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text 2017-04-28 18:27
A Lesson Learned

Last night I wrote up a post and suddenly started to get tired.  I decided to save it as a draft and finish it in the morning.  It didn't save though and I'm sad.  I did a test with this post to see how it works.  Either my click didn't register or there was a gremlin in the works.  When I clicked "Save as draft" for this one I could tell it worked because the screen changed as the gears turned to release the little elves to move the item to the proper location.  I checked and there is a new link for drafts and I was able to access it and continue.  I guess I need to slow down and make sure things work before turning off my computer.  


Oh well, ya live and learn. I looked outside and there are no shards of sky on the ground so all is well.  



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review 2016-12-31 19:16
Bane by Viola Grace Review
Bane - Viola Grace

A healer who can’t control her talents meets a dark elf who needs her to shape her own destiny and save his people.

Ava has gotten used to the solitude of being a contact healer, but when she is stolen before she can get to her next assignment, she is up for sale to a very specific clientele. The folk of Nafki need her for her healing abilities, but the raiders who stole her want her for her ability to create a toxin for any species she has ever healed. Her talent successfully helps pause the plague rippling through the population, but once she has a grasp on the dark elves of Nafki, she knows that being used as a weapon to kill them is the next step in the plan.

Kondr has faith in Ava’s ability to heal his people, but when she confesses that she is the true danger, he has to decide between the safety of his people and the woman who has caught his attention and imagination,




I love the portrayal of loneliness in this romance. How a the gift of healing also has other impacts. The world building in this story is well done. The heroine is very practical and clever. 


Elf heroes are always a good time. 

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review 2016-12-24 17:40
Conflict (Terran Times) Viola Grace Review
Conflict - Viola Grace

Kaia has lived to fight, to protect those who could not protect themselves. After a disastrous battle that left her nearly dead, she wakes to find herself on Ikanni with dark elves all around. Kaia is given an energy being to boost her acceptance into local society and the elf lord who says they are linked at a basic level will not let her out of his sight.

Thaxis has been dreaming of the woman with chalky skin and blue and green hair. The moment he feels that she is in deadly danger, he risks his life to rescue her from certain destruction. How can a man reap the rewards of rescuing a damsel in distress when she is too wounded to see him?

Self-control is all Thaxis knows, but why is it that it goes out the window when he deals with the moon-bright Terran?




The hero is this short story is great. We get a real sense of him which is uncommon in this series. He loves the heroine for exactly who she is. He is very alpha as is she so it is fun to watch them work it out.


Good stuff.

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review 2016-12-22 21:20
Children's Review: Billy and the Ear Elves
Children's book: "Billy and the Ear Elves": Social skills; Teaches your kids values of good manners and patience. (Kid's stories for Happy Children) - Ayala Saar

We received this book to give an honest review.


I read this book to K and he was like ehh okay. Now I sat and read this to A who is 4 and she really enjoyed it. Even looked into my ear and goes mom you have elves in there? It was really quite funny to see how much she was really paying attention and understanding from the story. 

Billy seems like a good kid and he asks the first time nicely for ice cream, but his mom says no after dinner you can have some. This makes him upset to the point he has a tantrum and we see his mom ignore him. Hey I give her props because I try to ignore mine when they have a fit which isn't very often and it doesn't work. Though I may use her idea of having the magic elves cover her ears with magical spells until he can behave. 

Billy learns an important lesson that he can not act rudely and I feel this book gives an important lesson to young kids.  I believe A learned a bit of a lesson as she mentioned to me "mom he is not being nice." 

The book has a nice little rhyme too it which makes it flow easy when reading. 

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review 2016-10-12 21:19
Blood of Elves
Blood of Elves - Andrzej Sapkowski

This book signifies a sharp departure from the previous two. The first and second ones were collections of short stories mostly told from Geralt the Witcher POV. This time this is a full-length novel with multiple POVs. Actually we only see Geralt's POV in just one chapter - and a shortish one too. In my opinion the book still shows its origins in short story format as the transitions between the chapters are mostly not continuous. Instead they start with a jump in time to give a flashback to connect the events between the previous chapter and current time.


As to the plot it is quite easy to outline. The last story of the second book left Geralt stuck with - supposedly - his destiny; namely a child (not his). The poor Witcher was doing all he could and even more to prove that destiny does not exists - at least in his case, only to fail spectacularly. Coming back to destiny's child:

Destiny's Child
oops sorry, wrong picture. It turns out everybody and their brother want to find the poor kid. I mean it literally: it was easier to count the number of named characters of the novel who could not care less about Geralt's protégé than the searchers. I also need to mention some of them were so insistent they would not hesitate to leave a dead body (or ten) if somebody happened to be in their way. Now Geralt needs to provide the protection. He also wants to remain neutral in the intensifying political games and this task turns out to be practically impossible unlike disposing of hired thugs.


I have some complaints about the book. Geralt is supposed to be a monster hunter first and foremost. Well he hunted exactly one monster in here; none others bothered even to show up. There is something to be said about the evil created by humans being the biggest monster of them all, but I seriously missed a tentacled multi-headed poison-tailed chitin-armored creature waiting for its butt to be kicked by a skilled professional.


Now that I finished the book, I cast my mind back and realize that not much actually happened here: a lot of talks, a lot of politics, but by the end most of the characters remained right where they started. Things were brewing, but had not come to boiling point yet.

For all the slowness the book has charm. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but somehow I was never bored reading and the read itself was quite fast. For this reason I give the higher rating than I usually do for such book: 4 stars.

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