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review 2017-02-24 00:00
The X-Variant
The X-Variant - Rosemary Cole The X-Variant - Rosemary Cole In 2079 a cure for cancer was discovered but instead of curing cancer a virus was unleashed onto the world causing a zombie apocalypse which wiped out most of humanity.

In 2616 a new and stronger form of humans has been created. No longer do women become pregnant but babies are born in a tube which are then adopted and given to what are called care parents.

In 2616 strange things are happening to people all over the globe people are changing. The world is in danger of being wiped out again by zombies. To stop humanity from being wiped out again a group of people are sent back in time to the year 2079 in hopes of stopping the virus that is causing people to change.

Kala along with her bondmates all volunteer to go back to 2079 to help stop the virus from reaching their time and hoping to save humanity from the zombies.

Kala is very tough cookie and knows exactly what she wants and she can also take care of herself. Kala is a little different from anyone else but who or what she maybe is not clear. But I have some theories of my own on the matter. So what is Kala or who is she? What makes her different from others like her?

I have truly enjoyed the world that the author has created for The X-Variant. I love that the zombies are way different than any zombies that I have read before. I know that they don’t actually call them zombies but I do love me some zombies so I kind of like calling them that. I also love knowing how the zombie virus was created.

If you love zombies then come on and team up with Kala on her adventures from 2616 to 2079. If you like zombies and the apocalypse then I think you will probably love The X-Variant. So pick up your copy today and get started reading!
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text 2016-04-19 18:57
Pretty variant cover art is pretty
Niobe, No. 1 She is Life -2nd printing variant cover - Amandla Stenberg,Sebastian A. Jones

There's one issue on Comixology, and I'm thinking about it.

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review 2016-02-20 18:06
Jughead (comic book, #2) written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Erica Henderson
Jughead #2 Les McClaine Variant - Chip Zdarsky

The new principal of Riverdale High, Mr. Stanger, continues to make unwelcome changes. In this issue, Jughead has to deal with Coach Eng, a tough guy who takes an instant dislike to him. Jughead doesn't want detention, but how's he supposed to avoid if the new rules seem designed to send everybody there?

I liked this issue even more than the first, I think because of the dream sequence. This time, Jughead was visited by January McAndrews, a member of the time police and a descendant of Archie Andrews from the 29th century.

In her time period, her town was being destroyed by a descendant of Reggie Mantle. Jughead's first reaction was to assume that they'd have to kill Reggie to save the future (in his dreams he tends to be a bit more casual about the deaths of people he knows than I'd like), but January stopped that thought in its tracks. Killing Reggie would change the timeline, and they weren't allowed to do that, so they had to figure out another way to deal with the situation.

(spoiler show)

I enjoyed all the action (January and her enormous gun!), Jughead's plan, and the idea it gave him for dealing with Coach Eng's obstacle course.

Like I said in my review of the first issue, one of the reasons I started reading this was because of the news that Jughead is explicitly revealed to be asexual in the fourth issue. Just like the first issue, this one has a hint of what's to come. It's an even stronger hint than the one in the first issue (this time around, Jughead avoids a kiss from January and says “Sorry, just not into kissing”), but yeah, the explicit mention coming up in the fourth issue is still a good thing, because even this could be interpreted multiple ways.

I'm interested to see how things go in the next issue, since Jughead is going to be faced with a bigger problem than the possibility of detention.


Whoops, almost forgot the extra comic at the end. Just like there first issue, there's a classic Jughead comic at the end. This time around, I popped out of guided view and skimmed it. Still not to my taste.


(Original review, posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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review 2016-02-14 20:53
The lipstick incident...
Archie #4 Francavilla Variant - Mark Waid

It wasn't at all what I though it would be.   It was far better than anything I had come up with, in fact.   This issue is all about Archie and Veronica's relationship and why it imploded.   I feel so much sympathy for Betty: she didn't deserve what was dumped on her, especially since others sort of insisted that she go against her nature. 


As strong as anyone in, giving into pressure is something we all do at one point or another.   And Betty did do this to try and get Archie's attention, since she was told it would.   It doesn't help that he agreed that he looked at girls who were all glamed up, so I can see why Betty would wonder why he likes them like that, but not her...


Looking forward to the next issue. 

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review 2016-02-14 00:32
Features an asexual main character
Jughead #2 Les McClaine Variant - Chip Zdarsky

And I'm loving this!   Not just because of the ace representation.   It's charming, it's quirky, it's cute, it's funny.  


This is a nearly flawless book.   (I still am not crazy about the art's stylistic choices, nor the fact that the first two issues feature an older Jughead comic at the back.   These new comics are so different from the older ones, that it just doesn't make sense to me.   I love everything new about Jughead, but nothing old.   I'd rather have less pages, even if I paid the same price.)


And the hints at his sexuality are there.   Well, not hints, so much as the biggest clues ever for the clueless. 



I wasn't 100% sure it had been planned from the start given last issue; it could have been something they'd redact, or just laugh off later on, but this cinches it.   Two of these 'ew, gross, people touching me?' lines in a row?   Yeah, Zdarsky planned this.  


Even if he hadn't, though, there is enough humor and fun in this for me to continue.   Also, drama and tension now.   There was a slight bit in these first issues, but things are coming to a head now. 


Can't wait for issue three. 

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