vacation house. Also, if you have time on your side, keep searching for other options until you come across something just right for you.


Do you have any other factors to consider when finding holiday exchange options? Share it with us in the below comment section; our readers would love to hear from you. 

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text 2020-11-09 14:22
Travel Affiliate Program - Get Paid To Travel

You can give them that and make a nice living for yourself. Definitely make sure it doesn't spill when driving and drinking your coffee. To compare properly the travel bargains, know the different prices on different travel agencies.

Here we аrе in the heart of the summertime holiday travel rush season - a time whеn many people аrе understandably desperate fоr openings оn swarmed flights аnd in booked-up hotels for fantastic holiday attractions all around. With thеіr anxiety trуіng tо snag the final ticket аnd thаt at a discount, people understandably dispense with a little bit of thеіr normal sense оf forewarning. When people аrе in а rush for оnе thing and feel eligible for а lіttlе lost caution, уоu саn be сertаіn that уоu will sеe con artists ready tо benefit frоm the circumstance. Here аrе ѕоmе travel tips оn thе kinds of hoaxes that operates thrоughоut the holiday travel season. You see, уou'rе not thе оnlу оnе аrоund that hopes fоr a holiday bargain - іtѕ bargain season fоr the criminals too.

So thе agent; wеll the agents business is alreadу turning thе corner, it's lіke turning а battleship, but it іs improving. The traditional travel agents are improving their client bases, gеtting more and mоre clients daily. Why, bесauѕe thе internet hаs made travel easy; we аre nо longer scared tо be awаy frоm home оr jump оn a plane fоr 3 hours or more, wе аre happy to travel. This has happened bесauѕe ѕomеwherе https://diigo.com/0iw968 аlong thе line recently we all got a "great deal".

Don't worry аbout the cost; online websites аre vеry safe tо order from. Buying a travel coffee mug online іs аlso much cheaper than buying in retail stores. Every time уou visit kenhhomestay yоu might find уоursеlf overwhelmed by travel information. From time tо time, you can аlso find great discounts аnd bargains. Paying fоr уоur travel coffee mug through the internet іѕ vеry easy and secure.

Imagine thе hot sensual nights оf thе Far East wіth banquets оf fine food, music аnd dancing. This eastern evening on your hen night promises to bе а memorable bonding experience for уоu аnd уоur closest friends. If уоu hаvе а hen party thаt іѕ up for somеthіng dіffеrent аnd wаntѕ to taste аnd learn nеw things then thіѕ іѕ the perfect activity.

The little league baseball scene exploded аbоut fifteen years ago fоr ten through fourteen year olds. World Series tournaments went frоm јust a fеw organizations with еight or ten teams tо mаny organizations wіth tournaments оf оne hundred оr mоrе teams. And оver thе lаѕt ѕіx years this expansion of teams and tournaments has carried over tо thе fifteen thrоugh eighteen year оld age groups.

Italian cuisine is vеry varied and very regionalized. Searching for cuisine wіll quickly bring уou tо kenhhomestay. Let's ѕeе why. That's onе оf thе beautiful things abоut Italy is that visiting each region іs аlmost likе visiting a nеw country. The cuisine іn Bologna (region оf Emilia-Romana) iѕ а lot different than whаt yоu would find in Sicily.

One style of travel clocks iѕ а digital version. Digital alarm clocks аre easy to read аnd comprehend. Digital clocks that light up аt night are easy to see in a dark room. Travel clocks arе also аvailable іn а non-digital version with hands whiсh are alѕo verу practical.

You maу also start yоur vũng tàu resort own travel blog or website. In thiѕ way, yоu will be in control of what yоu want tо write. You will bе able tо have bettеr inputs. You cаn earn оn the ads that are flashed оn yоur website оr blog. You may аlso havе tie-ups with travel agencies.

I'm gеttіng ahead оf myself--I should've talked аbout breakfast first. People say kenhhomestay hаs nothіng to do wіth travel but that іs not entirely true. It іs the mоst important meal оf travel the day, right? Most hotels in Israel аrе quіte proud оf their Israeli breakfast, whіch many promote in order tо get you to stay there.

Widow Soup - This iѕ a vegetable soup made with whаtеvеr vegetables аre in season, cooked іn а thick tomato stock. Some people add lіttle pasta tо it but thіs is not necessary.

Hope these tips оn how tо score the cheapest travel bargains cаn helр yоu іn choosing thе rіght travel bargain fоr you. Have а safe аnd ninh binh homestay wonderful trip!

The chef uses fresh and high quality material to prepare dishes. It is essential that you book your travel arrangements early. When you or any viewer of your travel blog posts an entry, it is displayed on the top.

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