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quote 2018-01-16 01:28
“As real as my twenty-inch cock. Care to come in and see it?” He takes a step to the side and sweeps his arm from one side to the other, motioning for me to come in. “Excuse me?” I nearly choke on my tongue and take a step back as I envision him pulling down his pants and whipping out his anaconda. “Are you insane or something?” “Inviting you inside is what we folks down here call southern hospitality, sweetheart.” He flashes me one of those smirks I’d write about in my novels where the girl’s panties instantly combust, and although this man is sex on a stick, I’m not falling for it. “I do not want to come inside and see your python-sized cock, okay? Just give me the keys, and I’ll find my way around.” He starts laughing. Laughing. The asshole. “Sweetheart, I wasn’t talking about my python-sized cock—although you aren’t wrong on how big it is—but I was literally talking about my rooster, Henry.”
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review 2018-01-11 19:54
Good read
The One-Week Wife (Secret Lives of Society Wives, #3) - Patricia Kay

The One-Week Wife by Patricia Kay is a fairly quick read, a great choice for those with limited reading time.  Ms. Kay has delivered a book that is well-written and filled it with fantastic characters.  Felicity and Reid's story is packed with drama, humor and spice.  I enjoyed reading The One-Week Wife and look forward to reading more from Patricia Kay in the future.  The One-Week Wife is book 3 of the Secret Lives Of Society Wives Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.


I read a print copy of this book.

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review 2017-12-28 15:51
The Last Week of May
The Last Week of May - Roisin Meaney

Wow. I can see why many are calling Roisin Meaney the new Maeve Binchy. I really enjoyed this one a lot.


We get to follow a cast of characters through one week taking place in the Kilpatrick, Ireland. Not everyone gets a happy ending, and some people still seem to be obtuse as hell at the end of the book, but I really enjoyed this one.


The main characters are:


May, dealing with heartbreak, moved to Kilpatrick and doing odd jobs to support herself and her father.


Pam, takes care of May's father while she is out at work and is dealing with some things with her husband Jack which are causing her to be worried about their future.


Bernard who is the local florist and scared that someone is out to get him and his live in lover are a couple who are dealing with someone who is focused on hurting them because they are gay.


Paddy who is in love with May though he's never formally met her.


Paul who is ready to throw away his life due to a fling.


Carmel who is obsessed with Paul.


Marjorie who doesn't know how to talk to her daughter anymore.


There are some other characters that we get to see in this one, but I don't want to spoil too much. I really did enjoy everyone (even the characters who were doing terrible things).


The writing was really good and I got a kick out of following these characters for a full week. I loved the ins and outs of everyone and how everything ends up being connected in the end around a single event.


The flow actually is good in this one even though we go back and forth between characters. Meaney does a good job with everyone's voices so no character sounds exactly like the other one. She also helpfully makes sure she calls out who is "speaking" when the passage switches between people. I didn't find that necessary though to include due to how different everyone sounds.


The setting of Kilpatrick felt small at times, but I think it was supposed to due to us following about 10 characters (here and there) throughout the book.


I loved how the ending we get leaves things up in the air, but we can guess what happens next. I would love to read about this group in a sequel someday.

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review 2017-11-19 00:00
One Week to Win Her Boss (Snowflake Valley)
One Week to Win Her Boss (Snowflake Valley) - Barbara White Daille Ms. White creates tales of all encompassing love. It's so easy to hand over your heart and forget to ask for it back. Family meets romance and the rest is history. She slowly reveals the meaning of love with a sweetness that is as erotic as any naughty novel. Heart is sprinkled on every page and permeates each character and word that works it's magic on the romantic in our souls. Love is the greatest factor and it serves as a beacon to guide both the characters and readers home. One Week to Win Her Boss is just another example of a gifted storyteller.
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review 2017-11-10 00:00
12 Week Happiness Program: Pimp Your Happiness With Powerful Techniques Backed By Science (Science of Happiness, Well-Being, Happiness Tips, Happy Living)
12 Week Happiness Program: Pimp Your Hap... 12 Week Happiness Program: Pimp Your Happiness With Powerful Techniques Backed By Science (Science of Happiness, Well-Being, Happiness Tips, Happy Living) - Stuart Ash This book is the worst self help book I have ever read. It is all over the place, addressing all kind of topics you find in success oriented books and gives destructive advice in week 2.
If I buy a book about baking bread, I don't want to read about the best way to grill ribs, make salad or bake a cake. I know that I cannot live only on bread but I expect my book solely address backing bred.
The same way when I get a book on happiness I expect it to be about happiness and not 12 different topics which with a few exceptions fall under other categories, which I have already read decent books about. I don't feel the need of having the headings of a single chapter of those book repeated!
It seems to me that the author, if you can call him that, has opened some random self help books and copied random stuff from here and there and compiled it as a book to make quick money!
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